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UNA senatoriables 2013 election

September 5, 2012 1 comment


these are the candidates for UNA (united nationalist alliance), the party of vice president jejomar binay and former president erap estrada:

  1. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito,
  2. Juan Miguel Zubiri
  3. Jack Enrile
  4. Mitos Magsaysay
  5. Gwen Garcia,
  6. Joey de Venecia
  7. Gregorio Honasan
  8. Loren Legarda
  9. TBD
  10. TBD
  11. TBD
  12. TBD

april 2010 pulse asia survey for senators – awareness matters

May 1, 2010 Leave a comment

the april 2010 results of asia pulse’s poll for senators is is a lesson in advertising & marketing 101 – (brand) awareness is the number one issue and achieving it is the first goal of any election campaign.

except for 2, the rest of  the first 14 candidates who have the possibility of entering the top 12 in this election  have high awareness, at least an  80%+ level and most of  them are at the 90%+ level.  the two, biazon and guingona have 52% and 74% respectively.

on the other hand, the rest of the senatorial candidates below the top 14 have very low awareness, many of them below 30%.

awareness is the most basic requirement of any brand in any market and that includes political elections. if the voters do not know you or are not aware of you, how can they prefer or vote for you? after awareness is preference.

the goal of advertising are those things – build awareness and build preference. while not all of the top 14 have tv ads. almost all of them are already known by the voters.

for those wanting to win this election, they will need to fix these two components and advertising is the answer. however, with just a few days till election time, achieving anything even with advertising might be too difficult.  

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pulse asia poll february senatorial preferences – only 2 out of 12 are admin senators

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

are filipino voters idiots?

December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

cartainly that question must have popped in all our minds once, at the very least! the country has gone through so many elections. and in so many times, the governement officials filipino voters elected turned out to be duds – not only failures in their office but corrupt even. we have seen that not only in local elections but also and most specially and sadly in national elections.

surely it’s mostly the elected officials’ fault. they did court us with seductive promises of salvation and profress during the campaign. but when they took office, they have forgotten all of it and did exactly the reverse of what they promised in the campaign.

does that mean filipino voters are idiots that  we are so dumb in judging character and integrity? so, filipino voters are idiots, right?

again sadly, that does not end there. not only do we vote them once, we even re-elect them. and if they are no longer running for elective office for some term extension prohibition, we elect their spouses or children instead. so, filipino voters are idiots?

it has been written so often by so many – filipino voters also have very short memories. like we all suffer from amnesia or schizophrenia when government officials who have obviously, some even convicted for crimes some years ago, we elect them into office now. it’s like we take it upon ourselves to rehabilitate the evil and the criminal.

the last senatorial elections seemed to have changed. filipino voters DID NOT vote famous actors. the previous thinking was that actors are a sure thing in elections. but that did not happen in the last election. not even close as the actors who ran for office go so few votes that they were not even on contention at any point during the election.

in fact that senatorial election was a landmark election in demonstrating filipino voters were smart. we elected most of the opposition senators, sure, as a protest vote as most elected them in the desire to prevent senatorial candidates from the admin party to get into office. arroyo then (till now) was largely unpopular and unwanted and the voters made sure none of her candidates won even though the admin candidates had the political machinery, had local government officials campaigning for them and boasted of good GDP increases. the people simply did not believe the claims of the admin that the economy.

even senator trillanes a military man who led a military revolt against arroyo won the election. trillanes was in jail during the campaign period. he was not able to campaign at all. had some advertising but the amount was equivalent to pennies compared to the amount spent by other candidates, even zero if you compare it to what an admin senatorial candidate, pichay spent during the campaign. pichay was the highest spender in advertising among all candidates. he was not at all a contender.

that senatorial election redeemed the filipino voters as no longer idiots but smart ones.

are filipino voters smart or idiots?

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