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Time Magazine names Cory Aquino one of top 25 Most Powerful Women of The Century

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

noynoy aquino on the cover of time magazine – a preamble to winning the election?

April 18, 2010 57 comments

noynoy aquino has not won the election yet, the campaign is still on going and yet he is already at the cover of time magazine. that says a lot about the aquino campaign.

no other presidentiable has been featured on the cover of time magazine and that from a marketing standpoint is a coup of great proportions over his rivals.

the article is fair, balanced and very realistic. it captures very well the true nature of the aquino campaign both it’s good and bad sides. over and beyond that, it recognizes that aquino is the front runner in this election.  and that is probably one of the primary reasons why they chose to feature aquino over the others. time magazine most likely thinks aquino will soon stop being a front runner, being  poised to win the election.

putting aquino on it’s front cover scoops the other magazine and gives them a good starting point to have another cover feature for aquino when he wins the election.

from a marketing standpoint, this is very good bragging rights. time magazine is a prestigious magazine but it’s circulation among filipino voters is very limited. he can however use this as a talking point in his speeches to the people.

it also gave aquino a little bit of media mileage as the newspapers and tv newscasts put on the front pages and headline news on tv.  it has been worth at least a day’s media coverage. that is very good given that he really did not have to do anything to get the media mileage.

with a day’s good media coverage, the masses where most of the voters belong to should have been exposed to it. they might not be able to read the article but they would have seen aquino’s photo on the cover. they would be impressed as they most likely know what time magazine is.  that will give aquino a bit of a plus. “sikat si noynoy!” is probably a common reaction.

there is also something to notice in the fact that aquino was chosen over all the other eight presidenitables. it  might be small in value, but it is still of some worth that he has something the others do not have. an election is just like a competition, getting an edge even on the small things can count at the finish line.

as it usually happens, will newsweek be next?

read the time magazine article here:,9171,1982219,00.html

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