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manny villar’s “opo” tv ad

April 24, 2010 3 comments

manny villar’s kurot sa puso “panata” tv ad

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

noynoy aquino’s “kayo ang aking lakas” tv ad – arguing with success or with boredom?

March 13, 2010 3 comments

who can argue with success? these are all very familiar images for most we have seen them on tv and for some we were there when these things happened but for all we re-experienced it all of it again recently when cory aquino died and we were all out on the streets saying good-bye to cory.

(click here :

these images did something to us and we can;t escape the fact that noynoy aquino and his presidential bid sprang it. to a few they were not conscious of it but for most we asked noynoy to run for president.

seeing these images and hearing these words are difficult to argue with. they are already embedded in our hearts and minds and this ad serves to remind us that they exist there.

we have a nasty suspicion that this ad was developed as a direct answer to manny villar’s emotional ads of his brother dieing because they had no money to buy medicine for him. that villar ad in the minds of the admen in the aquino camp must have thought villar’s tv ad was soliciting empathy with the voters. their answer is to “out-empathize” villar by reminding people about two, not one emotional event in noynoy’s life – noynoy’s dad was assassinated and his mom got sick and died in front of us.

that thought this ad being a direct answer to villar’s emotional tv ad  immeditaely came to us after hearing the first sentence noynoy said in this ad –  “Kami rin inapi nang walang kalaban-laban.”. a few bells rang in our mind when he started the sentence with “kami rin”. question – sino yung ibang inapi? answer – villar when his brother died without the benefit of medicines.

that thinking must have brought goose bumps to the creative team who thought about it but we think it’s really amateurish thinking on their part. it is also quite a cheap trick to do. they will not win any award soon on strategic thinking on this one.  we do not think it will even be nominated for “The Strategic Thinking Award Of The Year”.

will it be effective? that is the question that is even more difficult to answer. from the point of view of getting more votes for noynoy, i think it will to some degree but i do not think it will be of much significance.

whether the aquino campaign knows it or not, noynoy’s campaign has moved away from these messages and strategy. if it was not conscious of the move, his competitors, most specially manny villar who is co-front runner made sure of that.

this we think is a very good tactical ad but we do not think this has legs to be the main brandsell advertising for the aquino campaign. putting this as the main brandsell tv ad we think is a major strategic blunder by the aquino campaign.

weak, poor and failed strategic thinking is what we think is the greatest weakness of the aquino presidential campaign. that is most obvious in the waste they allowed to be made when from a high of 60% in preference to the 47% in presidential choice, aquino’s ratings had consistently gone down seeing it now on a statistical tie with manny villar.

that alone tells the weakness in strategic planning for the campaign for squandering such a huge lead over his rivals. the aquino campaign group was given on a silver platter a brilliant and superior product to sell but they did not know what to do with it and lost the leadership.

the ads are creative and well done. the writing is close to crisp and almost memorable and the production values are excellent but the strategic thinking is where they fail. the strategy laid down seems to look at just ads, almost as stand alone ads when they are supposed to be running a campaign with a beginning, a middle and an end. there is no continuity in strategic thinking nor is there any worth in it.

they fall in love with creative executions and get stuck there, completely forgetting that ads and most specially campaigns that succeed are those that begin with a brilliant strategy and heads up thinking.

we do not know what is next to this ad but we hope there will be more . we hope this is just a tactical ad and that we will see the main thematic or brandsell very soon. running tv ads will not make them win, it is running an ad campaign that will.

the key questi0n – who can argue with success or are we arguing with boredom? 

