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The 2010 Presidentiables Blog’s post featured in Manny Villar’s website

January 6, 2010 2 comments

we are shocked to see the post we wrote on manny villar’s new tv ad, “magtatapos ng kahirapan” featured in manny villar’s website, word for word, the whole article.

we know that there are websites and bulletin boards that quote or post the links to our blog but this is the first time we have seen a whole article posted in another website.

the way the manny villar website did it is  it is made to look like we wrote that piece for the villar website. but it credits were properly made – the source, this blog was properly identified and it was clearly stated in the title on the section as from a “blog” and we thank them for the acknowledgement.

one thing is for sure – the manny villar campaign monitors this blog. and that is a very good thing. it tells you that things we post here and the comments readers make has a chance of being read by the manny villar campaign.

the piece we wrote was mostly favorable to the manny villar ad  and now it makes us  wonder if they also featured in their website the piece we wrote that was not favorable to their ad.

sometime in january 2009, villar released his “itik” tv ad and we wrote about the continuity problem with the ad.

some directorial trivia on this ad – we suppose in an effort to portray the big man villar being able to relate with the small man, we see villar stepping into the mud of the itik farm through a quick close up of the farmer’s shoes/legs and what looked like villar’s shoes/legs.

the shot pulls out to show who owns the two pairs of muddied shoes, the farmer and villar, then together they walk on the muddied farm,  then villar goes down to grab an itik.

now, here’s what i am sure was an “aha” moment for the director – as villar stands up from holding the itik, the director makes it a point to show villar wiping his supposedly muddied or dirty hand on his shirt.

nice touch? hmmm…..

that’s supposed to show that this big man (rich man) villar not showing any qualms about getting his hands dirty and in the process getting his clothes dirty, too. being rich, we assume he was wearing an expensive shirt, but he had no problems getting it dirty. a big man for the small man.

it could have been a nice touch, really, but there is a problem on continuity.

that hand wiping mud on the shirt continued to the end with villar still wearing the same shirt, but voila! the shirt he was wearing on which he wiped his dirty hand on was miraculously clean!

makes you wonder –  if his shirt at the end of the ad was clean, what the hell was he wiping his hand on his shirt for? and if he wiped his dirty hand on his shirt, why didn’t his shirt at the end of the ad show dirt on it? hmmm…… did villar have his shirt washed right on the farm before the end shot was made?

read in full here: manny villar’s “itik” tv spot : dirty hand or clean hand?

other posts on the same tv ad: memo to manny villar : clean up the dirty hand and this one manny villar’s “itik” ad changed to show villar indeed has a dirty hand and a dirty shirt! 2010 Presidentiables claim victory for continuity?

lead in for The 2010 Presidentiables Blog article is on the lower left hand corner of this screen grab

click here for the manny villar website:

manny villar’s “magtatapos ng kahirapan” tv ad – a bold shift in advertising strategy, 5 stars!

January 5, 2010 56 comments

we think manny villar’s latest tv ad represents a bold shift in advertising strategy for the villar campaign. the villar campaign now claims “si manny villar ang magtatapos ng ating kahirapan” (manny villar will end our poverty) at the end of the tv ad.

this is the first time the villar campaign  has positioned the candidate on a anti-poverty platform. more importantly, this is the first time that villar ads are making such a very direct and brave claim as eradicating poverty.

villar’s previous ads were not directly on poverty. he was on the ofw campaign when he started airing ads. the ofw positioning only indirectly touches on poverty and in these ads, the positioning was on his generosity at helping ofws. it was really more on establishing the character of being helpful and generous and much less on solving anything.

from the ofw campaign, it shifted to introducing the villar persona and his personal history. these were the ads where he told viewers his roots in tondo, that he himself was poor before. the idea is to paint a personality profile of villar to the voters, sort of like distributing his resume to the voters. in advertising terms, this was to establish villar’s brand image in more concrete terms.

during this time he also ran ads that talked to the youth.  while the target in those ads clearly shifted to young voters, it continued to be on the idea of building the villar brand image. in these ads he was saying that villar is someone different from what people may have originally thought of him. he was a down to earth man to whom people, specially young voters can relate to.

we are guessing that they ran these ads as they may have seen that there was a gap in villar’s political base – young voters. young voters account for a big share of the total number of voters.

this current ad is notable not just because of the direct anti-poverty positioning but also uses a clever device of children in the ads. this is not a continuation from the previ0us teens ad, but the reason why they featured children in these ads is to indirectly state that villar is a presidentiable who will work for the future generations of filipinos. it is an indirect and we think a very clever way to connect with the adult voters whose primary concern is the future of their children. in advertising, the usual tact is that you get the talents to appear in the ads who are in the same age bracket as the target market. in the villar ad, they had children as talents who are not obviously voters but are targeting adults who are the voters. this ad is unique in that sense.

the anti-poverty positioning to us was surprising. they have turned the villar campaign to be be one of solving problems of the country versus the previous campaigns that focus on establishing the persona or brand image of villar. it is a shift from the persona ads to a solve the problems ad campaign.

this ad promises everything  – free education, jobs and homes for the country’s future generations and at the end, the gang bang promise of removing poverty in the country. these are of course popular issued with most  pinoy voters as they are in truth the biggest problems in the country.

while the ad made these bold promises, it did not say exactly how villar will fulfill those promises except that he was once poor and by implication says he knows how to lift the country’s poor to being wealthy.

on the whole, we think it is a great tv ad with a strong mass appeal from both the positioning standpoint but also and equally important the use of the jingle and kids to deliver its messages. the jingle in particular is very good – easy to remember and to sing and an attractive melody. we won’t be surprised if many kids are now singing this jingle.

villar’s message in this – this is one for the parents. who think mostly of their children’s future, that villar can give their children what they all want for them – education, jobs and homes.

excellent work from the villar campaign.

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