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Noynoy Aquino: Enabler or Suppressor of New Politics?

September 5, 2009 15 comments

By Nicanor Perlas
05 September 2009

In the past few days, I have been bombarded with text messages from friends as well as interviews with the media on what I think of the Mar-Noynoy announcements. Will I, like Senator Mar Roxas, also renounce my intention to run as a presidential candidate in the 2010 national elections and support the presidential candidacy of Senator Noynoy Aquino?

The short answer is “No”. I will not renounce my intention to run as a presidential candidate. And “Yes”, I will encourage Noynoy to resign from the Liberal Party, run as an independent presidential candidate, and join the on-going conversation and unification efforts among non-traditional political parties and movements.

Noynoy can stifle the growth of new politics. Or he can enable the new politics that is emerging all throughout the country. Allow me to elaborate.

Introductory Remarks

My comments to follow will only make sense if people understand that 2010 is not an ordinary election. It will be the venue for an epochal battle between traditional politics and the new politics. What is branded often as “opposition” is not really opposition in the true sense. The current opposition is also part of traditional politics, albeit a different version of traditional politics. What I mean by traditional and new politics will become clear in the paragraphs to follow.
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EDSA Tres People Power Revolution – doing it for ourselves

February 24, 2009 Leave a comment

“The world embraced EDSA I in 1986. The world tolerated EDSA II in 2001. The world will not forgive an EDSA III, but it will instead condemn the Philippines as a country whose political system is hopelessly unstable,” she said.

i did not know that filipinos did EDSA and EDSA DOS for the world. from what i remember filipinos did it for themselves, as a final reaction to a desire to set the country free from what is wrong.

and that will be the same spirit that EDSA TRES will be luanched of filipinos fo through it again. that should be made clear to arroyo. if she wants to avoid another EDSA – do not do wrong. or in her case, stop doing wrong.

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