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the pain of being gilbert teodoro – teodoro’s performance during ondoy/pepeng did not help teodoro at all

November 18, 2009 1 comment

the country went through probably the worst natural disaster the country has ever experienced. we know of the destruction it caused many parts of metro manila and north luzon, we waded through them but it had also cause so much psychological pain on the country’s psyche.

when the storms were happening, i was waiting for the government to step up and specifically i waited for an individual to come up to the plate and become the ondoy/pepeng hero. it did not come. the government gave too little, too late.

i saw gilbert teodoro come up to the plate. teodoro is the chair of NDCC (Natural Disaster

teodoro did not show competence during ondoy/pepeng

Coordinating Committee), the government agency in charge of preparing the country on how to deal with natural disasters in the country. i thought wow, this is a great stage for teodoro to show us why he should be elected president in 2010.

from where we sit, we think teodoro screwed up big time. it was obvious that the country was not at all prepared for natural disasters, exactly the mandate he was given to do as NDCC chair.

(read NDCC mandate here:

teodoro failed in fulfilling the mandate he was given as NDCC chair. there were glaring incompetency  in teodoro’s performance as NDCC chair – the country did not have enough rubber boats, the military and the police was not called to help the people specially during ondoy, they did not have transportation that can take the rescuers across flooded streets and the relief efforts were little and late. the private sector, like schools and media were even much more effective in sending relief goods and help to people than the government and NDCC.

we wondered how the people will view teodoro’s performance during the ondoy/pepeng floods. he had a national stage where he can perform. we thought if he did well, he can win by a landslide. it was a stage that any presidentiable dream of having. teodoro being NDCC chair and standard bearer of the administration was way ahead of all other presidentiables in having the opportunity to shine. they controlled all of it.

we were waiting for poll results to use a gauge on how the voters viewed tedoro’s performance as NDCC chair during the floods.

the september SWS poll  could not be used as a basis. the fieldwork was conducted on september 18-21 which was a couple of weeks before ondoy.

(read post: september 2009 SWS presidentiable poll :noynoy aquino’s spectacular rise to front runner is magical)

the more recent pulse asia october 2009 poll however can be used as a gauge, the fieldwork was conducted october 22-30, almost a month after the ondoy/pepeng floods.

(resd post: Pulse Asia October 2009 Presidentiable survey – noynoy aquino is dominant front runner)

in this poll, teodoro got only a 2%, that indicates the people DID NOT see teodoro’s performance as anything stellar, not even remarkable. we cannot conclude people see teodoro’s performance during the floods as a failure, as there are no indicators on this negative, but the low rating indicates at minimum it did not help teodoro.

too bad that tedoro missed out on making something out of an amazing opportunity to perform on a national stage.

ondoy/pepeng disaster aftermath lesson learned – the need for reproductive health (RH) 5043

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

The fact that population growth was already faster than the GDP growth meant that per capital growth had already been declining, Pernia said. This placed the Philippines worse off than countries who had fallen into recession, but whose population growth was slower than the decline in their GDPs.

read in full here:

floods, environment & government response to disasters should be made a 2010 election issue

October 9, 2009 1 comment

we think what happened to the country with ondoy and pepeng should be made an election issue in 2010.  it should cover the following points:

  • what caused the floods, damage and death – infrastructure; housing and urban planning; flood management; lakes & dams, esteros, drainage, rivers and floodwater flow
  • government response to disasters – role of national government vis-a-vis local governments
  • pag-asa’s capabilities and response
  • early warning system
  • equipment and personnel – requirements and response

this is more than just political will. the fact is what happened during ondoy and pepeng WILL HAPPEN again. this is not an isolated event. before the next one, let us get ourselves ready and fix the incompetencies.

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