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lesson on branding : the rise and fall of “Brand Binay”

September 25, 2014 Leave a comment

this picture shared on twitter caught my attention – mayor junjun binay has a big letter “B” on  his barong. this is very close to a literal branding but what caught my attention was how the binay family has been brandishing and actually capitalizing on the “Binay brand” or their family name in politics.

the binays, from jejomar (vice president now), his wife elenita, children junjun, nancy and abigail are all on politics. jejomar was mayor of makati, elenita his wife took over as mayor and his son junjun is now mayor of makati. abigail is  a congresswoman of makati and nancy is now a senator.

nancy in particular used “brand binay” in her campaign for the senate. she was in fact using that term precisely “brand binay” during interviews during that time. this TV ad of nancy expressly states that “mundo ng pagilingkod na namana sa kanyang ama na si jojo binay”.

read here:

the big letter “B” on the shirt of mayor junjun binay looks like a continuation of this strategy of capitalizing on the “Binay brand”.

branding in marketing terms can be a very powerful thing. the brand is one of the most precious and tightly guarded property by companies. we know the power of brands – Coca Cola, BMW and Apple to name a few. these are brands that command and dispense to consumers a lot of goodwill. like for Apple, in the last few decades, anything that Apple launches into the market are automatically seen as high quality, leading and highly desirable.

it can be argued that nancy binay may have won the senatorial race on that basis. she was an unknown in politics before her senatorial run and didn’t even hold any meaningful public office before that but she won it just the same. nancy before her senatorial run not having a local (makati) and specially a national presence in politics.

the letter “B” in mayor junjun binay’s shirt can very well stand for “Binay”. it can also stand for “building”. we asked over at twitter what other words can the letter “B” stand for and these were the replies:

“brand binay” may have meant as “public service” or even as “ganito kami sa makati” (another tv ad) but that brand may have taken different meanings now.


what is “TRAPO”?

January 18, 2010 6 comments

supporters of lesser known candidates like to use the word “trapo” to describe other candidates who are leading in the polls who ware favorites in this election.

they use the word like a derogatory word or a word that we should all be ashamed of once used on candidates we support.

i don’t actually get it. this invented bad word does not really mean anything other than a failed attempt to discredit the leading candidates. even among themselves, the supporters of lesser known candidates can’t seem to make up their minds as to exactly what it means. they have all types of definitions on what they mean and many don’t connect even with a mile long dotted line.

“trapo” is supposed to mean traditional politics. but it has taken a lot of meanings now.

let’s hear it from the readers how they understand the meaning of the word “trapo” is.

please post your comments.

we are posting here what we got in the internet, from here:

Aga Muhlach Talks About His Frustration on the Government

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment

We see on television a frustrated Aga Muhlach who talks about his frustration on the way our country is being run by politicians.  He talk about how our country is being dragged into the sorry situation that we are now.

Come to think of it what he says is just the same reason why I am personally making a stand despite the sentiments and criticism of many people that Nick Perlas is my choice.  Why?  Simply because we deserve the best candidate and president.  Our country deserves the best.  Like Aga, I am sick and tired of seeing politicians who has no plans for our country but only wants the power of the position.

Thanks Rinoa for sharing this video in your blog. I hope that more people come to realize that in electing people in 2010 we need to be very careful and to make the choice not based on what the surveys says or whose popular but based on who really has a plan to make this country better.

We need not only a systemic change but also change in culture, politicians, politics and governance. This 2010 we have a choice and I hope that all of us see it.

There is a man named Nicanor Perlas who is incorruptible and has a concrete plan for our country…. a change that involves genuine change which also includes our culture and inner change.

What Aga talks about is the same sentiments why, I and many others are supporting Nick Perlas.

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