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the case for anger management therapy for mar roxas

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

we think the mar roxas brand image may have taken a nasty one – to that of an angry and nasty man and we have the pictures to prove that. is it this “angry and nasty man” brand character that has forced roxas to air his latest tv ad, “padyakitos”. one of the intent of this ad to drive up mar roxas’ cuteness and soften his image. we think that has failed in more ways but these pictures are the symptoms on why he needed anger management therapy:

we have written in this blog about the last picture where we thought the brand character that came out from this ad is one of an angry and combative man, not at all endearing and most specially fatally wrong given the “putang ina” incident. this ad was the first released after that incident.

watch the ad again and you will see that from start to finish, mar roxas had anger lines on his forehead. the clenched fist at the end added to the angry and combative brand character.

read and view here:

mar roxas takes anger management therapy, shows it in his latetst ad, “payakitos” tv ad but pedals to advertising mediocrity

April 10, 2009 2 comments

the title of the commercial is “padyakitos” referring to the very young, i would say tween age boy who is is on the padyak, the manual run tricycle. the title of the ad will not be seen by viewers but the title itself defines the path to advertising mediocrity this ad has pedaled mar roxas into.

it’s a title that is trying to be cute. we don’t know if “padyakitos” is a real term used by real pinoys, but choosing this title over the message of the ad tells you the ad is trying too hard to look cute and endearing.

this ad fails in many ways and we think we know the key reasons why this ad has led mar roxas to come up with an ad that we think will not enhance his image but will give him a new definition to his brand image – mediocrity.

we think mar roxas has been led to this kind of ad for right reasons but its execution was flawed. they concocted this ad to address the following key “crisis points”:

  • the need to “soften” mar roxas’ brand image. they probably think mar roxas’ image has taken an “ass hole” image coming from his “senator putang ina” (read posts on this one  here in 2011 presidentiables) incident and the unabashed display of uncontrolled anger in many occassions. they probably wanted to show in this ad that mar roxas is cute, likeable and yes he has been through anger management therapy.
  • this one is one of the mortal sins admen and clients seem to commit all the time – they fell madly in love with previous ads that worked. roxas’ success into senatorial rock star status was his “mr. palengke” tv ad . they fell in love with that ad and they were obsessed with duplicating that success so they chose to graduate roxas from the palengke to the tricycle. this ad is still in the palengke area, but  moved from inside the palengke to the outside, now riding a padyak. roxas wanted to replace the “mr. palengke” to “mr. padyak”.
  • oh, and yes, roxas has defined the advertising strategy for his campaign and they wanted to make sure that is also delivered.

the above are all good and legitimate advertising needs that they need to fix. 2010 presidentiables.wordpress  in the posts here in fact has warned senator roxas that his “senator putang ina” image will need to be fixed, but the execution of that need we think is faulty.

in fact the biggest error of this padyakitos tv ad is it is too executional and not strategic at all. not only is the ad too executional, their execution of that intent has made it into a hodge-podge of confusing elements, ginawang chop-suey yung ad.

we think the ad suffered a dramatic failure when the ad was not strategic at all, too executional and the executions were very poorly done. that is a recipe for advertising mediocrity and a sure hit WAWAM!

more on this on the next post.

read about “senator mar putang ina roxas” here:

april 2009 memo to senator mar roxas: need to know weakness

April 8, 2009 Leave a comment

senator roxas,

we think it is best that you go through the two surveys that were recently released first by pulse asia, then by SWS. first conducted was the pulse asia survey, fieldwork on february 2-15, then the SWS survey February 22-23, 2009.

i think there is concern in the results that need looking into.

first, note that the surveys were done by two different polling companies and they had different respondent samples. the conditions and methods may be different and a direct comparison is not exactly appropriate.

however, we think the differences in results are very significant that we think it deserves some seri0us thought.

the results we think are very disappointing, specially on the earlier polling. given your advertising efforts and high profile media exposure, your ratings should have been much higher.

the poll results from the SWS showed a surge from previous SWS poll and that is a good thing, but your ranking in the polls are still very weak. 

the big disparity between the poll results is also bothersome for us. we think combining that with the low ratings and low ranking despite good media exposure and good media advertising seem to say voters have a weak perception and low preference of you. that is the extreme or you are a polarizing candidate. that means some people like you and at the same time some people don’t.  while that is true for all candidates, it should not be to the degree that poll results that are being shown are too different.

we think there is an uncovered weakness in your candidacy and there is uncovered marketing and advertising opportunity for you. you need to find out what these are. and soon.

-end of memo-




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