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Professor Randy David Vs Gloria Arroyo: palace says david should stop using arroyo – WTF?

June 28, 2009 2 comments

someone needs to explain to me what this news article mean. well, actually someone need to explain to the “palace” , anthony golez specifically how stupid he and the “palace” sounds.

Randy David

Randy David

randy david is using arroyo for his political ambitions – yes that is correct. david did say he will run for congress in pampanga if arroyo runs for congress in his district.

let us make this clear – arroyo has her own political ambition just like david has. but arroyo’s ambition and david’s ambitions are very different. arroyo’s ambition if to become prime minister, to continue to lead this country after a change in constitution that will move from presidential to a parliamentary form of government. arroyo knows the constitution bars her from seeking the presidency again. this is one way to go around that.

david’s ambition is simple — stop arroyo’s ambition. david in other words is doing the country a favor by helping make sure the president most people do now want, do not trust and whose performance people see as a failure.

now to the bigger point – the palace wants david to stop using arroyo in his political ambiti0n. it is in the hands of arroyo for david to stop pursuing his political ambition. it is simple, arroyo has to do only one thing : ARROYO SHOULD DECLARE THAT SHE WILL NOT RUN FOR CONGRESS IN PAMPANGA.

the stated reason of david for running for congress is to stop arroyo. if arroyo backs down, then david will too.



Palace to UP prof: Stop using Arroyo Says David ‘politicking’
By Christian V. Esguerra
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 16:20:00 06/28/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang blasted University of the Philippines (UP) professor Randy David for allegedly using President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for his political ambitions in the 2010 elections.

“We now see that this is clearly politicking because one critic of the administration is planning to run,” Anthony Golez, deputy presidential spokesperson, said on Sunday. “We will not give (critics) the opportunity to use the President or this administration…for their own, personal, political agenda,” he said.

Last week, David, a sociology professor, Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist and erstwhile television personality who hosted the talk show Public Forum in the ‘90s, said he would challenge Arroyo’s bid for a congressional seat representing the second district of Pampanga, if she were to file her certificate of candidacy, to prevent an alleged grand design that would involve a shift to a parliamentary form of government in which Arroyo could vie for the seat of prime minister.

Arroyo has visited the second district of Pampanga, which includes her hometown of Lubao, 17 times in recent months and her allies earlier dropped hints of her determination to seek a seat in Congress in 2010.

Randy David, UP professor to oppose Gloria Macapagal Arrroyo in Pampanga

June 26, 2009 7 comments

we read randy david – he has a way with words that seem to sound melodic and yet they have weight and substance. the logic is impecable. and most of all, we know his sentiments about arroyo. the things he believes in, his values and those he applauds and those he opposes are very clear all said in very elegant language.

and for those reasons, we applaud randy david’s declaration that he will oppose gloria macapagal arroyo if she runs for congress in 2010 in the town david lives.

“If she runs, I will think about it very seriously. Yes, I think so. She will not go unchallenged. She will not go unopposed; we will oppose her every step of the way,” David, 63, told the Inquirer last night when asked about reports that he would pit himself against the powerful President in a local showdown.

He said running against Ms Arroyo would also provide the opportunity to grill her on the corruption scandals hounding her administration.

“I will be very happy to challenge her to a debate and let the people know the answers to the many questions about this administration,” he said.

Asked where he would get the resources to run against the President, if and when, he chuckled and said: “I don’t know. Maybe if you run, the resources will come.”

we applaud mr. randy david and we support his candidacy.

quotes from PDI headline article, read  article in full here:

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