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VP Jojo Binay ratings continue to fall, a dramatic exodus of supporters

December 10, 2014 Leave a comment

presidentiable VP Jojo Binay’s survey ratings continue to fall for a second consecutive quarter. in this Pulse Asia survey to 26% in the November 2014 survey from 31% in the previous survey, a 5% point drop. this should worry Binay and his advisers as it makes the possibility of losing the 2016 election a bigger reality.

he is still number 1 in the survey but that is practically meaningless as for surveys like  these, the trend is much more important and meaningful than the actual rating for the period. the question being asked in this survey is something like “if elections were held today, who will you elect as president?”, thus the answer respondents are giving are relevant to the current time only when the survey was conducted.

the election is still in 2016, at least 5 quarters to go of surveys (surveys are conducted on a quarterly basis) and that means changes to the ratings and rankings will happen depending on developments in the country and the actions of the presidentiables. the changes will be dramatic with those initially ahead in the surveys early on dropping down, even to levels where they eventually lose the election. we saw this in the most recent presidential election in 2010 when at the start of the election period, senator Manny Villar was way ahead of everyone but eventually dropped to number 3 or 4 by election time when he was besieged with corruption charges and mismanaged its handling.

the drop in the most recent survey for Binay is an indication that the things he has been doing during the time from the previous survey to this one have not been working for Binay. Binay continued to be on a Binayfication strategy where he continue to ignore the corruption charges and allegations, refusing to directly answer them, to deny or confirm any of it and to offer evidence that prove they are false.

Binay Nov Chart

empty table

the table and chair set up at the senate for VP Binay

under the Binayfication strategy is his refusal to attend the senate hearing. the senate sub-committee that has been conducting the hearings on the over-pricing of the Makati parking building has repeatedly and in public told Binay there is an open invitation for him to attend the hearing. Binay on his part has also repeatedly refused to attend the hearings giving a lot of silly reasons. then at some point, for a reason only he and his advisers know, Binay said he will only attend the senate hearing  if the mother committee in the senate invites him.

well, the mother committee through the committee chair, senator Guingona, extended an invitation to the vice president. the senate even went to the extent of assigning a date and time. and on the appointed time and date, the senate set up a table, chair, a microphone, a name plate and even a glass of water in the middle of the place where the hearings are being conducted. it was a surreal scene as the media took pictures and showed live TV footage of the empty chair. Binay demanded the mother committee give him an invitation, it did but he did not show up.

there were new and additional corruption charges and allegations made during the period. but the other telling development under the Binayfication strategy was the debate with senator Trillanes. the same thing happened here – Binay challenged senator Trillanes to a debate on the corruption issues. after a bit of time, Trillanes agreed and accepted the debate challenge. staff from both sides started to meet to discuss the debate and like the one above, a date and time was set. then, all of a sudden and something that it appears none of his staff and advisers did not know about, Binay announced  he will not debate with Trillanes.

the drop in the most recent survey may be attributed to the Binayfication strategy – it is not working and it is not able to arrest the decline in the ratings of Binay. rather than helping him, Binay continue to lose supporters.


looking at the specifics of the survey results, to us the most telling and the one that should concern Binay the most are his ratings in Luzon, and among the upper class (ABC) and the lower class, D.

the drops in Binay’s ratings are across the board – all areas and all socio-eco classes. but the drop in the Luzon rating is dramatic and stands out – it is now exactly one half of what it was in march, 2014. it is a dramatic decline to 22% from 44% in march, a huge -22% point loss.

similar dramatic declines occurred among the ABC and D socio-eco class. the upper and middle class saw an even bigger degradation – dropping -30% points to now just 17% from 47%. the D saw a -16% point shrinkage to 26% from 42%. losing your base support from these groups is a nightmare for any election campaign. this is an exodus of supporters from the thinking class and the poor.

the election is still 5 quarters away, Binay can still recover with still a lot of things he can do during that time. what he wants is to do things that will reverse what may be the beginning of a declining trend. he and his advisers should realize Binayfication is not working, something else needs to be done.

question is – does Binay have the smarts, the will power and the good things in him to abandon the Binayfication strategy and pursue another strategy, like the Truth Strategy?

VP Binay withdraws from debate with Trillanes, Senator Nancy deep in thought on what to say about it

November 11, 2014 Leave a comment

this news was all the rage today in social media. VP Binay challenged Senator Trillanes to a debate, Trillanes accepted, Binay and Trillanes camps sit down with the KBP to discuss the debate then today, Binay withdraws from the debate.

social media exploded with tweets on what just happened. these are just a few:




there will be a lot more reactions to this political event. we are particularly interested on what Senator Nancy Binay, VP Binay’s daughter has to say about it.

and we are also interested what VP Binay’s quadro spokespersons Gov Remulla, Rep Tiangco, Atty Bautista and Salgado has to say.

for the record, VP Binay was first to challenge Trillanes to a debate :

are filipino voters idiots?

December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

cartainly that question must have popped in all our minds once, at the very least! the country has gone through so many elections. and in so many times, the governement officials filipino voters elected turned out to be duds – not only failures in their office but corrupt even. we have seen that not only in local elections but also and most specially and sadly in national elections.

surely it’s mostly the elected officials’ fault. they did court us with seductive promises of salvation and profress during the campaign. but when they took office, they have forgotten all of it and did exactly the reverse of what they promised in the campaign.

does that mean filipino voters are idiots that  we are so dumb in judging character and integrity? so, filipino voters are idiots, right?

again sadly, that does not end there. not only do we vote them once, we even re-elect them. and if they are no longer running for elective office for some term extension prohibition, we elect their spouses or children instead. so, filipino voters are idiots?

it has been written so often by so many – filipino voters also have very short memories. like we all suffer from amnesia or schizophrenia when government officials who have obviously, some even convicted for crimes some years ago, we elect them into office now. it’s like we take it upon ourselves to rehabilitate the evil and the criminal.

the last senatorial elections seemed to have changed. filipino voters DID NOT vote famous actors. the previous thinking was that actors are a sure thing in elections. but that did not happen in the last election. not even close as the actors who ran for office go so few votes that they were not even on contention at any point during the election.

in fact that senatorial election was a landmark election in demonstrating filipino voters were smart. we elected most of the opposition senators, sure, as a protest vote as most elected them in the desire to prevent senatorial candidates from the admin party to get into office. arroyo then (till now) was largely unpopular and unwanted and the voters made sure none of her candidates won even though the admin candidates had the political machinery, had local government officials campaigning for them and boasted of good GDP increases. the people simply did not believe the claims of the admin that the economy.

even senator trillanes a military man who led a military revolt against arroyo won the election. trillanes was in jail during the campaign period. he was not able to campaign at all. had some advertising but the amount was equivalent to pennies compared to the amount spent by other candidates, even zero if you compare it to what an admin senatorial candidate, pichay spent during the campaign. pichay was the highest spender in advertising among all candidates. he was not at all a contender.

that senatorial election redeemed the filipino voters as no longer idiots but smart ones.

are filipino voters smart or idiots?

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