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noynoy aquino “psych document” is bogus – fr. carmelo caluag

April 9, 2010 1 comment

memo to presidentiables: next steps from 4Qtr SWS presidentiables survey results

January 14, 2009 1 comment

just a quick run through of key action steps for the presidentiables coming from the 4qtr 2008 results of the SWS survey for presidentiables. we have intentionally over-simplified the points.

for the top 3, de castro, legarda and villar: 

  •  keep doing what you are doing
  • DO NOT make any mistake, watch your steps all the time

for the next 4, escudero, lacson, estrada and roxas:

  • need to get more media exposure
  • be selective on issues to pick on, but consistently pick one across time

for the next 2, binay and fernando:

  • think and behave like you only have 1 week of your life in this world
  • there is no time to waste, get into the minds of the public across all geographies and demographics
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