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bayani fernando’s “kailangan bayani” tv ad – disjointed logic from a logical man

September 11, 2009 6 comments

this tv ad is down and out an election campaign ad for fernando and we think it is one that most probably fernando himself wrote or at least most of the ad was written by fernando.

it is a bad tv ad. no, its a very bad tv ad.

the production values is akin to being the best home video shot by a relative. i have seen the ad a few times and i still do not understand what fernando said the first time he spoke to the camera. the audio towards the end was also very bad, fernando is hardly understood.

the copy is also very disjointed. there is no single message and it does not build to anything. parang halo-halo – bits and pieces of thoughts taken from somewhere and placed side by side in this ad.

when bayani on-cam said “titino at yayaman tayo”, i knew this ad was written by bayani himself. the first part of the ad had nothing to do with this line and this line has nothing to do with the ending. 

i am sure there is 6 page explanation on why those thoughts make sense but it feels like someone just took out large parts of what is between them and put these lines into the ad. there are huge logic gaps in this ad.

fernando is a very logical man and he follows a very specific logic flow. i am sure he can explain why “yayaman tayo” should be part of the ad. but the 15 second length of the ad did not allow it. it is an intriguing idea this country being made up of mostly poor people but it falls flat as the ad did not bother to explain it.

“political will” is also an interesting idea. but it was not explained well, in fact not at all explained. i do not know what voters will get out of this ad but i suspect not much. 

this tv ad is a WAWAM!

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