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gilbert teodoro’s new tv ad “lipad” does not fly

February 4, 2010 9 comments

there is something wrong with this tv ad of gilbert teodoro. it’s that part from the start of the ad to the end of the ad.

gilbert teodoro has positioned himself in this election as the “galing at talino” presidentiable but in this ad, tedooro chooses his hobby, being a pilot as the over-all theme of the ad. of all things about teodoro, he chose the one credential that seem to be the least among his many credentials that are much more substantial.

we have nothing against pilots but we are not sure people know pilots can be good at running a country. we also doubt that his intended audience know a lot about being a pilot nor is it a career that is aspirational to them and enough for them to be convinced to vote for teodoro.

the ad actually talks about the economy. as a tie-in to the pilot concept. the ad talks about teodoro’s promise to push the country into an economic take-off.

and that exposes more problems in this ad, in fact we think it is a much more major error in this ad. people definitely will not associate pilots with the economy of a country much more the idea that we need a good pilot to push the country into an eco take-off.

it is bad enough that most people know little about economics, this ad added another ambiguity into it by saying someone who is a good pilot will be able to push the economy into a take-off. the ad may have attempted to explain, but we don’t get it.

what burdens this ad is the topic they chose. the economy is an invisible idea to most, but to choose economic take-off as the specific discourse is like drinking a glass of water knowing there is poison at the bottom of the glass.

teodoro towards the end of the ad says we are ready for a take-off but in reality we are not. in fact the philippines is far from even being ready for a take-off and many steps removed at an actual economic take-off.

we think what happened here is the ad agency and/or the teodoro campaign wanted the economy as the topic. then they probably said they should not just talk of the economy in general as it might be a boring tv ad and does not offer very much differentiation versus the other presidentiables. so they decided to use ‘economic take-off” as the topic, a sexy topic in economics.

then the creatives probably complained. eco take-off is a very complex topic to explain in a 30 second tv ad and a boring one. they needed some creative handle to make the ad more interesting to the audience. and that is how they found teodoro’s hobby of being a pilot as the creative handle.

they must have said – voila! we found the magic potion. in their minds, it really was perfect – being a pilot is unique to teodoro among his rivals, its kinda sexy, he flies planes, planes do a take off and the topic is eco take-off! what a great find!

imagine that, all the words and concepts match perfectly. it will also allow the creatives shots of huge plane, controls and a literal take-off of the plane. just perfect.

yes, it is perfect in their world. but we think not in the real world of advertising where it needs to be aired to a general audience.

in their excitement and unending celebration of finding the right formula with a perfect fit, they forgot they pushed their candidate’s image from lofty and aspirational to mediocre and hohum that most of the people will not find fascinating.

this is the formula they used, but forgot it is something that will not take-off in the minds of voters : good pilot = good president.

this ad is a WAWAM!

noynoy aquino’s new tv ad – pinoy noynoy rap

January 26, 2010 16 comments

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manny villar’s “magtiwala – dolphy” tv ad

January 25, 2010 5 comments

gilbert teodoro’s “posible” tv ad to be pulled off the air to avoid copyright infringement issue with rico blanco

January 19, 2010 3 comments

gilbert teodoro announced his tv ad “posible” which has the song composed by rico blanco and mired in controversy on copyright infringement will be pulled off the air.

this is a wise move. we have written previously that the campaign does not need this kind of controversy, it removes the focus of the campaign on more important things, like winning the election.  (read here: rico blanco vs. gilbert teodoro on copyright infringement – teodoro should pay up and revise his tv ad)

in our view, the teodoro campaign must have felt rico blanco have grounds and can very well file a copyright infringement lawsuit on him and on the campaign. they may win it ot lose it but it is not worth the time and effort.

we think someone screwed up big time on this error. the communication team of teodoro and it’s advertising agency should own up to the blunder. it would be just right if teodoro fired some of his staff and the ad agency for the putting the campaign in such a bad light.

they could actually revise the ad and put in a different music to this ad. the rico blanco song is not material to the ad. although we are not a fan of the (read: gilbert teodoro’s “posible” tv ad – a change of strategy to save his campaign), replacing the song in it will save the campaign some production money versus producing a brand new tv ad.

as some kind of coup, they could actually commission rico blanco to write a brand new song for the ad and that would sit very well for the audience, rico’s fans and rico himself. it twill be talked about and in a good way.

January 7, 2010

Meanwhile, Teodoro announced yesterday that he has already ordered the withdrawal of one of his television advertisements using the tune of “Posible” by Rico Blanco.

 “We have pulled it out so there would be no more legal debates. But they should not say we did not have the right” to use the song, he said.

Teodoro maintained that they obtained the rights from a certain Greg Garcia to use the song.


noynoy aquino’s “hindi ako magnanakaw” tv ad – the power of credibility in a powerful tv ad

January 15, 2010 25 comments

let’s get state the negative in this ad right at the start – this is a rush job, they forgot to put the end-supers in this ad which in ALL tv ads contain the name of the brand or in this case the name of the candidate and the tag-line or motto as most people refer to it. it’s very weird to see an ad that does not have those. they could have at least put “Noynoy Aquino, Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”. we think this ad was produced in such a rush and a desire to have it on the air as soon possible that they forgot to add the brand name and tag-line. adding those will mean a delay of one or two days in post production work.

that is the only negative of the ad and a very minor point. everything else in this ad is 5 stars.

