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gilbert teodoro’s “galing at talino” tv ads – anti-noynoy, anti-humility, generic promises

November 2, 2009 31 comments

these two ads are on the same strategy and positions gilbert teodoro as the presidentiable with “galing at talino” which is the key to the “pag-ahon ng mga mahihirap”. in the first tv spot, this claim is supported by his being  a bar topnotcher, a congressman  and a national defense secretary while in the second ad no support was given. we do not think those are enough to be convincing to the audience.

a major problem of teodoro’s candidacy is that he is unknown by most of the voters, he has no national personality. while he has been national defense secretary, this has just been for a few years and he had very little exposure in this capacity to gain a nationwide recognition. this is unlike his key rivals in the presidency where aquino, villar, estrada and escudero  have won national elections at least as senators. estrada aside from being a senator has been a vice president and a president.

these ads are also anti-noynoy aquino tv ads where both ads says the right leader is one who does not just have a heart (“puso”), an obvious reference to aquino but also “galing at talino”. the ads recognize the strength of aquino and attempts to weaken it by saying more is needed other than just heart.

teodoro also identifies his agenda in this election – jobs and good salaries, good education for all and good quality health care for all. these are populist platforms but they are also generic that almost all presidentiables promise on. the lack of specifics on how to fix these or how to deliver them weakens these ads.

the ads are on poverty alleviation and rightly so as we believe poverty is the country’s number 1 problem. while the ads talk about fixing the problem of poverty, we do not think the ads will necessarily connect with the poor, the intended target audience. we think the ads suffer on that point for the same things that teodoro aims to sell himself to the voters – the ads are too intellectual, it does not have heart.

teodoro galing at talino

we do not think these ads will draw much empathy from the audience. aside from the sanitary messages, the ad appears too clinical to us and teodoro does not appear engaging in the ads. also, we think parading your achievements and in the manner it was done here will turn off the audience more than bring them in.

in this regard, villar’s story in his ads succeeds very well where teodoro fails. villar is a multi-millionaire but he delivers his achievements and success from the story of rags to riches, a story that everyone loves and everyone aspires for. before those executions, villar ran ads that concentrated on showing villar helping OFWs get home or offering some help to OFWs.

the teodoro ads just tells it to us without giving us any good reason to believe it or even to appreciate it. given the way teodoro appears on camera, the way the ads are done and the messages, i think people will find teodoro as “hambog” or “mayabang”.

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