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at last – loren legarda joins manny villar as VP. but let’s wait till 3:30 pm for the drama queen to say it

November 17, 2009 23 comments

AT LAST! we are celebrating here – loren legarda has agreed to join manny villar as his VP at the NP. this has been a long time waiting with not just one but several stop and go motion form the drama queen. we are extremely happy that the wait will be over.

wait a minute, let’s not put put out the champagne yet. the accompanying article says manny villar will formally announce loren as his VP today at 3:30 pm. a lot of things can happen from now till 3:30 pm given drama queen loren legarda’s track record.

come back to this blog around 4pm and let’s see if it really happens.

Legarda says yes to Villar
Team-up finalized at Sunday dinner

By Michael Lim Ubac
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:59:00 11/17/2009

MANILA, Philippines—It was a victorious day for two Mannys.

On the day Manny Pacquiao made history as the only fighter to dominate seven world boxing divisions, Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar Jr. quietly captured the heart of a woman he wanted to be his vice presidential running mate.

At a private dinner in Makati City on Sunday, Sen. Loren Legarda said yes to the standard-bearer of the Nacionalista Party (NP), who was with his spouse Cynthia, the representative of Las Piñas City.

Villar will personally make the announcement today (Tuesday) at 3:30 p.m. at the Laurel House, his residence, on Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.

Legarda confirmed this to the Philippine Daily Inquirer in an interview shortly after the dinner, which lasted three hours.

finally someone agrees to be gilbert teodoro’s VP running mate – edu manzano

November 13, 2009 Leave a comment

game ka na ba?

the long wait is over – at last someone has agreed to be gilbert teodoro’s VP runningmate – edu manzano. manzano is more know for being an actor/tv show host and the ex-husband of vilma santos. he used to be vice mayor of makati but his most recent government role is as chair of the Optical Media Board. we see him around town raiding stalls of pirated CDs and computer software.

we do not know if there was some kind of process that LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD applied to choose manzano but we doubt if there was one. they will probably say there was and that edu came out as the best choice, but the truth is the ruling/admin party had not choice. all of the politicians they wanted to be teodoro’s VP backed out, even his own party mate, secretary ronaldo puno and manzano’s ex governor vilma santos.

lets see how the tandem of teodoro and manzano will work out. actors in nationally elected positions  based on the last election tended to bomb ouot. maybe manzano will break the trend.

just think – edu manzano vs loren legarda vs mar roxas???? well….

drama queen senator loren legarda to announce 2010 plans within the week! oh, oh – here we go again!

November 10, 2009 3 comments

my nose gave a fantastic twitch when i read this news article — loren legarda will announce her vice-presidential plan within the week. i thought it was just deja-vu!

we have heard this from loren legarda before. in fact a few times. so here we are again in the same place we used to be before with her. being the drama queen, we should expect some of it this week.

also very interesting is that chiz escudero, her ex-partner also announced he will announce his plans within the week, well by november 15. i had to do a double take when i read legarda’s piece. i thought, even in the roller coaster ride of announcements, these two people go at it together. coincidence? planned?

we don’t have the answer to that. i guess we all have to wait for senator legarda, then senator escudero. we have been doing that a few times already for both of them, one more won’t hurt. please, just one last time!

Legarda to bare 2010 alliance within the week 
By Charlie Señase
Inquirer Mindanao
First Posted 09:59:00 11/10/2009

COTABATO CITY, Philippines — Senator Loren Legarda on Tuesday said she would announce within this week whether to run for vice president with presidential aspirant Gilbert Teodoro Jr. under the Lakas-Kampi coalition or with Senator Manuel Villar of the Nacionalista Party.

“Whether orange (campaign color of Villar) or green (color of Teodoro), I will have to formally announce it within this week,” she said during a brief talk before officials of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao here.

Read more…

mar roxas weds korina sanchez – wedding made in political heaven

October 27, 2009 1 comment

mar roxas is human and married korina sanchez today. he is quite a romantic during the wedding by words  and action.

the wedding is one made in political heaven. it is excellent timing. while we think the timing was meant for his previously announced presidential run, history took over and this is one is just for his vice-presidential run. we will just wait for the first baby for the presidential run after aquino wins the presidency and roxas the vice-presidency.

as a people, we love weddings. i think its second to new born babies.  we think this is a good icing on the cake after roxas’ re-making and recovery during the noynoy aquino will i run for president drama.

we wish the newly weds a life of happiness.   

