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richard gordon’s new platform of government for the win in the 2010 election!

April 28, 2010 8 comments


richard gordon has done a dramatic change in his campaign strategy – he has overhauled his platform of government.

we know  noynoy aquino is squarely against corruption. he has been saying that from the very beginning of the campaign. aquino’s ads are built on his anti-corruption stand.

manny villar has been focused on anti-poverty. he has used his personal history of rags to riches to tell us he will eradicate poverty in this country.

richard gordon recently has changed his platform of government. he has done recently with just a few weeks to go in the campaign. it’s a bold change in strategy and platform of government. gordon has declared an all out war on surveys. he is now devoting all his time and effort for the rest of the campaign to tell us he wants to be elected president on the basis of single mindedly going against surveys.

gordon said he now intends to spend 100% of his time during the remaining days of  the campaign to spread his new platform of government.

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