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winning memo #1 : to admin presidentiables – stop no-el at all cost

November 26, 2008 Leave a comment

we will start to separately release confidential memos to both admin and opposition presiientiables. these will be simple topics, the most important kind of memos only : (a) winning memos and (b) losing memos.

these are unsolicited memos we will send to them for them to win or to lose the election, it is their choice.

here is the first winning memo for the admin presdientiables.

to admin presidentiables,

at all cost, stop the no-el (no election) plan that the admin or admin congressmen seem to be secretly but openly hatching in congress and elsewhere.

there’s a simple reason behind that – if no-el succeeds, you can’t win because there is no contest.

it is actually wise to start your presidentiable campaign now, like 3 months ago. and that will mean you will need to spend money behind these efforts. i am sure you know that a presidential election is a national election and that means you need to put up an organization on a national basis. that cost a lot of time, effort and money. and to have a good, workable and effective one by election time, you need to start the work now. it’s not easy and things like that it can’t be done quickly. it really takes a lot of time.

now, if you start that now and spend all that time and money, all of it will be wasted when come 2010 there will be no election. so at all cost, your strategy no.1 is to stop the no-el move.

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