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Memo To: Loren Legarda – release us from our pain, make up your mind already!

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Memo To: Senator Loren Legarda – Stop Waffling Already!

Dear Senator Legarda,

We swear we like you, we do, sincerely. But please, oh please – get it over with, release us from our pain and tell us already what it is you want to do in 2010. Your actions since the end of last year has been very confusing to us, irritating even.

We were glad to see early this year your tv ads that was obviously a signal

loren legarda gives us a headache

loren legarda gives us a headache

 You are running for president. Your ads got noticed. Then you disappeared all of a sudden. 

Then from out of nowhere, you say you are postponing your candidacy in light of the global financial crisis, an action we thought qualified you as having the  ADS? Sindrome (click here: After having ADS? Sindrome, you disappeared again.

Then after that, you said you are still determined to run as president. (click here: You attend forums for presidentiables but everything else you do is either half-hearted or neither here nor there.

Just recently, as a reaction to ondoy, you said you are thinking of not running anymore. you were thinking that rather than spend money on the campaign, it should be spent for the victims of ondoy. (click here:

Legarda said it was “unconscionable” for politicians like her to campaign while many people, like the victims of “Ondoy,” were crying for help.

You seem to be affected so much by big events like the global financial crisis and now the ondoy disaster. Your reaction to these big events is to withdraw instead of helping people. You seem to be missing the point that at these times of big events, it is strong leadership that the country needs, specially those who have become victims of these events. Big events like these happen all the time and to every country, I  get nightmares thinking if you were president and every time the country experiences a huge event, you go and withdraw somewhere to your room and shrink instead of  helping out and abandon your leadership role.

With the 2010 election getting closer, new candidates coming up and groups firming up, here you are again confusing us further. Its hard to tell exactly what you are saying. We do not know if you are running for president or if you want to be vice-president. This is now the latest news.

We will stop here and will refuse to analyze your latest moves. More importantly, we will refuse to make sense of it.

What makes sense to us is this – you are not only indecisive, you are very  wishy-washy and very much prone to knee-jerk reactions with very little thought put into anything and everything you do.

Needless to say, you drive us crazy. Please save us from this pain and make up your mind already.



Legarda: 5 presidential bets want me for No. 2

By Christine Avendaño
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:15:00 10/08/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Sen. Loren Legarda appears to be the current belle of the ball.

By her own account, five presidential hopefuls have asked her to be their running mate in 2010—and she’s weighing her options.

Legarda herself has her sights set on the presidency. Whether she will go for No. 1 or slide down to No. 2 is a decision that she will announce in the last week of the month or, at the earliest, on her late mother’s birthday on Oct. 22.

“Once I make my decision, I will run to win,” Legarda said Wednesday. “I will not enter a fight that I will lose. I will run to win the hearts of the people.”

She also said she was “realistic,” that she “sees the numbers,” and that she would run for “wherever I’m more desired by the people to serve.”

“If I’m topping the polls for the vice president, I’ll listen to the people,” she said, adding that she would take the same stance vis-à-vis the presidential surveys.

And how is Legarda faring in the vice presidential polls?

Per her reckoning, she’s “doing good.”

‘Serious’ suitors

And “there are five ‘presidentiables’ who are asking me to run with them,” Legarda said.

She said she had spoken personally with three, and that the two others had sent emissaries.

Read more…

Memo To: presidential spokespersons – shut the fuck up! you just admitted arroyo is evil and a failure

September 15, 2009 4 comments

Dear Presidential Spokesperson,

We have one sentence for you – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

We are absolutely shocked to read the September 11 news article by PDI when it had the sub-headline “GMA men: 2010 not a battle of  good vs evil

My first reaction to that was – what the hell are you freaking doing? That statement alone means Malacanang through the presidential spokesperson Gary Olivar sees that in the 2010 election, there is a faction who is “good” and there is a faction who is “evil”.

Rewind to just a few months ago and we remember the famous words of Secretary Romulo Neri – “GMA is evil.”  Ding! Ding! Ding! Was Olivar referring to the president he serves as the “evil one”?

If Olivar thought that, why did you have to  say it? Would it not have been best to just leave that tiny detail out? Must you say it?

Well, okay, Olivar may not actually have said those words but the implication was very clear and what may may have been inadvertently said without meaning to.

This is what Olivar said:

“Don’t run (at the expense) of this little lady who’s done her best for this country in the last eight years. Magpakalalaki naman kayo (Be a man),” Gary Olivar, deputy presidential spokesperson, said at a briefing.

In announcing his candidacy, Aquino on Wednesday criticized Ms Arroyo, his former economics professor at Ateneo de Manila University, for “forgetting what she had taught me.” He promised a more efficient use of government resources should he win in 2010.

Olivar blasted Aquino and other presidential hopefuls from the opposition for supposedly turning the presidential race into a battle of “good versus evil.”

“Nobody has the monopoly of right and wrong on either side right?” he said in Filipino.

By inference, that says Olivar is bewailing the perception that his boss’ “best” is not enough for the people.

The words “good versus evil” in that article is a direct quote, followed by an explanation that nobody has a a monopoly of “right and wrong”. Those by implication admits Olivar is thinking the “evil” one and the one who has a monopoly of doing  “wrong” is  his boss, President Arroyo.

Ding! Ding! Ding!  Did you really have to say that?

 Again, we think it is absolute incompetence to admit even through a very strong inference that your boss, the president is evil, has not done good things and does the wrong things. Keep those things to yourself and say only good things about your boss.

Once again, the staff of President Arroyo screwed up. Why must you say things about other presidentiables? Arroyo is not running for president. No need to say anything. Let Aquino and all the other presidentiables be.

One sentence : SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Sincerely yours,


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