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president noynoy aquino makes history – net satisfaction rating beats all presidents since cory aquino

September 8, 2012 1 comment

the SWS through businessworld released the latest presidential public satisfaction survey results, the Third Quarter 2012 Social Weather Report. the survey was conducted on august 24 to 27, 2012 which is period 9 of aquino’s presidency.

we did an analysis of the survey results and one of the headlines from the survey results which has not been mentioned in news reports is that president aquino’s period 9 rating compared to similar period 9 net satisfaction ratings of other presidents before him is the highest among all of them (chart below).

  • cory aquino : +32% points
  • fidel ramos : +49% points
  • erap estrada : +19% points
  • gloria macapagal arroyo : +28% points
  • noynoy aquino : +67% points

comparing aquino’s latest net satisfaction rating to the same period 9 of the other presidents is the proper way to compare these ratings. comparing it to the same period of the administration of the presidents remove the “seasonality effect” of the ratings. removing that makes the ratings comparable and “of the same kind”.

satisfaction ratings of presidents normally drop the longer the presidents sits in office. this happens as people remove more and more of the honeymoon feeling with the new president and as the president performs his duties on a regular basis. it is normal to see more people getting disappointed as the people see that the president is unable to fulfill his election promises and as the president fumbles on day to day performance.

the chart above shows the cory, ramos and erap saw their net satisfaction ratings drop from the high at the start of their administration to period 9. only arroyo enjoyed a slight increase. it is interesting that aquino was able to beat the performance of his mother, cory who undoubtedly was one of the country’s most popular presidents.

to see president aquino’s ratings rise at this level and beating all the other presidents is a testament to the huge popularity of the sitting president among the people.

in a previous post in this blog (click to read : ABC socio eco class gives aquino satisfaction ratings rebound, hits highest level in his presidency) we also said that aquino’s latest satisfaction ratings got a boost from the rich or the ABC socio-eco class (chart below).

aquino getting a boost on his over-all net satisfaction rating because of the rich or the ABC socio-eco class is more significant as the lowest net satisfaction rating he got in the last period (period 8) was caused by the rich or the ABC socio-eco class abandoning aquino together with urban areas and ncr. (read blog post here: the rich from NCR & urban areas abandons aquino, grossly dissatisfied with president’s performance – SWS survey). the latest satisfaction rating of aquino marks the return of the rich or the ABC socio-eco class in supporting aquino.

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ABC socio eco class gives aquino satisfaction ratings rebound, hits highest level in his presidency

September 7, 2012 2 comments

the rich or the ABC socio-eco class has come back big for president noynoy aquino – his over-all satisfaction rating went up on the exceptional ratings given by the them. satisfaction rating by the ABC jumped from 54% to 84%, dissatisfaction dropped to just 6% from 29% and consequently the net satisfaction rating increased to +78%.

the increases  in the satisfaction ratings and decreases on the dissatisfaction ratings favored aquino across the board but it was the ABC socio eco class that gave the biggest movements.

Record rating for Aquino


PUBLIC SATISFACTION with President Benigno S.C. Aquino III has rebounded to the highest so far for his administration after falling to a personal low in May, the Social Weather Stations (SWS) said in a new report.

Mr. Aquino’s net satisfaction score rose 25 points to a “very good” +67 in an August poll from the “good” +42 three months earlier, with 77% of respondents saying they were satisfied with his performance, up from 63% in May. Those who said otherwise accounted for 10%, an improvement from the 21% previously.

The Aug. 24-27 survey, the results of which were made exclusive to BusinessWorld, showed Mr. Aquino’s best marks yet since he took office in mid-2010. His previous high was a “very good” +64 in November 2010.

His latest score compares to the personal bests of former presidents Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (+30, March 2004), Joseph Ejercito Estrada (+67, March 1999), Fidel V. Ramos (+69 , July 1993) and Corazon C. Aquino’s all-time high of +72 in October 1986.

