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weakness of NFP (natural family planning) is man’s weakness, that of priests, too

April 13, 2011 2 comments

anti-RH Bill proponents say abstinence and discipline  for sexual partners is the way to go for avoiding unwanted pregnancies.  and that is very much needed when couples decide to use NFP  (natural family planning).  one needs to be aware and strictly follow a woman’s “safe periods” . making sure engaging in sex only during these times. that will take a lot of fiscipline and control for both partners, specially for the male partner.

and that is where the problem lie for the practice of NFP – discipline and self-control.  “special” humans like priests are supposed to be stronger. they are more disciplined and has more control than regular humans like us. theirs is founded on strong faith and belief and and many years of study and indoctrination as to what is right or wrong 24/7 while regular humans like us are just founded on a few hours of religion class in school and once a week sunday masses.

but as this report from the US shows, the clergy, catholic priests themselves lose it too with the discovery of new sex abuses by the clergy and their numbers soaring.  these numbers should are just the tip of the iceberg as most sex abuses by priests are normally hidden intentionally or unintentionally. many victims of sex abuse by priests are too traumatized to reveal them or intentionally push them  deep down into the subconscious that sometimes it takes years for the them to surface out to the conscious or never.

if priests who are supposed the masters of what is right or wrong, whose lives are dedicated to these pursuits 24/7 unable to control their urges and engage in sex apparently uncontrollably ,  how much more (or less) would regular humans like us exercise control and discipline that is needed in the use of NFP?


Clergy sex allegations soar in the US—study
By Karin Zeitvogel

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:34:00 04/12/2011

WASHINGTON—Allegations of sexual abuse involving the Roman Catholic clergy in the United States rose sharply last year to nearly 700 from around 400 in 2009, according to a church report Monday.

The vast majority of the allegations, 653, involved alleged abuse that occurred decades ago but whose “victims/survivors are just now finding the courage to report” them, the study said.

Thirty accusations were made by current minors, but only eight were deemed credible, said the US church’s annual report on implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

The number of victims was up sharply from 2009, when there were some 400 new allegations of clergy sex abuse in the United States.

CBCP pushes for traditional methods of contraception in congress & aquino

July 24, 2010 4 comments

the church can do whatever it wants on the pulpit, it can advocate for traditional methods of contraception but it should just let congress decide on its what is best for the country. the legislative and president aquino is responsible for all filipinos of all faiths, not just catholics and should do what it what is best for the many.

the church can also run its own lectures on morals if it wants to and it can be in tandem with the sex education that is being planned. there is no stopping the church to insert its own agenda and teachings in religion classes being taught in the schools. but they should just leave the sex education curriculum alone.

CBCP makes another push for natural family planning
By Dona Pazzibugan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:07:00 07/24/2010

MANILA, Philippines—Two days before the 15th Congress opens, the Catholic Church hierarchy flexed its political influence and asked President Benigno Aquino III to reject a revived reproductive health bill and to put a stop to sex education in schools beginning fifth grade.

In a lengthy pastoral statement issued Saturday, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines reminded Mr Aquino of his mother, the late president Corazon Aquino’s “moral legacy” as it called on him to reject any proposal promoting artificial contraceptives.

The Catholic Church advocates “natural family planning programs.”

Through its president, Bishop Nereo Odchimar of Tandag, Surigao del Sur, the CBCP invoked “moral and religious truths” and served notice that it would oppose the proposed “Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2010” that was re-filed by Rep. Edcel Lagman as House Bill 96.

The Catholic Church succeeded during the last Congress to block the passage of the bill, which proponents say would strengthen programs to promote maternal and child health and responsible parenthood.

“With the utmost concern and urgency we express our strong objection to the fundamental aspects of House Bill 96. The basis of our moral objection is once again the central religious truth of the divine origin and divine image of the human person, of one’s being and life,” said the CBCP.

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new health secretary enrique ona supports promotion of all methods of contraception

July 2, 2010 37 comments

New health chief on family planning:
Make all methods available


HEALTH Secretary Enrique Ona yesterday said there should be equal promotion of all family planning methods, whether natural or artificial.

Ona, former executive director of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute before he was given the health portfolio by President Aquino, said all methods should be made available to couples if only to aid them in practicing responsible parenthood.

“We in government should be able to present it to them (couples) in a very objective manner and at the same time making sure that they are given all the options…be it natural planning, which my Church, the Catholic Church, supports aggressively, or for those who like to use scientific methods,” he said.

One reason for the equal promotion, he said, is that the government is for all couples, regardless of their religion.

“Responsible parenthood is the responsibility and the decision of a very well-informed couple, considering whatever religious beliefs,” said Ona.

He said it would be a bigger mistake if a couple brings a child in an “irresponsible manner.”

The Catholic Church is the most vocal opponent of the proposed reproductive health bill, labeling it anti-life, because it allows the use of artificial contraceptives.

Asked whether he supports the passage of the RH bill in the 15th Congress, Ona did not give a direct answer.

“I’m not aware of certain controversial issues with regards to the RH and I’m going to review more details…I may or may not support it,” he said.

He, however, said they would continue to use department funds to procure artificial contraceptives, such as condoms, if the need presents it.

As to the issue of sex education, Ona said he is not concerned with what age group will be taught.

“If it is taught in the context of biology and not in the context of pure pleasure (I don’t think there’s a problem)… in short, it should be scientifically taught. This should be cognizant of the concerns of the family and of the public on how it can be taught,” said Ona.

The Department of Education has been pushing for the inclusion of sex education in the curriculum of elementary and high school, sparking debates among different sectors.

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