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challenges to the Cyber Crime Law at the Supreme Court

January 16, 2013 1 comment

the first oral arguments challenging the approved Cyber Crime Law, Republic Act 10175 was held january 15, 2013 at the supreme court. this law has been signed by president noynoy aquino but was quickly challenged at the supreme court as unconstitutional by several parties.

the SC issued a restraining order on the implementation of the law until this month. the oral argument by the petitioners were held as part of the process before the supreme court makes a ruling on the petitions. the government will present its side in the next scheduled oral argument.


a total of 15 petitions were lodged at the supreme court.

here are the links to the important information on the issue.

list of petitioners :

the above link also includes this section : “Consolidated Comment of the Solicitor General” with this as the first paragraph. read the rest in the link above.

solgen comment


the SG’s comments raise these questions:

  • didn’t the SG read the law first and give his opinion or recommendation to  president aquino before he signed this into law? there is no procedure in malacanang where the SG or justice department first goes through the law submitted for signature to the president?
  • the HOR and senate are full of lawyer congressmen and senators, they drafted and approved a law that has unconstitutional provisions in it? all of them missed that part?  



this is the link to Petition #15 lodged by the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance, et al.  :


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