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manny villar’s kurot sa puso “panata” tv ad

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

presidentiables ad themes: villar-poverty, aquino-corruption, estrada-nostalgia and teodoro-ego trip

February 11, 2010 10 comments

as we go to the last few months of the campaign, we see the presidentiables reshaping their campaign themes. in advertising this is called brand positioning. the major candidates have changed their brand positioning that they started with since last year. what we have now may very well be for most of them the positioning that they will have till the end of the campaign period.

manny villar: anti-poverty

manny villar: “all out war on poverty”. villar  has re-shaped his campaign into a theme of anti-poverty. this he actually declared this is what his campaign will take, an all out war on poverty as he put it around the December 27 time.  (read here: manny villar’s “all out war on poverty” platform and manny villar’s “magtatapos ng kahirapan” tv ad – a bold shift in advertising strategy, 5 stars!)

poverty is a key issue not only in philippine politics but more importantly in real life. a significant portion of the philippine population belong to the poor or the DE socio-eco classes. a significantly high proportion of the population are daily wage earners, many don’t even have regular jobs. a large number of families belong to below the poverty line.

aside from the grim statistics and reality, many politicians have won elections on an anti-poverty campaign. in fact most of the politicians do but the most notable winner using this platform is erap estrada.

noynoy aquino – anti-corruption.   in the last few weeks and perhaps as a reaction to his poll ratings softening allowing many villar

noynoy aquino : anti-corruption

to be on a statistical tie, the aquino campaign has focused on “anti-corruption.

corruption just like poverty is a key issue in philippine politics and real life. we see corruption in our daily lives with most of us being victims of it. they may be small for ordinary citizens but we have read in the papers big time corruption scandals.

president gloria macapagal arroyo based on surveys is known as one of the most corrupt presidents of the country since ferdinand marcos. corruption or the suspicion of it, because they are all unresolved will probably be the enduring legacy of arroyo. being under arroyo for 9 years, this is certainly a key issue for the people.

international agencies and think tanks have put corruption at a staggering rate of 25% to 50% in government contracts. that means most of the government contracts are inflated by that rate as that is the rate corrupt officials get out of government projects.

erap estrada – nostalgia and return to power. estrada is asking voters to bring him back to malacanang on the basis of returning him back to office, according to him to allow him to complete his unfinished business which was cut short by a EDSA DOS.

erap estrada : nostalgia

frankly, we do not understand this positioning of estrada. it is one of the weakest among the presidentiables. there is a gross failure in that positioning as this speaks only to estrada supporters which by the time, estrada’s glory days long gone must have shrunk to a small slice.

many of the current voters may not have known what the estrada presidency was during his time. worse, many of them probably know only the bad things, his conviction of plunder more specifically.

appealing to nostalgia means alienating every one else who were not supporters of estrada. they are a minority and getting a minority of votes will not get him elected, a majority will.

this is a WAWAM!

gilbert teodoro – credentials and ego-trip.  we think teodoro’s campaign has suffered the most among all the presidentiables. it has taken a whipping from the get go and continue to make disastrous blunders from the very beginning. quite frankly, we do not think the teodoro campaign has done anything right since it started.

and this positioning of teodoro – an endless propping up of his credentials, even though we are not asking  for it is no more than just an

gilbert teodoro: ego trip

ego trip. we find it strange that an ad for a politician is adapting a positioning of an ego-trip.

teodoro wants us to elect him for his “galing at talino”. teodoro is the only presidentiable who is asking us to vote him based on his personal qualities. all other presidentiables are asking us to vote them for what they will do for the country or what they will solve, teodoro is asking us to vote him for his ego.

his ads endlessly talk about his qualifications, his latest tv ad bragging that he is an accomplished pilot. (read here : gilbert teodoro’s new tv ad “lipad” does not fly, gilbert teodoro’s “galing at talino” tv ads – anti-noynoy, anti-humility, generic promises and gilbert teodoro’s “posible” tv ad – a change of strategy to save his campaign)

this ego-trip obsession  is obvious in teodoro’s tv ads – he enjoys spelling his name in his ads. before the election campaign, when he was still DND chief,  teodoro aired a disaster preparation ad that had his messages spelling out his last name T-E-O-D-O-R-O. (read here:  gilbert teodoro’s tv ad – promises made, promises broken)

we are not surprised to note that his selling line, “Galing At Talino” also spells out his initials. that is incontrovertible proof that teodoro is on an ego-trip positioning.

will an ego-trip positioning appeal to voters? apparently not as we see teodoro’s poll ratings remain at disastrous levels, 4% to 5% at this late stage of the election campaign.

this is a WAWAM!


up next at The 2010 Presidentiables Blog are the positioning of the laggard presidentiables.

jejomar binay tv ad – will turn the whole philippines into a paradise called makati city

April 27, 2009 8 comments

manny villar’s new “itik” tv ad

January 20, 2009 4 comments

saw the new tv ad of manny villar last night, this time the situation is in an “itik” (ducks) farm. waiting for it to be available in you tube and will post here.

looking at this ad and the previous ofw ads of manny villar, we are adding “matulungin” (helpful) to manny villar’s brand positioning.

champion of ofws; matulungin

manny villar: champion of ofws; matulungin

senator trillanes – the senator protest votes elected and the tv ads people did not see

January 11, 2009 1 comment

antonio trillanes ran for senator in 2007’s senatorial election. he was a long shot to win. in fact calling him a long shot to win the election was even very kind. the more appropriate term is to kill him something like his winning the election is as sure as the sun rising at night.

and why not? he deserves to be called those. trillanes’ call to fame was he led a group of soldiers who took over oakwood and declared a coup against the government. he was caught and imprisoned.

that single event was the first and only time the punlic knew of trillanes. he was in prison during the whole campaign period. that meant he was unable to join in any of the sorties political candidates usually make during elections. no media interviews and very few pictures of him in media.

he also did not have money for political ads. he did have commercials to air but they were actually aired very seldom that we don’t think anyone saw them.

for this candidate who is a non-candidate, no money, little advertising and in jail, having won the election is a real achievement. well, actually what elected him to office is not so much the desire of the electorate to elect him to office but more on the desire to NOT to elect the senatorial candidates of the current administration. trillanes won on the basis of a protest vote.

these are the ads that he ran during the 2007 campaign. but just to emphasize, these were not what got him elected. he had very little money to air them that people hardly saw these ads.

it is obviously a low budget production ad. in fact, its probably a very low budget production. it has the feel and looks of something like a home video tv ad. that just shows they really don’t  have money to spend on almost anything.

the ads are very single-minded. it only has one message and that’s a very good thing. however, what doesn’t work for it is that it’s a boring ad. it’s just too much of a straightforward ad. no frills and no attempt at being creative nor smart and intelligent. straight talk, that is all that it has.

but if you see this ad, you will pay attention to it for the sheer power of the fact that you know trillanes is in jail and you will probably wonder how is able to make an ad.

did the ad do its job? we don’t think so. content and media weight were nothing. but those are not what got him elected.

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