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gilbert teodoro set to do last minute push for a win, here is why it will fail

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

gilbert teodoro, the standard bearer of the admin/(supposed) dominant political party LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD know that he is losing this election campaign. he has not moved up in any significant way in the polls, being stuck at a very far fourth in the rankings and getting at best 7% while the front runners are at a staggering 36% for aquino and 34% for villar. it is bad enough that the two front runners are way ahead of everybody, on top of teodoro is estrada who is in the range of 15% , showing strength at that level and even gaining slightly.

the question that teodoro’s campaign needs to answer is this – for him to win, where will he get the votes from? the weakest of the three front runners, erap estrada is not exactly weak. among the presidentiables, estrada is the candidate that has the most experience and time as an elected government official not to mention he was actually elected president once before. teodoro compared to erap looks puny.  if teodoro can’t get pat estrada, how does he expect to get past villar and aquino, the two most popular presidentiables in this campaign?

it is interesting that an article appeared at the PDI yesterday where the teodoro campaign seem to be preparing for what the writer calls a “battle of the bulge” – a last minute, well last few weeks campaign to get teodoro elected. in marketing, it is called a marketing blitz. in a political campaign it’s most likely called a “failed election bid”.

we will be using that article as a pick up point for this post.

The ruling coalition, which enjoys a headlock on 70 percent of local government positions, is pinning its hopes on superior resources and widespread party machinery to swing the tide of battle.

Banking on these advantages, it plans to assert its superiority with carefully synchronized offensives timed at the start of the campaign for local positions on March 26.

this is what party officials call the “political machinery”. it’s supposed to be potent that only the admin/ruling party has a monopoly on. all the party officials, including teodoro are saying that is what will make him win this election. they conveniently forget that in the last senatorial elections, they said the same thing about the potency of THE machinery. the results – almost all the admin/ruling party senatorial best lost in that election while almost all the opposition senatorial bets won the election.

the results of that election was so bad for the admin/ruling party that pichay who spent the most in advertising during that time did not get elected while trillanes who was in jail, unable to campaign and practically had zero advertising money won the election.

the opposition won that election mainly on the basis of the people exercising a protest vote where they elected the opponents of arroyo’s candidates. arroyo at that time was very unpopular and the people have had enough of her so much so that they even said they do not want her candidates to win.

after the election, LAKAS party officials admitted the machinery did not deliver. apparently the local candidates and officials of LAKAS abandoned the admin senatorial candidates when they felt the people were going against them.

the situation then compared to now is about the same – arroyo is unpopular and in fact probably even more unpopular than before. everyone knows teodoro is arroyo’s candidate and based on surveys, voters said they will not elect the candidate that arroyo is endorsing.

we think it’s foolish to rely on the “machinery” to get teodoro elected. the machinery is a myth.

The opening salvo of this make-or-break offensive will be new TV commercials targeting the youth on Monday.

Teodoro’s spokesperson, former Press Secretary Mike Toledo, said the commercials would be aired with frequencies rivaling those of the front-runners, Senators Benigno S. Aquino III of the Liberal Party and Manuel Villar of the Nacionalista Party. Between them, they have spent close to P2 billion, dominating the airwaves, according to the media firm AGB Nielsen.

Teodoro’s ads will zero in on the target segment that the coalition hopes will swing the tide of battle to his side, the youth ranging in age from 18 to 39, who constitute 52 percent of the 50 million voters registered, according to Toledo.

Teodoro has been doing well in mock elections in schools recently. Campaign strategists have selected this key segment to focus on, Toledo says.

political campaigns seem to have a love affair with the youth vote. all of them seem to think that is the key to their success. villar, aquino and villanueva aired tv  ads targeting them. but if you look at the movements of villar’s ratings, it is not the ad that targeted the youth that earned him a lot of points, it’s the other ads that he aired.

aquino with his rap tv ad meant for the youth got mixed  reviews with people liking it and others throwing up hearing aquino do a rap in the tv ad. they abruptly pulled off that ad. villanueva aired one too but that did not help him either.

teodoro did not seem to learn the lessons the other presidentiables learned – they will air an ad targeting the “youth” on monday.  we now think this obsession with youth ad is probably the fault of the admen hired by the campaigns for their ad needs. all of them seem to be saying the same mantra.

maybe teodoro will find the secret weapon in ads for the youth and can get him to win the election. it is good in theory, forgetting for the moment the failures of the other presidentiables, but we think teodoro’s thinking is fatally  flawed.

the critical failure in the ad that will be aired on monday for the youth is the demographics definition – “age from 18 to 39“. the age range is too wide and probably covers at least two distinct groups or even three. the psyche, needs and  attitudes of the 18 year old, a first time voter is very different from a 25 year old who probably has a young family already to someone who is 30 years old who has a not so young family. for sure a 37 to 39 year old is extremely different from an 18 year old, to a 23 year old and a 30 year old.

it is hard for us to understand and we think it is not possible to have an ad meant for the “youth” that will be effective in convincing this wide and un-alike age grouping of 18 to 35 years old.

the admen who sold the idea to the teodoro campaign spoke badly in thinking that an age range as wide as that is a proper segmentation of the target audience. we do not think you will find any adman who will agree to that kind of segmentation.

target audience definition is the very first critical step in developing an effective tv ad. get the definition wrong, or even weak and the ad fails. it will confuse the creative team as it gives them too wide a range with very dissimilar traits and characteristics.

we await this new ad of teodoro. it is supposed to be a miracle tv ad for him. given the potential flaw of the thinking, it will either be a miracle ad or a miracle dud.  we will probably see a WAWAM! on monday.

read PDI article here:

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high school students produce their own version of manny villar’s “magtatapos ng kahirapan” tvc – 5 stars!