The SWS classifies net satisfaction scores of +70 and above as excellent; +50 to +69, very good; +30 to +49, good; +10 to +29, moderate, +9 to -9, neutral; -10 to -29, poor; -30 to -49, bad; -50 to -69, very bad; -70 and below, execrable.

read in full here:

noynoy aquino needs to learn to shut the fuck up

January 9, 2011 1 comment

president noynoy aquino intends to tap the services of senator mar roxas and will probably give him the title of Secretary Of  Troubles whose primary role according to aquino is to be the “chief troubleshooter”.

we have nothing against mar roxas but we have something against president noynoy aquino on this latest development.

bottom line for us is that noynoy aquino needs to learn to shut up. not for good but for some time until everything is sorted out first, packaged properly and words chosen carefully.

this is our main beef –  in this statement of aquino, the president admits there is “trouble” in his cabinet. aquino’s words, not mine. not only that, there seem to be perpetual trouble in his cabinet that he needs to appoint someone to be   “chief troubleshooter” on a going basis.

of course no cabinet, no presidency or even any group is perfect. there will always be differences and yes, troubles.  troubles are  part of the psychology of groups but did aquino have to blurt it out to the public and did he have to say it in this way.

frankly, reading the article, we are having trouble understanding what aquino means.  it could just be an unfortunate choice of words, the word “trouble” in particular, not “chief”.  aquino gave the title “chief troubleshooter”  but in the explanation, aquino said “if something needs more intense attention,  I might task him to do that“.

while “something that needs intense attention” is not necessarily the same as “trouble”  or something troublesome, a “trouble” is always something  that needs “intense attention”. when trouble occurs in a group, intense specially, it needs immediate attention. a group or a cabinet that is troublesome  is never a good thing.

on the other hand, there can be things that need “intense attention” that are not necessarily troublesome. these things could just be of  high importance, not always high trouble.

so, what we are left here is that aquino just might have had trouble accessing a thesaurus and he made an unfortunate troublesome choice of words, the word “troubleshooter” and all he meant was “intense” or “important” projects. or it was a freudian slip unconsciously telegraphing to us that there is intense trouble in his administration?

the solution here is noynoy needs to learn to shut the fuck up.  not only does aquino talk too much, he talks too soon and he has trouble choosing the right words. aquino needs to understand the world of  country presidency is not the world of show business that his sister is involved in. in the presidency, bad press is not necessarily good press.  bad press means bad presidency.

in show business,  bad press or troublesome events in the life of the celebrity gets the celebrity press time and space. and in their world, that is a good thing.  you can dip your foot on mud but you can still remove it and clean it up over time.  your fans forget, and life goes on.

in the presidency, not only does something bad gets etched into your record of accomplishments  or record of troubles, it affects 94 million people and the next 2 million of filipinos added every year.

the other thing that bothers us is this – doesn’t aqiono have enough cabinet members  to perform the function of “troubleshooter of troubles” and “chief trouble shooter of intense sttention”?

a more telling thing – if it is trouble that needs to be fixed, shouldn’t he as president and  biggest dude in the country supposed to be the one to fix them? fixing troubles among cabinet members is one of the key components of  leadership, specially in this thing called president of a country.

if it is not him as president, isn’t that the job of his chief of staff or the executive secretary?

bottom line for us is this – there seem to be no good news on this one  no matter how you look at it. it’s all trouble from all angles. and it is intense.

mr. president. shut the fuck up!

noynoy aquino’s 1st SONA: something from the past, something for the future

July 23, 2010 1 comment

we understand what SONA stands for – State Of The Nation and from the looks of itr president aquino also understands what it means. when you talk of the state of the nation, you know you will get to know where the country stands at the moment. that is what literally “state of the nation” stands for.

but we are hoping, contrary to pronouncements of aquino, he will not take that literally. we are hoping that aquino will talk more about the future of the country, the state of the nation during aquino’s administration. we like to hear his strategies and plans both for correcting what he found wrong and what he will do on his own for the country.

aquino in many ways was elected for the country’s desire for change for the better. that also means not only from what was done but for what he will be doing for the country.

we will all be listening on monday,


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