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ateneo psychology department on fabricated psychiatric evaluation of noynoy aquino – stop using us

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment


Statement of the Ateneo Psychology Department about the second fabricated psychiatric evaluation of Sen. Benigno C. Aquino III
date posted: 2010-04-27 20:51:05

On 9 April 2010, the Ateneo Psychology Department issued a statement regarding the psychiatric evaluation which was allegedly signed by Fr. Carmelo (Tito) Caluag who was claimed to be a faculty of our Department in 1996. In our response, we said that the document is false; that Fr. Caluag is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist and has never been affiliated with the Ateneo Psychology Department.

Today, 27 April 2010, another fabricated psychiatric evaluation has circulated in the news, allegedly written and signed in 1979 by our founder and current professor, Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, SJ. Fr. Bulatao has earlier released his response, categorically denying that he has written and signed that report. The Ateneo Psychology Department once again categorically states that this “psychiatric evaluation” is a fabricated document.

We strongly condemn these repeated attempts to use the Ateneo Psychology Department for black propaganda. When the first fabrication did not work because of the mistake of choosing a signatory ( i.e., Fr. Tito Caluag) who has never been affiliated with our Psychology Department, the same scheme was thought of, this time using our most esteemed Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, SJ. These acts of malicious falsifications should be stopped once and for all!

We hope that this is the last time that the name of the Ateneo Psychology Department will be dragged into the malicious misinformation campaign about the alleged mental condition of Senator Benigno C. Aquino III.

Department of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Ateneo de Manila University
27 April 2010

abs-cbn : source of noynoy aquino psych report are 2 NP members

April 9, 2010 7 comments

now that the psychiatric report on noynoy aquino has been established as a fake, the next question that need to be answered is who released the report to media?

in tonight’s abs-cbn tv patrol world news report, abs-cbn apparently got the reports first, then it was published in an  internet blogsite  (blog  has since been taken down).

abs-cbn said “they got the information from 2 independent sources from the NP” (nationalista party) of manny villar.  asked to reveal the names, abs-cbn refuses to do so because of  journalistic ethics where they protect the identity of their sources.

that confuses us.  what is the difference between revealing the names of the people who gave them the report versus identifying the political party, the NP, where the sources are members of ? we don’t think there is really much difference  from an ethics point of view.

revealing the political party to whom the sources belong to is as much a journalism ethics violation as revealing their specific names. the individuals may not be tainted but the political party is tainted.

the NP has denied it or it’s members have released the fake report but this adds to the sleaze factor that  the NP and in particular manny villar is being pulled in the polls. we think what is hurting villar in this election is the C-5 corruption controversy, then followed by the villarroyo charge. this sleaze factor will prevent others to consider villar and solidify the loyalty of aquino supporters.

the other part that we don’t understand is this – the NP actually identified the names of members of the NP who could have “possibly” been the source of the fake document.

He said that 6 officials that could possibly had been the source of the documents – Sen. Manuel Villar, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Rimpy Bondoc, Adel Tamano, NP executive director Atty. Vicky Loanzon, and himself – have already denied that they were the source of the document.

what is the point of identifying them? so now, we have names in our minds who could have been sleazy enough to release the  fake report.  naming the possibilities even though they have denied it does not do anything good for any of them nor the party. what in fact it does as put question marks on the integrity of all the names mentioned.

this is a crazy world – that is one of our conclusions out of this one. things don’t match up and things don’t make sense. must be election fever.

MANILA, Philippines  – Nacionalista Party spokesperson and senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla on Friday challenged ABS-CBN News to reveal the source of the bogus psychological report of Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Benigno Aquino III.

Remulla challenged the news organization to reveal the sources of the “document” that said Aquino suffered a psychiatric ailment.

ABS-CBN News said they got the information from 2 independent sources from the NP.

Remulla, however, denied that the document, which Aquino and the LP said was fake, came from within the NP.

He said that 6 officials that could possibly had been the source of the documents – Sen. Manuel Villar, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Rimpy Bondoc, Adel Tamano, NP executive director Atty. Vicky Loanzon, and himself – have already denied that they were the source of the document.

Remulla said that if they were the source of the document, they would not have given those to ABS-CBN, which the party sees as “biased” for Aquino.

However, when he was asked what would happen if ABS-CBN News refused to give the names of their sources due to journalistic ethics, Remulla, a former journalist himself, said that the “credibility” of both NP and the news organization would be in jeopardy if the sources’ identities are not revealed.

Remulla said that if ABS-CBN News does not reveal its source, the organization should issue an apology.

NP vice presidential bet Loren Legarda, meanwhile, said she does not know about any psychological record of Aquino.

She also denied she is the source of the document, especially after she asked the LP on Thursday to stop their ‘below the belt’ accusations.

