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vilma santos and ralph recto join noynoy-mar in LP – LAKAS-KAAMPI-CMD deteriorates further

November 17, 2009 2 comments

when governor vilma santos and ex-senator ralph recto announced they will join the aquino-roxas team at the LP, the result was this – it’s not a pretty sight. that is for the LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD, the ruling/admin party of president gloria macapagal arroyo and the gilbert teodoro-edu manzano tandem.

governor vilma santos was the first and overwhelming choice of most of the admin/ruling party members one day the executive committee of the party they had chosen gilbert teodoro as standard bearer and ronaldo puno, DILG chief as its vice-presidential candidate.

the reaction or dissatisfaction the choice of ronaldo puno as VP candidate was almost immediate and universal. party members had the same reaction to teodoro but it was more restrained and came about a few more days after.

the ruling/admin party knew just teodoro alone will not put them to glory. in fact they instinctively knew they were done for, thus the clamor for santos. santos is still a popular actress, very much respected as one by her peers and by the public. not only that and this is probably her greatest asset – she has done very well as governor of batangas.

wanting santos to join teodoro was the miracle solution the party members were looking for. almost immediately santos made it known that she was not interested. days after the clamor started, vilma was non-committal. she said nobody has talked to her about it. this was very different from puno who before the announcement of his selection as VP was very clear in his desire to run for VP.

not only did santos refuse the ruling/admin party, she will now join aquino and roxas at the NP. that amounts to adding salt into an open wound. look at LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD now and it is not a pretty sight.

 its not only santos who will bolt the ruling/admin party, but her husband, ex-senator ralph recto too. recto bolting arroyo’s ruling/admin party is significant in itself as recto recently resigned as part of arroyo’s cabinet on the NEDA portfolio. this is very close to an arroyo team member defecting to the other side.

news reports have been coming out on the topic of a mass exodus of party members from the ruling/admin party LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD. recto and santos’ exodus from the ruling/admin party is the latest major proof of that conclusion.

Vilma, Ralph join Noy-Mar team, boost LP star power 
By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:37:00 11/17/2009

MANILA, Philippines—The Noynoy and Mar show on Monday got an added dose of celebrity glitz with ex-Sen. Ralph Recto and his wife Vilma Santos joining the Liberal Party (LP).

Making the jump from the administration coalition, under whose banner the couple ran in the 2007 elections, isn’t because the popular actress and Batangas governor will star in an upcoming blockbuster celebrating the life of the late President Corazon Aquino.

“For next year’s presidential election, we want a political party that can promise an administration that is competent and truthful—one that can offer solutions to our nation’s problems,” Santos told the Inquirer Monday.

gilbert teodoro’s “we do not haves” – is the writing on the wall?

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

the writing on the wall started to appear very early for gilbert teodoro. his selection as standard bearer by the executive committee of his party LAKAS-KAMPI-CMMD was not greeted by applause and excitement by the general public. people almost fell asleep when they read the selection in the papers. they did give a collective reaction, they asked – “gilbert who?”, but that was just about it. that was not yet the writing on the wall, it was just a small footnote.

day after the announcement was made, the first few words of the writing appeared, no longer a footnote. aside from teodoro being  chosen, the news came with the selection of ronaldo puno as his VP running mate. the first writing that appeared one day after the announcement was – “we do not want puno as VP running mate of teodoro”. ouch.

this writing on the wall, the first one, became bigger as days and weeks went by. the party members wanted anyone except puno. governor vilma santos was the first name to be placed on that wall. then other names came up fast and quick – loren legarda, chiz escudero aand gwen garcia of cebu. but as quick as those names were written on the wall, the same people they wanted quickly wrote on the same wall – no, they do not want to be the VP running mate of teodoro.

at around that time, another set of writing started to appear – “do we really want gilbert teodoro as presidential candidate”?.

the biggest writing on the wall appeared in october when the SWS released its 3QTR presidentiables survey where teodoro was at the bottom while noynoy aquino was the dominant front runner at a phenomenal 60%. the fear and insecurity expressed earlier that teodoro was the wrong choice and destined to lose the election  became the predominant writing on the wall.

this cascaded down to the issue of finding a VP running mate for teodoro. the party members and their officers had changed the criteria for choosing one, to now they need to find a VP running mate who is popular enough to shore up the candidacy of teodoro. it is no longer to find a running mate with just good qualifications, it became specific someone who will help teodoro who they now recognize and verbalize as very weak and trending for a loss in the election.

ronaldo puno added a big exclamation point in this wall – he resigned from the ruling party all together  and said he no longer wants to be in politics. puno was a most enthusiastic VP wannabe in the their party, so all this came as a big surprise.

