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wawam is on Twitter! live blogging for Noynoy Aquino’s July 25, 2011 SONA

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wawam and the 2010Presidentiables blog will go live on twitter during the president aquino’s 2nd SONA. read the tweets in this blog or follow wawam on twitter.

president noynoy aquino’s SONA.2, july 25, 2011 – defining or redefining the presidency?

July 22, 2011 41 comments

read the pilipino and english transcript of the SONA July 2011 speech here:

watch the video of the SONA here :

presidentiable noynoy aquyino defined his campaign through these 5 words : “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” . and these 5 words got presidentiable noynoy elected. the people believed him and because we have been having years of gloria macapagal arroyo and we have always suspected her of corruption. arroyo was one of the country’s most unpopular president, if not the most unpopular with back to back to back negative performance ratings through the years in performance as president.

noynoy aquino, promising no more corruption and removing it to lead us to progress got him elected.

from the presidential elections, aquino carried that through his first year in office, time and again exposing the newly discovered corruption cases committed by arroyo and government officials under her.

it may not have been intentional on his part, but that is how aquino has defined his first year in office.

on his second year of office, we could be seeing another definition of his administration or he will redefine it.

read the speech here:

read the pilipino and english transcript of the SONA July 2011 speech here:

aquino in his second SONA, has redefined his administration as single mindedly pursuing those who  he said continue to have the “utak wang-wang”.

Kayo po ba gusto ninyong makulong ang lahat ng tiwali? Ako rin. Gusto ba ninyong matanggal ang wang-wang, hindi lamang sa kalsada, kundi sa kaisipang nagdulot ng baluktot na sistema na pagkatagal-tagal na nating pinagtiisan? Ako rin. Gusto po ba ninyong mabigyan ng patas na pagkakataon ang lahat na umasenso? Ako rin.

aquino believes corruption or it’s removal from the fiber of philippine culture in governance needs to be his priority and something he he should succeed in.

we see the value and importance in aquino’s obsession to remove the utak wang-wang in philippine government. the recent weeks have shown us how top government officials during the arroyo administration wantonly and blatantly stole, misused or misappropriated billions upon billions of pesos meant for the people and the service of the people.

May mga nagsasabing pinepersonal ko raw ang paghahabol sa mga tiwali. Totoo po: Personal talaga sa akin ang paggawa ng tama, at ang pagpapanagot sa mga gumagawa ng mali—sino man sila. At hindi lamang dapat ako ang namemersonal sa usaping ito. Personal dapat ito sa ating lahat, dahil bawat Pilipino ay biktima nito.

corruption to aquino is a personal thing and he says it should to be to the rest of us. we should not be forgiving and just let things go because corruption was committed in the past. it is not a matter of let by-gones be by-gones. corruption affects each of us.

aquino did not redefine his presidency. what he did was to restate what he had said during his first SONA and what he said during the presidentiables campaign. in his second SONA, aquino has confirmed with us his obsession with corruption or  its removal  from government.

that is both a good thing and a bad thing.

it is a good thing as we all know philippine history on governance is full of stories of corruption, small to multi-billion types of corruption. the recent string of revelations on corruption during the arroyo admin has shown to us how rampant it was and how much it had cost the country and taxpayers. government officials under the arroyo admin took billions of pesos from whatever source they could lay their hands on.

we have heard of allegations of corruption at the AFP, department of agriculture, the PCSO, PAGCOR, DPWH and of course the BIR and the bureau of customs. aside from officers of these government agencies stealing money, we have also heard of money being used for the election of arroyo and the children of some of the government officials.

corruption being everywhere and in big numbers, making it as a priority or even as an obsession is a good thing.

it is a bad thing as fighting corruption or even removing it is a very lofty goal and it’s impact on the daily lives of pinoys are hard to imagine.

when aquino says he wants to remove utak wang-wang, how do we measure his success at it? do we measure it in terms of the number of times he mentions it in his speeches? or the number of corruption cases revealed by officers of government to the press? or do we measure it in terms of number of cases filed with the ombudsman? what about conviction or the number of people put to jail?

of course the true measure of success in his drive to remove utak wang-wang from governance is if it actually stops and all funds meant for the people are actually spent for the people.  that sounds easy enough but if we are to use as basis arroyo’s admin, we are finding out corruption committed during her term after her term, not during.

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