~~  a mindscape landmark – carlo arvisu ~~


ps: a note on production values : the director should have seen that noynoy’s brows are forming at the center of his forehead making it look like noynoy is angry while the emotion in this ad should have been serenity,  sincerity and concern.

noynoy aquino tv ad “parang bahay”

March 11, 2010 3 comments

eddie villanueva’s confused & ill-advised yellow tv bus dance musical ad, i think

December 16, 2009 123 comments

first time i saw this ad, my reaction was – good heavens, noynoy aquino is airing a baduy tv ad – there was so much yellow in the ad, it had a song, choreography. i was freaking out as i was watching the tv ad and did not understand why the noynoy campaign decided to air a tv ad as bad as this one coming from the first one they aired which was very much well-received.

towards the middle of the ad, i was shocked – it was an ad for eddie villanueva. i had to laugh very loud when i realized it was a villanueva ad.

and that is where the problem of this ad starts. it’s a very unlikely tv ad for a very unlikely presidentiable behind an unlikely strategy. nothing in the ad worked and more specially nothing in the ad made sense.

first off, the use of too much yellow does not help villanueva at all. in fact i think the over-use of yellow is counter productive to villanueva as that color is mostly associated with cory and now noynoy aquino’s campaign. i understand this has been villanueva’s color from the previous campaign, but he should have used it much less in this tv ad as it is not helping him at all. 

i do not understand why this ad for villanueva needed to target the youth.  the key elements of ads that are meant for the young audience are there – the song, rap and the dance steps.

does the villanueva campaign think  the young voters are  the demographics group that will get villanueva elected? or do they think that it is this demographics that is posing a problem for villanueva?

we understand that the ad has people in it of all ages and from all walks of life, but the over-all feel and tone of the ad, the singing, the rap and the dance steps paints it an overwhelming targeting of the young.

audience targeting is one of the top 3 most important components in any advertising. miss that one and everything else you do is useless and will not make sense.

 putting the issue of audience targeting aside, there is the question of fitness to the candidate. this kind of ad does not, not even in a million years match the persona of villanueva. it could have been a great fit to escudero who himself is young and purposely target  young voters, but not for villanueva. doing this for villanueva loses credibility on his side.

there are other small things that bother us. “sakay na sa bus ni bro” as a double meaning of bro. eddie and “bro” the slang term for jesus. i think it’s use, even if double meaning smacks of being too presumptuous on the part of eddie villanueva. he is alluding himself as Christ?

towards the end of the ad, there is a sign that says “welcome to to Barangay Bagong Pilipinas”. i think they should have just removed the word “barangay” from that sign and it would worked was well and makes it more consistent with what he is trying to do – run for the presidency of the country and not just  a “barangay”.  

there are a few more things — there was a short clip of villanueva dancing, that was very disturbing. and the last, at the end of the ad, villanueva talks to the camera in a tone that i thought was trying to be hard to be cute that he sounded gay.

on the whole, this ad i think is a very confused ad. many things in the ad were  not working well together and many did not match the persona of villannueva. not to mention, it is very confused on target audience.  

i think villanueva got vary bad advise from the advertising agency he hired for this ad. this is a WAWAM!  (What A Waste Of Advertising Money!).


we are posting here a comment made by Mark (click here:

This is such an amateur video. Kung sino ang nagdirect nito needs to go back to school. Sino ba ang kumakandidato si Eddie or yung singer. Half of the time it was focus on the singer for the whole 2 minutes of the commercial. I got tired of waiting who is the candidate. Ha ha ha…

bayani fernando’s “kailangan bayani” tv ad – disjointed logic from a logical man

September 11, 2009 6 comments

this tv ad is down and out an election campaign ad for fernando and we think it is one that most probably fernando himself wrote or at least most of the ad was written by fernando.

it is a bad tv ad. no, its a very bad tv ad.

the production values is akin to being the best home video shot by a relative. i have seen the ad a few times and i still do not understand what fernando said the first time he spoke to the camera. the audio towards the end was also very bad, fernando is hardly understood.

the copy is also very disjointed. there is no single message and it does not build to anything. parang halo-halo – bits and pieces of thoughts taken from somewhere and placed side by side in this ad.

when bayani on-cam said “titino at yayaman tayo”, i knew this ad was written by bayani himself. the first part of the ad had nothing to do with this line and this line has nothing to do with the ending. 

i am sure there is 6 page explanation on why those thoughts make sense but it feels like someone just took out large parts of what is between them and put these lines into the ad. there are huge logic gaps in this ad.

fernando is a very logical man and he follows a very specific logic flow. i am sure he can explain why “yayaman tayo” should be part of the ad. but the 15 second length of the ad did not allow it. it is an intriguing idea this country being made up of mostly poor people but it falls flat as the ad did not bother to explain it.

