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richard gordon picks a fight with media, did he set himself up for a knockdown by media?

March 3, 2010 10 comments

Gordon, the presidential candidate of the Bagumbayan party, likewise observed that his statements distributed to reporters were not being published or broadcast, and said it seemed that Villar had bought the media.

“It’s like there is a wall. I might as well say this on national radio. There’s a wall that blocks the things we want to say. There are those who are protecting Villar … in the media,” Gordon said in “Ikaw Na Ba: The Presidential Interview” with Mike Enriquez.

read in full here:

not only did richard godron pick a fight with manny villar in his latest  front page grabbing statement on villar’s attempted bribery with him, he also intentionally or unintentionally picked a fight with media. (read here:  gordon accuses villar of bribery – to be desperate is good but this is the bad desperation)

in this one, gordon accused villar of  buying off media that his statements are not being published. let’s forget for the moment that this latest statement did get published,  is accusing media of taking a bribe a good thing to do when now more than ever, he needs to be on the good side of media?

any PR or communication practitioner will tell you that media people can be bribed but only a very few of them can and these are the types who do not have a lot of clout. the major writers with a good following, the editors of the biggest newspapers, radio and tv outlets are extremely difficult to bribe if not impossible.

issuing a blanket accusation of this sort will get media practitioners who cannot be bribed and there are a lot of them, and those with clout,  those who matter  may result to exactly what gordon is accusing them of  – his statements will not be published.

for anyone who  needs to use media, good media relations is a must. statements like this will not get him that. this is totally bad media relations. his media bureau people must be going crazy now because of this and damage control being done.

the other part of it is this – why will villar a front runner in this election bother with gordon who is just an asterisk in this election? there is no benefit for villar to ask media to stop gordon’s statements from getting published.  villar being a front runner will just worry about his own campaign and then noynoy aquino next, the other front runner in the election.

villar is also the biggest spender in advertising  which is the key driver for villar’s success in this election , press statements will not  hurt him.  we don’t even think it will help gordon as well.

rather than issue sweeping statements like these, getting media practitioners in a tizzy, he should instead re-assess the performanc of his own media bureau or his communication team and look at the quality of the press releases they have been giving to the media.

perhaps the quality of the press releases are bad that media do  not find them good enough to publish. or maybe the topics are anemic. or maybe they are irrelevant. (we think it is the latter.)

as all our mothers tell us- when you pick a fight, choose wisely. gordon chose badly.

2010 SWORDS List 2nd Edition

September 1, 2009 1 comment

2010 swords logo_B

  1.  (2010) SWORDS = Super Words. words that are given new meanings, for better or for worst,  during the 2010 election.
  2. advocacy =  used by presidentiables to define their election campaign advertising campaigns that they are airing before the official and legal campaign period. they are obviously election campaign ads but they cannot call it as such as by law it is illegal to air these ads before the start of the official campaign period.
  3. infomercials –   the term used by government men who have election aspirations to refer to ads that in not so hidden ways are election campaign ads for themselves but are disguised as ads that feature the government agencies they head or government projects they are involved in. public funds are used for these ads. if these government men are truly honest in that they have these ads to promote government services and projects, they then should not appear in the ads. (read here:  10 gov’t men spent P218M for ‘info ads’ – “shoot on sight” says senator defensor-santiago)

what is 2010 SWORDS?

we are starting a new series in this blog – 2010 SWORDS. these are 2010 Election SUPER WORDS (errr, SWORDS = Super Words). these are the super words that will be invented during the election year in 2010.

we are a people who like  to invent new words whenever big events happen in our lives. some are in english, some in pilipino but always these words are given new meanings that does not exist in any dictionary. 

they are like code words that only pinoys know the meaning of. we are keeping with this tradition by starting the list with  our very  own entry into the list of  2010 SWORDS.

we also like the idea of swords being able to cut through the clutter of other words (ahem!) spoken and written on topics about the election. we expect many will be written and spoken, getting a 2010 SWORD enables us to communicate very efficiently and effectively. rather than write a paragraph,  a few sentences or a few words to explain something, one word will suffice and do the job as well.

one example, that has been invented a few years ago is : “presidentiables”. we all know what that means : people who have declared themselves to be a candidate for the presidential election in the country. that’s 1 word vs a sentence made up of 16 words. twitter, which allows only 140 letters/spaces  per message,  will be so proud of us! 

please submit your own entries by posting a comment in this post.

how to win the 2010 philippine elections : philippine marketing and philippine advertising 101

November 22, 2008 3 comments

this blog will look at the philippine election from a marketing and advertising perspective. winning an election is really no different from doing marketing and advertising for mass consumer products like detergent products, toothpaste and computer products. the same principles, the same strategies and tactics, consumer research and marketing mix are applied. candidates who do the best marketing and advertising will win the election.

this blog is a spin off from WAWAM! ( where a large amount of posts have been posted on philippine political ads and the recent 2008 US presidential campaign. 

note: “presidentiables” are candidates who are running for the office of the president or a presidential candidate. it was probably coined by a desk editor of a newspaper to have a single word for it to take less space in newspaper headlines.

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