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May 2, 2010 3 comments

richard gordon’s vision for a new philippines

March 9, 2010 21 comments


Vision for a New Philippines

Leadership requires a clear and coherent VISION. The vision sets the philosophy and framework for good governance. It provides guidance to the people so that they can pursue our common goal in their own creative way. Dick Gordon’s vision for a truly Filipino society must be one that is:


People must be concerned with the welfare of others/community/country and exercise a degree of selflessness for our greater good. We must not injure others in the exercise of our rights.


Everyone must have due regard for the individual struggles of others and act with consideration. We must act with empathy and devise programs that uplift every individual’s conditions.


Filipinos must have pride in their identity; we must have self-worth and end our defeated and victimized attitude. We must have dignity and validate our principles with good works


Our methods of production, systems of defense and education, all aspects of society, must be geared towards a meritocracy that rewards efficiency. We must build the basic infrastructure to enable us to compete in a global economy.


We must present a common front in the face of national issues and abide by the course of action that preserves and advances the collective good and promotes the greatest measure of independence. Our attitudes must be attuned to bring out the best in our collective abilities, rather than defeat ourselves and pull each other down.

Liberal and Tolerant

In our diversified and pluralistic society, we must have a common understanding of individual differences and how this strengthens us, instead of making this a source of internecine conflict.


We must not be ashamed of a culture that values hard-earned success. We must engender a society that values performance over patronage. WE must change our attitudes.


We must be free from conditions of deprivation, want and fear. We must be empowered to address these conditions and feel confident that these can be overcome. There must be food on the table and a roof over our heads. Our homes and streets must be safe.

All of these build a Country of Character – our ultimate vision where everyone is Enabled to be Enobled and Free..



Give RP a government that works

The central question that the May elections must answer is: How do we get our nation moving? What will it take to propel our country forward? What should be our priorities? The next president must give the nation a government that works—effective government. All our travails as a nation are the result of ineffective government—a government that cannot enforce the law, a government corroded by corruption, a government weakened by dissension and strife, a government that cannot assure the safety and well-being of the people.

We are a talented and resourceful people, and this is proven by the productive service of 10 million Filipinos in other lands. What has failed us is political leadership and government.

With effective government, we can finally address the primary challenges that have kept us down and undeveloped.
First, we can embark on a massive investment and productivity program to raise national economic output—in agriculture, in industry, in services and in global trade. This is the key to producing the jobs for our millions and keeping more of them at home.
In this regard, food security and the El Niño problem must be addressed not later but right away. We should invest in irrigation of lands, farm to market roads, technologies, local dams/water catchments with the goal of being not only self-sufficient but a rice exporter by the 4th year of a Gordon Presidency. In the future, we should have a culture of preparedness and pride to enable us to engage the world.

It is also in this regard that we should maximize the opportunities brought about by the Tourism Law, and promote the creation of tourism economic zones with an infrastructure master plan. Let us remember that tourism can be the engine of growth that can propel our country and its people into the 21st century by generating investment, jobs and dollars while protecting and preserving with pride for our posterity our nation’s heritage.

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