we do not think there is a person who saw this ad and did not listen to what noynoy was saying in this ad. in this ad, noynoy had an aura we have not seen on noynoy  before. it is like this ad was shot after he had a one month vacation somewhere where he had daily trips to the spa. he came out screen very relaxed, believable and sounded very sincere. these we think are the qualities of noynoy that has led voters to put aquino as the dominant trend-setter in the surveys. getting what we love noynoy for in this ad is excellent work.

this ad cleverly uses things we associate and love noynoy for – one is the word “laban”. it is a word ninoy and cory have asked us to use and to mean. noynoy is smartly using this word to remind us of the fight that has not been accomplished and what he intends to finish. more importantly, it is also a word we all feel we need to do given the present state of the country.

the other which we think is what makes this ad to be aquino’s most powerful tv ad and what sets him apart versus all other presidentiables is the last line he said in this ad – “Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”.

that line we think is the  most powerful single sentence not only in that tv ad but also  the most powerful single sentence among all the other tv ads aired by all presidentiables in this election.

that line grabs you. and now it is one that we all remember noynoy for.

we think the use of that line is a triumph in political advertising in this campaign. it is brilliant advertising from the point of view of strategy and execution.

it is a brilliant strategy because it states in a very categorical and specific way why we have put noynoy on top of the surveys – a presidentiable who is clean, honest and has integrity. and more importantly, the opposite  is probably the biggest problem we see with the present administration, the one that aquino intends to replace and to change this year. corruption or it’s almost sure suspicion is the legacy of the arroyo administration that we all want to change. through that line, aquino is telling us he is the man for the job.

that line is the aquino campaign’s superior point of difference. of all the presidentiables, ONLY aquino can claim that line and something we believe him for it. no other presidentiable can say that line with any semblance of believability. think about it – estrada is a convicted plunderer, villar has the C-5 suspicion, gordon has subic and teodoro has gloria macapagal arroyo.

there are three components,  cosmic in the way they converged that made this ad powerful and strong – aquino’s superb performance in this ad, the audience tired of corruption with the belief it is one of the greatest ills of this country and aquino’s competition not knowing what they are doing.

if there is anything that people will remember from this ad and now what they remember aquino for, it is this line – “Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”.

noynoy’s “hindi ako magnanakaw” we think is brilliant advertising. if the aquino campaign airs this with ad with heavy weights, we can expect aquino’s ratings in the surveys to increase further.

Minamahal kong kababayan.

Tadhana ang nagbuhol sa atin.
Dahil naghihingalo na ang ating bayan.
Nais kong pumasok sa isang kasunduan sa inyo:

Lalaban tayo para sa wastong edukasyon ng bawat batang pilipino.
Lalaban tayo para sa abot kayang serbisyong pangkalusugan.
Lalabanan natin ang kahirapan.
Lalabanan natin ang mga kawatan.
Lalabanan natin ang sino mang wawasak sa kalikasan.
Lalabanan natin ang sino mang manggugulo sa ating kapayapaan at katahimikan.

Ang laban natin ay laban ng bayan.

Sa ngalan ng aking mga magulang at sa gabay ng Diyos, gagawin ko ang lahat ng aking makakaya na pag-silbihan ang mahal nating inang bayan.

Bilang tunay na sagot sa kahirapan at tunay na daan sa kaunlaran, ang inyong linkod, Benigno Noynoy Aquino III, isang mamamayang pilipino, nangangako sa Diyos at sa Bayan:


mar roxas’ “sacrifice” tvc

January 12, 2010 2 comments

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watch presidentiables tv ads during the pacquiao-cotto fight

November 14, 2009 1 comment

aside from the actual fight, the things to watch out for in tomorrow’s fight are the tv ads of the presidentiables and other political candidates. for sure the politicians will be airing their ads heavily if not air new tv ads. i would be very surprised if the presidentiables do not launch new tv ads during the fight.

the pacquiao-cotto fight is probably the closest the country comes to The Super Bowl in the US where practically all homes in the US tune in on the Super Bowl with many having parties and the US ad industry going crazy in airing their best and brightest. the Super Bowl brings in the audience, the ratings are always sky-high which allows the Super Bowl to price their tv spot at an amazing $3 Million per 30 second spot.

(read more on Super Bowl Ads here:

at that extremely high cost, the US ad industry kills itself in coming up with their best ads. ads aired in the Super Bowl has become an event in itself where the audience have come to expect and anticipate great ads. talks the day after at water coolers among the audience are not only on the game itself but also the ads they saw in the super bowl.

(view ads aired in the Super Bowl here:

careers and marketing success are made at the super bowl for ad people and ad agencies. apple was one and coca cola is another.

it will not be exactly what will happen in the pacquiao-cotto fight but we can expect presidentiables to air new ads tomorrow. the fight will most likely get the highest rating this year and the history of advertising in the country. while 30 second ad costs are expected to be extremely high, we think, just like at the super bowl, it is very much worth it.

gilbert teodoro did it during the pacquiao-hatton fight where he aired his disaster preparedness tv ad and introduced himself for the first time to the voters. (read here: gilbert who? introduces himself in tv ad) teodoro’s ad was aired in every commercial break in that fight.

let us just hope that the quality of the ads the politicians will air tomorrow will be as good as the ones aired in the super bowl.

here is a thought:

loren legarda said she will announce her plans for 2010 on november 15. hmm…… we wonder if legarda will do it via a new tv ad to be aired tomorrow during the fight? 

(read here: drama queen senator loren legarda to announce 2010 plans within the week! oh, oh – here we go again!)

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