“political will” is also an interesting idea. but it was not explained well, in fact not at all explained. i do not know what voters will get out of this ad but i suspect not much. 

this tv ad is a WAWAM!

2010 SWORDS – words that define the 2010 election

May 16, 2009 Leave a comment

we are starting a new series in this blog – 2010 SWORDS. these are 2010 Election SUPER WORDS (errr, SWORDS = Super Words). these are the super words that will be invented during the election year in 2010.

we are a people who like  to invent new words whenever big events happen in our lives. some are in english, some in pilipino but always these words are given new meanings that does not exist in any dictionary. 

they are like code words that only pinoys know the meaning of. we are keeping with this tradition by starting the list with  our very  own entry into the list of  2010 SWORDS.

we also like the idea of swords being able to cut through the clutter of other words (ahem!) spoken and written on topics about the election. we expect many will be written and spoken, getting a 2010 SWORD enables us to communicate very efficiently and effectively. rather than write a paragraph,  a few sentences or a few words to explain something, one word will suffice and do the job as well.

one example, that has been invented a few years ago is : “presidentiables”. we all know what that means : people who have declared themselves to be a candidate for the presidential election in the country. that’s 1 word vs a sentence made up of 16 words. twitter, which allows only 140 letters/spaces  per message,  will be so proud of us! 

please submit your own entries by posting a comment in this post.

here is the beginning of the list:

  1. (2010) SWORDS = Super Words. words that are given new meanings, for better or for worst,  during the 2010 election.
  2. advocacy =  used by presidentiables to define their election campaign advertising campaigns that they are airing before the official and legal campaign period. they are obviously election campaign ads but they cannot call it as such as by law it is illegal to air these ads before the start of the official campaign period.  

memo to manny villar : clean up the dirty hand

January 28, 2009 1 comment

to manny villar:

there are two key points you need to attend to:

  1. don’t lose your focus on the agreed advertising strategy and plan – the OFW ads were good and consistently followed a defined strategy, they were single-minded. this “itik” ad may be the start of getting lost on the defined advertising strategy. while “entrepreneurship values” are good, adding these messages to the ad campaign waters down the agreed strategy and may bring the ad campaign down to a slippery slope of confusion and inconsistency. do not lose focus.
  2. clean up the dirty hand, clean hand question on the itik ad –   (refer to comments in this post, click here: you aired a commercial that is seen by millions and it has a continuity error in it. that means you are exposing yourselves to criticism. the thinking is that we should only air “perfect ads” for our brands. we always want the audience to see our brands in the best light possible. of course it’s possible that it is only here in this blog that the continuity error was noticed, but your opponents may read this blog and they can decide to make an issue of it. it can be raised as an issue of sincerity and honesty.

we hope this helps.

yours truly,

2010 presidentiables.

how to win the 2010 philippine elections : philippine marketing and philippine advertising 101

November 22, 2008 3 comments

this blog will look at the philippine election from a marketing and advertising perspective. winning an election is really no different from doing marketing and advertising for mass consumer products like detergent products, toothpaste and computer products. the same principles, the same strategies and tactics, consumer research and marketing mix are applied. candidates who do the best marketing and advertising will win the election.

this blog is a spin off from WAWAM! ( where a large amount of posts have been posted on philippine political ads and the recent 2008 US presidential campaign. 

note: “presidentiables” are candidates who are running for the office of the president or a presidential candidate. it was probably coined by a desk editor of a newspaper to have a single word for it to take less space in newspaper headlines.

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