Roxas and Sanchez exchange ‘I do’s
By Maila Ager
First Posted 14:38:00 10/27/2009 

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE 3) Senator Manuel Roxas II and ABS-CBN anchor Korina Sanchez finally walked down the aisle and exchange “I do’s” Tuesday at the Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City.

Sanchez, 45, beaming in a white Filipiniana terno, walked toward the altar with her brothers Milano and Mickey Sanchez mar roxas - korina sanchezas the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers sang “Ave Maria.”

Clad in barong tagalog, Roxas was accompanied by his mother, Judy.

“I take you as God’s special gift. I love you as you are,” said Roxas, 52, as he exchanged vows with Sanchez.

For her part, Sanchez said Roxas was the “fulfillment” of her heart’s desire, describing him as an ally and a friend.

“Ikaw ang katuparan ng lahat ng aking hinhintay at minimithi ng aking puso na makakasama, karamay, kaibigan at kakampi,” Sanchez said. “Dumaan man ang unos, ang mga pagsubok, ang sakit at kabiguan, ako ay mananatiling dikit sa iyong piling.”

Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, who together with more than 10 Catholic bishops and priests officiated the two-hour concelebrated mass, officially pronounced them husband and wife shortly before 6 p.m.

read in full here:

SWS September Vice-Presidential Poll – mar roxas dominates, the aquino-roxas tandem formidable, puts one more nail on teodoro’s candidacy

October 26, 2009 3 comments

mar roxas getting a 40% in the 3rd qtr VP poll puts him at a dominant leadership position just like his partner noynoy aquino. this puts their tandem at a very steep leadership position.

it also shows roxas has recovered and rebuilt his image coming from the “putang-ina” incident. what redeemed him was his words and behavior when noynoy spent a few weeks figuring out if he will run for president or not. roxas withdrawing his own bid for the presidency and the way he did it was excellent statesmanship.

this VP results not only puts the aquino-roxas tandem clearly the team to beat, it also puts the ruling/admin party, LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD in a very precarious and difficult position.

gilbert teodoro as of this writing do not yet have a VP choice. when he was chosen as standard bearer by the executive committee in early december, the party also chose ronaldo puno, DILG head as the VP. one day aftet the announcement, party members and officers started to express their apprehension on puno’s selection.

governor vilma santos was floated by members and officers of the party as the better choice over puno. that talk went on for a while until vilma santos herself said she was not interested.

as it was clear that the members and officers of the ruling/admin party were not happy with the choice of puno, puno himself and other officers of the party said the VP choice was not a done deal.

a few more weeks went on and the discontent and doubts persisted. then the SWS presidentiable survey results were released where it showed noynoy aquino got a spectacular 60% and gilbert teodoro got a measly 4%, at the very bottom of the pile.

ondoy and pepeng happened and the government, including the NDCC which teodoro heads were roundly criticized for their slow and inadequate response to the disaster. the NDCC is the government agency assigned to prepare the country and LGUS for disasters. the way the LGUs and national government reacted made it obvious the NDCC, headed by teodoro failed in its mandate.

that must have spooked the ruling/admin party even more. louder talks and speculation surpfaced on the panic that the ruling/admin party was into in finding a suitable VP partner for teodoro. not onnly are they supposed to find a VP for teodoro, they are supposed to find a very strong one who can help teodoro prop up his sagging fortunes.

talks on partnering with santos resurfaced and added to that loren legarda. just a few days ago, legarda has turned down teodoro. that leaves teodoro and his political party with santos who doe not want it and no one else to turn to.

the dominance of roxas in this survey adds to the weakness of the ruling/admin party’s ticket for 2010.   

Survey Background

The Third Quarter of 2009 Social Weather Survey was conducted from September 18-21, 2009 using face-to-face interviews of 1,800 adults divided into random samples of 300 each in Metro Manila and Mindanao, and 600 each in Balance of Luzon and the Visayas (sampling error margins of ±2.3% for national percentages, ±6% for Metro Manila and Mindanao, and ±4% for Balance Luzon and the Visayas).

The area estimates were weighted by National Statistics Office medium-population projections for 2009 to obtain the national estimates.

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