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blog that published noynoy aquino psychiatric evaluation taken down by author/s

April 9, 2010 7 comments

we picked up the supposed psychiatric assessment document of noynoy aquino from this blog – as of this writing, the blog has been taken down by it’s authors. clicking on the link will  return this message:

we are amazed at the magnitude of this whole thing and what people are willing to do – going through faking documents, use of logos,  the signature of a priest and the writing of the contents.

we do not know if the author/s of that blog were the ones responsible for the fake document or if they were just given fake documents. it is such a big production with obvious intent to tell a lie and harm others.

on the positive side – we are equally amazed at the speed by which the bogus document was exposed. the news on the document was on the internet yesterday and was carried by tv news programs last night at prime time and was exposed anytime between midnight and this morning.

both the negative and the positive sides of this whole event can be exposed in almost an instant in the internet. that is the power of the internet.

noynoy aquino “psych document” is bogus – fr. carmelo caluag

April 9, 2010 1 comment

ateneo de manila department of psychology’s report on noynoy aquino’s mental health

April 8, 2010 58 comments


this post has been getting a lot of views from Facebook. please note that this psychology report is a fake. the ateneo de manila university and fr. caluag have denied they issued this report.

read the comments section on this. 

~wawam (january 31, 2015) 


this is shocking. we now have in the internet  a psychiatric evaluation document on a presidentiable – noynoy aquino. this is the first time this has happened in this country. we thought medical and psychiatric records are private to the patient and the doctor?

that is assuming of course this document is not false and not fabricated. on tv tonight,  noynoy aquino said the document is a fake. he said many of the details are incorrect and mentioned one which is his employment when he returned to the philippines.

the document says he worked for his family when he returned to the country while noynoy said he worked for mondragon. the document also mentions aquino drinks and he noynoy says that is not true. people who know him know that he has a very low tolerance for alcohol.

the tv newscast also mentioned that the ateneo and fr. carmelo caluag, the signatory in the document has denied the document. fr. caluag said he has not signed such a document.

i suppose we will get to know more details on this one in the coming days.

we like to raise a few things.

to us there is really no big deal on the psychiatric evaluation, aquino had a depression. what is the big deal about that? is there an adult who never got depressed in his/her life?  depression is very common to adults. it happens on a daily basis to many people. it is as common as the common cold.

if this document is legitimate, a much bigger concern for us is this – how did the person get a hold of the document? was it done through illegal means?  or that ateneo cannot be trusted?

that tells me ateneo de manila university and it’s department of psychology cannot be trusted with information like these. how many more patients have they treated or evaluated whose assessment is in danger of getting published in the internet?

if the document is false, an even bigger question occurs — this i think is the lowest of the low in political dirty tricks.  and the  lengths that that they will go through to hurt aquino – harm ateneo,, the school’s department of psychology and fr. caluag.

the whole thing is mind boggling either way.


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