January 7, 2010 4 comments

we are posting this self-made video of the manny villar tv ad by a bunch of talented and happy high school students for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

we are posting it here to give them credit and to encourage them to continue to do work like this for fun and to sharpen their skills at what they do.

we are also posting here our commentary, again with the spirit of celebrating their talents and encouraging them to continue doing things like these and be better each time.



when i saw this ad, i saw happiness. i saw nothing but happy, smiling thigh school students enjoying themselves to the max. and that made me proud and excited for these bunch of high  school students.

first on the technical side – we wonder what video camera did they use to film this commercial. the shots are not as crystal clear in professional tv ads but the pictures in  this ad are clear enough to appreciate the beautiful and handsome faces of the boys and girls in the ad. we do not think this is a cellphone camera but some kind of handycam.

the camera work is very well done. a tripod was most likely used and the camera movements were smooth, builds the story without boring the audience. i thought it was obvi0us that the camera movements were planned before hand as if a storyboard was actually drawn before the shoot.  

most notable scenes to me is the second scene where from the first scene a close-up of the girl it cuts to a boy lying down and hitting the floor with a bottled juice. we do not understand why the boy is in such a pose, but it was very unexpected and it made the commercial interesting.

the other professional shot is the part on the housing scene where it begins with a close up of a boy singing, the camera pans to the right to show rooftops and the boy points to the houses. that is a professional directorial treatment. well done!

i also thought the editing of the ad was well done. not too many cuts and the transitions were smooth. camera work was jerky at the group shots of several of them singing, they should have used a tripod in these scenes.

last point – what is the reason behind each one of the teens carrying and showing their cellphones? i listened hard to lyrics of the song, they are exactly the same as in the villar tv ad, so i did not think the cellphones were related to the lyrics they sang.

there is a contradiction in showing all of them showing their cellphones with the song they were singing. the lyrics were about poverty and how villar will remove them from poverty. teens carrying such cool and expensive cellphones says they are not poor.

on the over-all there are a lot of things to celebrate in this ad. it is on the over-all very well done specially considering the equipment they used and the experience this group has in making this ad.

we celebrate in particular these kids kind of fun – spending a lot of time thinking about this, producing it and editing it. these are very wholesome and commendable activities for these teen-agers. this blog applauds you and would like you to know we are very proud of you. it is an honor to have your work posted in this blog.

i would recommend to all the kids in this tv ad to consider a career in advertising, tv and show business. very excellent work.

5 stars, no less!

manny villar’s “magtatapos ng kahirapan” tv ad – a bold shift in advertising strategy, 5 stars!

January 5, 2010 56 comments

we think manny villar’s latest tv ad represents a bold shift in advertising strategy for the villar campaign. the villar campaign now claims “si manny villar ang magtatapos ng ating kahirapan” (manny villar will end our poverty) at the end of the tv ad.

this is the first time the villar campaign  has positioned the candidate on a anti-poverty platform. more importantly, this is the first time that villar ads are making such a very direct and brave claim as eradicating poverty.

villar’s previous ads were not directly on poverty. he was on the ofw campaign when he started airing ads. the ofw positioning only indirectly touches on poverty and in these ads, the positioning was on his generosity at helping ofws. it was really more on establishing the character of being helpful and generous and much less on solving anything.

from the ofw campaign, it shifted to introducing the villar persona and his personal history. these were the ads where he told viewers his roots in tondo, that he himself was poor before. the idea is to paint a personality profile of villar to the voters, sort of like distributing his resume to the voters. in advertising terms, this was to establish villar’s brand image in more concrete terms.

during this time he also ran ads that talked to the youth.  while the target in those ads clearly shifted to young voters, it continued to be on the idea of building the villar brand image. in these ads he was saying that villar is someone different from what people may have originally thought of him. he was a down to earth man to whom people, specially young voters can relate to.

we are guessing that they ran these ads as they may have seen that there was a gap in villar’s political base – young voters. young voters account for a big share of the total number of voters.

this current ad is notable not just because of the direct anti-poverty positioning but also uses a clever device of children in the ads. this is not a continuation from the previ0us teens ad, but the reason why they featured children in these ads is to indirectly state that villar is a presidentiable who will work for the future generations of filipinos. it is an indirect and we think a very clever way to connect with the adult voters whose primary concern is the future of their children. in advertising, the usual tact is that you get the talents to appear in the ads who are in the same age bracket as the target market. in the villar ad, they had children as talents who are not obviously voters but are targeting adults who are the voters. this ad is unique in that sense.

the anti-poverty positioning to us was surprising. they have turned the villar campaign to be be one of solving problems of the country versus the previous campaigns that focus on establishing the persona or brand image of villar. it is a shift from the persona ads to a solve the problems ad campaign.

this ad promises everything  – free education, jobs and homes for the country’s future generations and at the end, the gang bang promise of removing poverty in the country. these are of course popular issued with most  pinoy voters as they are in truth the biggest problems in the country.

while the ad made these bold promises, it did not say exactly how villar will fulfill those promises except that he was once poor and by implication says he knows how to lift the country’s poor to being wealthy.

on the whole, we think it is a great tv ad with a strong mass appeal from both the positioning standpoint but also and equally important the use of the jingle and kids to deliver its messages. the jingle in particular is very good – easy to remember and to sing and an attractive melody. we won’t be surprised if many kids are now singing this jingle.

villar’s message in this – this is one for the parents. who think mostly of their children’s future, that villar can give their children what they all want for them – education, jobs and homes.

excellent work from the villar campaign.

also read this: the presidentiables campaign themes: poverty, corruption and ego trip. what works and what fails.

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