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The 2010 Presidentiables Blog referenced at Wikepedia on reproductive health (philippines)

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

we are proud to note that this blog is being referenced at Wikepedia on the topic of  “Reproductive Health Bill”. we like to thank the author at Wikepedia.

click here:

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog reaches 41,529 hits in 1 day, new record high

May 11, 2010 1 comment

yesterday, may 10, 2010, election day was the busiest day in the history of this blog , with 41,529 hits in a day.

this blog took in large numbers of readers from twitter, facebook, some pinoy bulletin boards  and individual blogs. with new readers, we also saw a surge in the number of comments with new and old readers reacting to posts and exchanging comments with each other.

thank you for all the readers and the authors for making this possible.

the 2010 philippine election exit poll – gilbert teodoro dominates

May 10, 2010 204 comments

this survey is now open. please let us know who you voted in this election.

also vote in the exit poll for vice-president here –> Now open – The 2010 Presidentiables Blog Exit Poll For Vice-President (who did you for vice president?)

vote here: your sentiments and reactions on the 2010 election experience, voice them out here

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog set to reach 400,000 hits

May 3, 2010 Leave a comment

we are expecting that this blog will reach a new milestone of 400,000 hits within the week. it now stands at 397,000 hits.

we like to thank all the readers and authors for making this possible.

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog quoted at Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

april 2010 issue

quotations from this blog are featured at the april 2010 of the Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine. check out the article entitled “Meet The Candidates” by jimbo owen b. gulle on pages 62 to 68.

the article picks out quotes on our views on the tv advertising aired by the presidentiables. next at The 2010 Presidentiables are our add ons to the quotes used in the magazine.

march 1, 2010 – The 2010 Presidentiables Blog reaches 300,000 hits

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

sometime this morning, this blog reached a new milestone of 300,000 hits. thank you to all the readers, posters of comments and the authors of this blog for making it possible.

we think a large part of the success of this blog is due to its readers who post comments in this blog. to-date, a huge 5,982 comments were made across 514 posts or articles in the blog. posting comments mean its readers are passionate about  their beliefs and they enjoy the exchange of ideas and comments here.

aside from those who comment, the number of active subscribers have grown exponentially as well. that means there is a large number of readers who receive posts and comments made in this blog through e-mail. these are readers who enjoy reading the posts and comments made in this blog.

we expect we will reach half a million hits in the next few months ahead.

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog – more than triples daily average hits, soon to reach 300,000 hits

February 23, 2010 2 comments

within the next 2 weeks, The 2010 Presidentiables Blog will hit a new milestone of 300,000 hits. this blog has grown very rapidly in the past 3 months.

from an average of 500 hits per day in the whole year of 2009, this blog has more than tripled it’s average daily hits to 1,700 per day starting December 2009.

these are the top 10 topics of this blog since it opened.

1. Home page  
2. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Stat  
3. Eddie Villanueva    
4. villanueva continue to lead, aquino and    
5. Presidentiables Reactions To Arroyo’s SO    
6. noynoy aquino    
7. RH Bill No. 5043 Full Text    
8. the noynoy aquino-mar roxas platform of    
9. the 2010 Presidentiables Poll officially  
10. manny villar

 thank you to the authors, readers and posters for making this blog one of the more successful 2010 elections blog.

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog – what is next after the elections?

January 28, 2010 11 comments

we got this interesting comment from one of this blog’s regular posters:

Estipona ng Davao :I appreciate the effort of wawam for creating this blog.Wawam gives us an avenue to express our opinions(even it is outrageous or sober)and ideas to others.Even I do not agree with wawam’s opinions,I agree to disagree with him.Let us express our opinion without slandering or cursing others,it reflects our maturity(immaturity) to face opposing views.I hope wawam will continue this blog even after its expiry date.Maybe,a blog about our new president and officials after election.How about it wawam? God bless you always. 

this was our reply:

i have received similar requests and suggestions from many others. this blog will continue to be open even after the election. as others have also told me, i think we have collected here a very wide body of thoughts and opinions not only on the candidates but also on our country and what is good for our people. i think we have here by and large excellent views. they are diverse, wide and well thought of. we like to build on these good things that readers and authors have in this blog.

to be honest, because of the authors, readers and those who post comments here, the blog has exceeded my personal expectations. it has grown from a specifically marketing and advertising in politics to a much wider but pointed discussion not only on politics but good governance.

thank you again for everyone in this blog – authors, readers and those who post comments for making this a rich and uplifting experience on the net. and thank you for your suggestion and compliments.

we like to get your comments and POV.

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog about to reach 200,000 hits, a new milestone

December 28, 2009 2 comments

As of this writing, The 2010 Presidentiables Blog is set to reach 200,000 hits within the next 10 days or so. This is once again a new milestone for the blog. We like to thank all the readers who come to this blog, those who add the link to this blog in their own blogs and various bulletin boards for helping this blog grow to where it is now.

We also like to acknowledge and thank those who come to this blog to post their comments and views on topics discussed in this blog. This blog has 443 posts or topics and it’s readers have posted 3,088 comments, an amazing display of reader participation and interaction among readers. We think this kind of participation and interaction is one of the key reasons that make this blog special and relevant to readers.

We thank all of you for your patronage of this blog.

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