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Bloggers Says No to ConAss

July 29, 2009 1 comment

Bloggers have shown their disgust over recent moves to amend the Constitution of the Philippines through a Cyber Protest vs ConAss called for by Bloggers Kapihan and other groups. Here is the article by E. Eder at The Manila Blog Times

A day before President Gloria Arroyo’s state of the nation address, Bloggers Kapihan and Facebook group Pilipinas Kontra ConAss led a blog action day against House Resolution 1109, which seeks to convene Congress into a constituent assembly.

The House of Representatives adopted the resolution last July 3.

Bloggers Kapihan compiled a list of bloggers who participated in the blog action day:




at the time HR 1109 early part of june, we ran a similar campaign – a call to pinoy blogs and bloggers to link blogs on Con-Ass HR 1109 . that effort yielded at least 103 blogs.

HR 1109 Con-ass petitions junked, calls Atty. Lozano “ignorant and ignoble”, proven to have “cerebral deficit”. Aray ko po! Sana’y patawarin ka ng langit!

June 17, 2009 Leave a comment

okay, okay, hold your horses. when we read that the SC junked the con-ass petition lodged by atty. oliver lozano against passing of the con-ass HR 1109, we gave out an audible chuckle. it is headline news.
we proceeded with drinking coffee, then somewhere down the article, it said this:

The House has not yet performed a positive act that would warrant an intervention from this Court,” the high tribunal said in an eight-page unanimous resolution throwing out petitions by lawyer Oliver Lozano and businessman Louis Biraogo.

The court said the petitioners had no standing to question House Resolution No. 1109 and brushed off their claim that they were taxpayers. The tribunal said that no tax money had yet been spent for the planned exercise.

While saying that it had taken a liberal position in entertaining questions of law from those who claim to suffer personal injury from state acts, it declared that “it is not an open invitation for the ignorant and the ignoble to file petitions that prove nothing but their cerebral deficit.”

and the last sentence of the last paragraph almost took me to the emergency room for 2nd degree burns on my mouth and hands as i spewed hot coffee out of my mouth. i did not scream in pain, i laughed loud, as in LOL and LMAO to the nth degree!

i have to admit, i do not know what “ignoble” means but hey, extracting the meaning of the word from the context used in that sentence, i knew it must something every nasty.

here is a check on the meaning of the word:

Definitions of ignoble on the Web:

 the other part that made me understand what the word meant was the last part of the sentence people who file these types of petitions with the SC, aside from bring ignorant and ignoble (i love the word!) is that it proves they have a “cerebral deficit”!

i did not need to look up the meaning of the phrase, i get what it means. but will atty. lozano get it? how can he ever go the SC again when the SC has labeled him “ignorant and ignoble”, not to mention he has proven to the SC he suffers from “cerebral deficit”? hello, is this The National Mental Hospital?

damn, these SC justices can be real nasty!  

Lawyer Oliver Lozano, the "ignorant and ignoble" and has proven to have "cerebral deficit"


we disagree with the senators on con-ass

June 15, 2009 Leave a comment

not that we hate the senators, but to me time is not the issue for junking con-ass. the key issue is that the people do not want it. that is the first reason, bar none. 

that can be founded on many things – it can come from mistrust of arroyo, the fear that somehow term extension will be inserted. people are not only tired of arroyo, they can’t push time to be quicker to see her move out of malacanang. if an inventor finally designs a time machine, i am sure most filipinos will donate their hard earned money to buy one to use it just once – to fast forward time to may 2010. 

the second reason is the brutish way they got the con-ass to roll out of congress. there was blatant disregard of laws, processes and common decency. it was as if the congressmen who passed it in congress thought the whole populati0n was in some coma and that we will not notice nor will we protest against what they did.

the past days after the makati rally has seen all kinds of statements from arroyo’s allies. there were some loose talk on proponents offering a truce in exchange for no to con-ass groups from stopping the rallies. we took a 10 minute nap on that.

then the slip up which woke us up when an arroyo admin official said arroyo plans to run for congress in pampanga. not that we did not know, but that monstrous freudian slip confirmed in our minds that all of these is designed to get arroyo to extend her term beyond 2010.

time is very important now. bit for me, can i just have a big clock to smash it on some one’s head?    


Senators: No time left for Charter change

By Maila Ager
First Posted 16:45:00 06/15/2009

MANILA, Philippines – Senators chided their colleagues in the House of Representatives for saying that there was enough time left before the 2010 elections to amend the Constitution by convening a constituent assembly. Senator Francis Pangilinan said the Charter change proponents were “so out of touch with reality.” “They just don’t get it. Now is not the time for Cha-cha [Charter change]. Not without the Senate. Not just six months before the 2010 election period. Not without a budget, and, most importantly, not without the support of the public,” Pangilinan said in a statement on Monday.

read in full:


There’s time for Con-ass, say Arroyo allies

‘Justiceable’ cause for Supreme Court to resolve

By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:49:00 06/15/2009

MANILA, Philippines—President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s allies in the House of Representatives believe there is enough time to amend the Constitution and secure a Supreme Court ruling on it before the 2010 elections.

