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Iglesia NI Cristo endorses noynoy aquino and mar roxas – is it worth anything?

May 5, 2010 14 comments

this is philippine politics tradition – waiting  for the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s endorsement of who they will be asking their flock to vote in the coming election, for this one, noynoy aquino and mar roxas got INC’s endorsement.

the timing is also perfect – just a few days before election day. this is an excellent boost to name recall and will re-energize the aquino and roxas supporters and campaigners. it’s excellent timing to get an army of supporters going for the kill with just a few days to go.

is there any value to this endorsement?

iglesia has a reported command vote of 3 million to 5 million. we think that is an exaggeration. we also think command votes from religious groups do not really materialize. 

the real value of this endorsement is bragging rights and excellent media mileage, not actual huge numbers of votes. this kind of news is excellent news for the media to write about and for the people to talk about. it is also an excellent topic for the aquino campaign to banner.

we will most likely be reading about this in the next day or two and will get a lot of media interviews for aquino and roxas. this is best used for press interviews but might not be a good idea to talk about it extensively during public meetings as it has the potential to turn off none iglesia members.

certainly this has the potential to tip the scale in favor of aquino from a bragging rights point of view with pastor quiloboy endorsing gilbert teodoro the other day. iglesia is a much larger religious group than the pastor’s.

the key question now will be how will the other campaigns handle the situation? this leaves manny villar in the cold and puts teodoro back down to earth with his lowly 7% rating in the polls.

there is a clear momentum for the aquino campaign now.

presidentiables court religious leaders endorsements – real votes or just bragging rights?

February 17, 2010 7 comments

there is a new kid in the block. it’s used to be just the catholic bishops, the CBCP, Iglesia Ni Cristo and  El Shaddai and now there is the  Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name that the presidentiables are courting.

the CBCP does not endorse a single candidate but it would normally give guidelines for its faithful in choosing their candidate. Iglesia Ni Cristo selects a candidate and asks its faithful to vote for that candidate. El Shaddai, headed by Mike Velarde also tells the faithful his choice. Recent developments seem to point manny villar is the the chosen one.

pastor apollo quiboloy

there is a new name, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, davao-based  Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name (we like the name of the latter, very good marketing). we have not heard this name until this year and yet the presidentiables seem to be forming a line to talk to the pastor.

is there a religious vote? we do not think so. but we think it’s excellent marketing to get an endorsement from the religious groups and leaders. it is something that the press writes about and thus gives the candidate a sense of big numbers of supporters. in other words, these are just bragging rights.  

these candidates have reduced the religious leaders as celebrity endorsers, some kind of a medal to wear on the lapel for others to see. we have not seen a candidate win or lose an election because of the religious endorsements.

in fact we did not see eddie villanueva winning the election when he ran for president and lost the last time. villanueva’s votes in that election even fell short of the number of members his JIL had. that meant contrary to claims or the wish, not all JIL members voted for villanueva.  that is the problem with numbers – they look good and impressive at face value but often they do not deliver in real life.

we are also wondering, since villanueva is a religious leader himself and therefore we can assume righteous, why are the other religious leaders not endorsing villanueva?  we think its logical that religious leaders will choose one of their own as the stamp of God is with them. but that is not happening. does that mean the religious leaders doubt the credentials of villanueva as righteous or is this just politics as usual?

Bishop: Religious leaders lord over pols, confuse God

 By Leila Salaverria
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:52:00 02/17/2010

MANILA, Philippines—With so many candidates seeking the blessings of religious leaders who say they speak in His name, God must be having fun but is also probably confused, according to Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz.

The retired Roman Catholic bishop said he would not wish to be in God’s shoes right now.

Cruz spoke at the Ilustrado forum in Manila where he was asked what he thought of candidates flocking to influential religious leaders Brother Mike Velarde and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, who both command big followings.

“I am very happy I’m not God because if I were God, I would not know what to do,” Cruz said. “Here is the son of God endorsing this, and here is the leader endorsing this. I think God must be having fun.”

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