NP senatorial bet Ramon Mitra III said the document might have come from LP themselves.

Another member of NP’s senatorial slate, Liza Maza, meanwhile said that they should ask the reporter directly to reveal the source.

ABS-CBN’s reply

ABS-CBN News, however, stood its ground and said it won’t reveal its sources.

“We respect the confidentiality of our sources. While it’s tempting to take the Nacionalista Party’s challenge, it violates a sacred rule of journalism,” Maria Ressa, ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs head, said in a statement.

“Two sources from the Nacionalista Party – independently – gave ABS-CBN an alleged psychiatric analysis of Sen. Benigno Aquino III before it started to spread online and on text,” the statement said.

“Two weeks ago, we revealed that sources from the Liberal Party gave ABS-CBN documents questioning Sen. Manuel Villar’s ad before the information spread online and on text,” the statement also said.

“It’s our job to be transparent to the public we serve,” it added. With a report from Alvin Elchico, ABS-CBN News


blog that published noynoy aquino psychiatric evaluation taken down by author/s

April 9, 2010 7 comments

we picked up the supposed psychiatric assessment document of noynoy aquino from this blog – as of this writing, the blog has been taken down by it’s authors. clicking on the link will  return this message:

we are amazed at the magnitude of this whole thing and what people are willing to do – going through faking documents, use of logos,  the signature of a priest and the writing of the contents.

we do not know if the author/s of that blog were the ones responsible for the fake document or if they were just given fake documents. it is such a big production with obvious intent to tell a lie and harm others.

on the positive side – we are equally amazed at the speed by which the bogus document was exposed. the news on the document was on the internet yesterday and was carried by tv news programs last night at prime time and was exposed anytime between midnight and this morning.

both the negative and the positive sides of this whole event can be exposed in almost an instant in the internet. that is the power of the internet.

ateneo department of psychology denies document on noynoy aquino

April 9, 2010 2 comments

Ateneo Psychology Department Statement re Faked Psychiatric Assessment

Psychology Department statement on Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.’s* supposed psychiatric evaluation

It has come to our attention that a psychiatric evaluation of Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.*, supposedly conducted by the Ateneo de Manila University Psychology Department in 1996, is being circulated in the Internet and other media. The Psychology Department would like to correct this fallacious information. The document is false; no faculty member or other professional affiliated with the Psychology Department has ever conducted a psychiatric assessment of Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.* Moreover, Fr. Carmelo A. Caluag, whose name appears as the signatory in the psychiatric evaluation form, is not a psychologist or psychiatrist and was never affiliated with the Psychology Department. The Department denounces this attempt to vilify a person’s character through the spreading of false information.

Psychology Department
School of Social Sciences
Ateneo de Manila University
8 April 2010

Note: * Benigno Aquino, Jr. is Benignoy “Noynoy” Aquino III


noynoy aquino “psych document” is bogus – fr. carmelo caluag

April 9, 2010 1 comment

ateneo de manila department of psychology’s report on noynoy aquino’s mental health

April 8, 2010 58 comments


this post has been getting a lot of views from Facebook. please note that this psychology report is a fake. the ateneo de manila university and fr. caluag have denied they issued this report.

read the comments section on this. 

~wawam (january 31, 2015) 


this is shocking. we now have in the internet  a psychiatric evaluation document on a presidentiable – noynoy aquino. this is the first time this has happened in this country. we thought medical and psychiatric records are private to the patient and the doctor?

that is assuming of course this document is not false and not fabricated. on tv tonight,  noynoy aquino said the document is a fake. he said many of the details are incorrect and mentioned one which is his employment when he returned to the philippines.

the document says he worked for his family when he returned to the country while noynoy said he worked for mondragon. the document also mentions aquino drinks and he noynoy says that is not true. people who know him know that he has a very low tolerance for alcohol.

the tv newscast also mentioned that the ateneo and fr. carmelo caluag, the signatory in the document has denied the document. fr. caluag said he has not signed such a document.

i suppose we will get to know more details on this one in the coming days.

we like to raise a few things.

to us there is really no big deal on the psychiatric evaluation, aquino had a depression. what is the big deal about that? is there an adult who never got depressed in his/her life?  depression is very common to adults. it happens on a daily basis to many people. it is as common as the common cold.

if this document is legitimate, a much bigger concern for us is this – how did the person get a hold of the document? was it done through illegal means?  or that ateneo cannot be trusted?

that tells me ateneo de manila university and it’s department of psychology cannot be trusted with information like these. how many more patients have they treated or evaluated whose assessment is in danger of getting published in the internet?

if the document is false, an even bigger question occurs — this i think is the lowest of the low in political dirty tricks.  and the  lengths that that they will go through to hurt aquino – harm ateneo,, the school’s department of psychology and fr. caluag.

the whole thing is mind boggling either way.


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