US Presidential Election

  1. wilmer andrada
    March 2, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    After visiting the Philippines for three months, I have made the following observations on the candidates for president, Gilbert has the brains and Noynoy is homegrown but are both Cojuancos , they are there to protect their Family Haciendas. Villar is persuasive but I think he is a fake, If he spends the billions of pesos on the poor instead on his political campaign, perhaps he can win the support of the masses. Erap is a good man but should retire and use the rest of his life in true humanitarian endeavors.Eddie and JC have the best intentions but will only win through a miraculous grace of God.Lastly but not the least, Gordon ,on applauding his accomplishments have the Ego as big as his competitors. And the winner will be Prime Minister Gloria Arroyo,congresswoman from Pampanga, the only candidate with Balls in the dance of CHA CHA.

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