Sorsogon Rep. Jose Solis and Nueva Ecija Rep. Rodolfo Antonino, stalwarts of the administration-backed Lakas-Kampi-CMD, revealed that the House would immediately convene a constituent assembly (Con-ass) even without the Senate after the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 27.

The move, Solis and Antonino said, would be enough to create a “justiciable” cause for the high court to decide whether a Con-ass, as a Charter change (Cha-cha) mode, could be formed by House members representing the three-fourths vote needed to convene such an assembly.

The Senate has argued that voting in a Con-ass, contained in House Resolution No. 1109 approved earlier this month, should be made separately and not jointly.

“This matter has taken utmost public importance and urgency, I don’t think the Supreme Court will take long in coming up with a decision. I think two months will be enough,” Antonino said in an interview.

Solis was more optimistic that the decision would come in one month. “There will be enough time for Cha-cha before the 2010 polls if the Supreme Court upholds HR 1109,” Solis said.

read in full :***-say-Arroyo-allies

Want To Understand What Con-Ass Is All About? Read Pinoy Bloggers Here

June 12, 2009 Leave a comment

want  to know what con-ass is all about? need more information about con-ass? want to know the opinion of others?

we are publishing here a wide range of postings from various pinoy bloggers for all pinoys to get informed and get the opinions of others. read their posts here and decide for yourself the action you will take.

click here:

Con-Ass RAPISTSentative Antonino feels the heat, offers truce. Does he think No To Con-Ass groups are idiots?

June 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Con-Ass RAPISTSentative Rodolfo Antonino

i do not know if i was going to laugh or going to cry when i read this news article on what RAPISTSentative said — “If everybody will stop and suspend [protest rallies against Charter change], we, the pro- Cha-cha, will suspend our moves to convene the constituent assembly (Con-ass),”

i wanted to cry because of the gall of this congressman to actually offer a truce to a much greater power that he and the con-ass RAPISTSentatives can muster. they are obviously afraid of the No To Con-Ass groups and the rally that was held in makati. he felt its power where in such a short notice groups from across philippine society came together to protest con-ass.

i wanted to laugh because crying for his idiocy is just too much. why would No To Con Ass groups stop the protests when all he is offering is they will “suspend” their moves? does he think No To Con Ass groups and individuals are idiots?

we will only suspend the rallies if they completely withdraw HR 1109. that is the only way that it can be done. and here are words he should remember — the No To Con Ass groups will always be there ready to mount more protests if they continue.

here is how you can send an email to RAPISTsentative Antonino, click here:


MANILA – Following nationwide protests against new moves to amend the charter, Nueva Ecija Representative Rodolfo Antonino, a member of the ruling Lakas-CMD-Kampi, on Thursday offered critics a conditional truce.

“If everybody will stop and suspend [protest rallies against Charter change], we, the pro- Cha-cha, will suspend our moves to convene the constituent assembly (Con-ass),” Antonino said in a press conference on Thursday.

Antonino is a key mover in the passage of House Resolution 1109 (HR 1109) convening Congress into a constituent assembly to amend the Constitution without the participation of the Senate.

However, he said the offer of a truce is his “personal initiative,” and not a party decision of the ruling Lakas-CMD-Kampi.

June 10, 2009 “No To Con-Ass” Rally: if you can’t attend, let your voice be heard online – post a comment in the blogs!

June 10, 2009 1 comment

if  for one reason or another you will not be able to join the rally today at makati, you can still register your support to No Con-Ass here online.

take time to read the various blogs and social networks like facebook and twitter, don’t leave the blog until you  give a comment or response to each of the blog you read.

giving a comment in the blogs is most important as it is the equivalent of you being at the rally today. make the blogs and other internet facilities as your bulletin board, your placard.

if you cannot be seen at the rally, let your voice be heard online.

House Of RAPISTSentatives’ passing of Con-Ass HR1109 a terrorist act

June 8, 2009 Leave a comment

HR 1109 a terrorist act

HR 1109 a terrorist act


The number of the Resolution to convene a Constitutitonal Assembly (CONASS) – 1109 – is the reverse of 0911 [read New York and September 11]. This is in tune with Bro. Eddie Villanueva calling the mastermind as the ‘terrorist’.

Is it not that 09 in Roman numerals is IX, and 11 is XI? Placing them together: 0911 is IxxI. Some say that the 2 I’s stand for the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

And for 1109, the configuration is similar. xIIx. The 2 I’s stand for the Senate and the House of Representatives. Will it implode in smoke and dust?

Mere coincidence?

SOURCE: [url][/url]

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