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manny villar’s kurot sa puso “panata” tv ad

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

villar’s “moriones st.” tv ad – a “getting to know” tv ad that works – 4 stars!

June 29, 2009 2 comments

we think this tv ad is a good ad written behind a good strategy and good execution.

this ad is all about knowing who manny villar by giving us a glimpse of  the history of his life, the beginnings. it is a part of his life that we know very little of. before this ad was aired, we knew villar mostly as the man who is  a multi-millionaire who made money in real estate, became a senator and recently embroiled in a nasty chicken fight with senator lacson on the double insertion of the C-5 road extension in the national budget.

the ad gives presses the pause button to all of that and lets us know who manny villar is and where he was before. it  is good copy.

it is a story of rags to riches, a story that most filipinos love to watch from the time of susan roces to nora aunor, sharon cuneta and today’s young stars. aside from love triangles, this kind of story is common fair in movies and tv among pinoys and they do become hits.

we are surprised it is still there all these years, but the choice of villar”s old house when he was a boy and poor as a setting is a good idea. we forgive villar for what is most likely creative license in miraculously still having the old house after all those years, but we buy into it just the same. (old house question: you mean through the years staff has been “maintaining” that house in disrepair? his parents knew he will become a multi-millionaire, senator and presidentiable that they kept that house for decades, not just to own it but also to make sure it is in top condition of disrepair? really?)

its execution is also well chosen. a straight out one-0n-one interview is a good touch as it gave the flavor of reality. they could have done a honest to goodness tv ad on it with dramatic visuals and musical scoring, booming voice over but it could have pushed it on the edge of unbelievability and over-dramatization.

boy abunda is a good choice. doing a one-on-one interview with boy abunda gives its a healthy dose of reality and believability into it. yes, i think we see boy abunda as a signal that what we see on screen is well, reality, believe it or not.

we wonder if boy abunda’s  questions and comments  were scripted but boy in this interview showed mastery – excellent questions and even more brilliant commentary and summary of the points in very poetic and emotional choice of words. parang pelikula!

we all know who boy abunda is. in our minds, we have sort of convinced ourselves that boy asks only the right questions and when he asks, the answers he gets are nothing but  real. we forget that he is from showbiz and most of his interviews are with showbiz personalities who are good in acting and make believe, including  scripted lines.

this ad on villar is actually chismis. come on, be honest with yourselves. it is fare we all love to devour on sunday afternoon tv. the fact that we are looking into the private life of villar and we are taken there by boy abunda, the master chismis person is just perfect for our sense of peering into the private life of manny villar. pinoys are voyeurs, remember? (check back on how pinoys have been turned into voyeurs from here:

the whole ad is just packaged very well. we should be bored with  ads like these but we are not. we are fixed on the tv and we get to know who manny villar is. 4 stars!

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