new names were written down, some with and some without star quality – loren legarda was still part of it, edu manzano, ace durano, bong revilla. then one by one, they wrote their reply on the wall – legarda will probably be with villar. ace durano said he was not interested and will probably run for senate. manzano will join the LP to be with noynoy aquino. ouch!

the lakas-kampi-CMD is scheduled to have a convention on november 19 and as of this writing they still do not have anyone who has actually agreed to be teodoro’s VP running mate.

aside from the VP running mates running away from teodoro, many of his partymates are running away from the party to join villar’s NP or aquino’s LP. the defections appear to be huge and this will certainly add to the mood and tone of their convention on november 19.

on the 19th, the LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD members might as well read these on the wall : “We do not have a viable presidential candidate, he is at the bottom of the polls. We do not have a VP yet. We do not have a  political party at all. We do not have a chance to win.”

With all of these “we do not haves”, we suspect the LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD convention will not be a happy and perky one.


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the euphoria noynoy enjoys that puno says is a bad thing – belat!

September 24, 2009 6 comments

we are amused to no end on secretary ronaldo puno’s recent pronouncements on noynoy aquino’s campaign. 

A word on the euphoria … those things are not enough to win an election. You will have to deal with the issues that the people are concerned about. Those have to be dealt with over a long period,” Puno told the Manila Overseas Press Club (MOPC) on Tuesday night at Hotel Intercon in Makati City.

lets get real here — “euphoria”  shown by the public on day 1 that a candidate announces his candidacy is EVERY CANDIDATE’S DREAM to have. it is in fact an excellent, even brilliant way to start a campaign. it is what campaign managers and marketing people want and plan for. 

having euphoria early on sets the candidate at a very high staging point for the next things to follow. equally important, it places the candidate above the competition and in fact sets the bar or price of entry for all other opponents at a very steep place. a campaign that starts at that very high level means it has a strong foundation for future moves and makes it difficult for competition. 

similar to a political campaign, any marketing and advertising practitioner plans for generating excitement and interest at the very start of a product launch.  in marketing how you start the campaign matters a lot. a good start launch helps ensure a successful end year. it is at that point where you get momentum, not attaining one usually spells disaster, getting it too late will not matter but getting it at the very start is brilliant.

compare aquino’s start to that of LAKAS-KAMPI’S gilbert  teodoro. he did not even get anywhere close to anything euphoric, much less close to what aquino enjoyed. teodoro got headline and top page  news coverage at most for 2 days after his formal declaration. aquino on the other hand has been getting headline news for many days after his declaration of candidacy and in fact got headline coverage many days before the actual announcement.

not only did aquino get media coverage because of the euphoria he enjoyed at the start, it also got his followers and the general public excited and rooting for aquino. almost overnight,  individuals and groups formed to do their share of supporting the candidacy of aquino all of it without being asked by aquino or anyone else. all were voluntary.  the latter part is the most important part – grass roots people involvement.  no other candidate enjoys that benefit and strength now.  

aquino got a lot of other positives from his euphoric start. teodoro on the other hand not only did not get any euphoria, he even got problems instead, one of which is arroyo cabinet members and officials defecting to the  aquino camp. on top of the problem of defection, DOUBTS and INSECURITIES started to crop up among the public and even among their own party members on the viability of teodoro’s candidacy. many more negatives came out of the non-euphoric start of tedoro’s campaign, an exact opposite of what aquino enjoyed.

the aim of political campaign managers and marketing managers is not only to attain euphoria at the start but also to sustain it till the end. keeping that feeling as high possible till election time helps ensure winning the election at the end of the campaign period.

puno is not being honest as  the master strategist who put 3 presidents into office when he belittled euphoria at start of the noynoy’s political campaign. he knows its a great thing but is not honest enough to admit it only because he belongs to the opposite camp. the only saving grace of puno is the use of the word “euphoria” to describe what has occurred after aquino declared his candidacy. it is the strongest word to use in describing it. at least he is honest in that he recognizes the extent of the positive reaction. it is a superlative.  

there is a very simple way to explain why euphoria is great to get at the start – aquino started with many good things, happy news,  all positives with enthusiastic supporters because of the euphoria he obtained. teodoro on the other hand because of the lack of euphoria at the start now need to put off fires that erupted everywhere – the defections, the doubts, insecurity and negativity that sprung up when he announced his candidacy.

we understand though why puno needed to be dishonest by belittling euphoria – not only did teodoro, his partner in this election not get anything near it, he himself did not get it. the most immediate aftermath of  his declaration as vice presidential candidate was – nothing. well not really nothing,  his party-mates very publicly said the party should consider another party-mate for the vp position – governor vilma santos. nobody celebrated, not at all euphoric in him getting the vp slot, it was instead greeted by an idea to replace him.

his views on why euphoria is a bad thing, one word comes to mind – BELAT!


ronaldo puno mr. euphoria

Mr. Euphoria

Puno: Aquino euphoria not enough to win 
 By Alcuin Papa, Jhunnex Napallacan
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inquirer Visayas
First Posted 03:43:00 09/24/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Take it from the man touted to be the architect of the electoral victory of three Philippine presidents since 1992.

Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno said euphoria may not be enough to win elections, referring to the chances of Liberal Party standard-bearer Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III in the 2010 elections.

Puno said that from experience, euphoria from the commemoration last month of the 26th death anniversary of Noynoy’s father Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and the passing away of former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino would not last until Election Day.

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opposition presidentiables vow no cheating, admin presidentiables fail to vow anything

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

pdi august 31 page 1

this is rare in philippine politics, even among the opposition. its a good photo op.  interestingly, key admin presidentiables teodoro, de castro and vice presidentiable puno were not in the group. the only admin presidentiable who was present was bayani fernando while mike velarde from the opposition was also not there.

does that mean those who did not attend plan to cheat in the 2010 elections? hello, garci you there? again?

No cheating in 2010, poll aspirants vow 
By Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:06:00 08/31/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Burying their political rivalries for a moment, 13 prospective candidates for president and vice president Sunday walked arm in arm in Taguig City for clean and honest elections next year.

The aspirants—who included survey front-runners Sen. Manuel Villar, former President Joseph Estrada, and Senators Francis “Chiz” Escudero, Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, and Loren Legarda—also signed sworn statements, duly notarized, declaring that they would not cheat in the elections and would observe the rule of law if elected.

The event was also attended by Senators Francis Pangilinan, Richard Gordon, Jamby Madrigal, Metro Manila Development Authority Chair Bayani Fernando, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, evangelist Eduardo “Bro. Eddie” Villanueva, environmentalist Nicanor “Nikki” Perlas, and Olongapo Councilor Carlos “JC” delos Reyes of the lay Catholic political group Ang Kapatiran.

Other aspirants who were supposed to attend but did not make it to the event were Defense Secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro and Interior Secretary Ronnie Puno. They were reportedly sick. Vice President Noli de Castro was not around, either.

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10 gov’t men spent P218M for ‘info ads’ – “shoot on sight” says senator defensor-santiago

August 25, 2009 2 comments

Ten government officials spent a whopping P218 million in public funds since last year for “infomercials” that they starred in and which Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago insisted was nothing but

senator miriam defensor-santiago

senator miriam defensor-santiago

 premature campaigning for the 2010 elections.

In a privilege speech at the Senate, Santiago called these government officials “rhinoceros” for their “greed for and abuse of public funds.”

The rhinoceros, she said, is a “powerful, herbivarous, thick-skinned perissodactyl mammal with two horns” that had become a “template for Cabinet members and other executive officials who use public funds, or gifts from so-called friends to campaign for next year’s elections.”

“They are all thick-skinned and should be shot on sight,” Santiago said.

She identified the spenders as Augusto Syjuco, chair of the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA); Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay; Vice President Noli de Castro; Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. chair Efraim Genuino; and Health Secretary Francisco Duque.

Also on Santiago’s list were Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chair Bayani Fernando, Education Secretary Jesli Lapuz, Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane, Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman, and Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno.

Santiago also mentioned Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro Jr., who came out with infomercials (informative commercials) “paid for by friends” but which, she stressed, constituted indirect bribery.

Quoting a report submitted to her by the Commission on Audit (COA), Santiago said that the Cabinet members spent P117.7 million in infomercials for 2008-2009 and P100.4 million for this year alone, or a grand total of P218 million.

For 2008-2009, this was how they spent for infomercials:

  • Syjuco (P28.3 million), Binay (P23.4 million)
  •  De Castro (P18.1 million
  •  Genuino (P14.1 million)
  • Duque (P13.2 million)
  • Fernando (P7.4 million)
  • Lapuz (P5.7 million)
  • Ebdane (P3.8 million)
  • Pangandaman (P2.4 million)
  •  Puno (P900,000).

For this year alone, the top three spenders were

  • Binay (P23.4 million)
  • Syjuco (P22.5 million)
  • De Castro (P18.1 million).

Quoting a report submitted to her by the Commission on Audit (COA), Santiago said that the Cabinet members spent P117.7 million in infomercials for 2008-2009 and P100.4 million for this year alone, or a grand total of P218 million.


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