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whatever happened to “the transformers” of richard gordon and bayani fernando?

May 9, 2010 1 comment

we likes a lot the idea of “the transformers”  of gordon and bayani when they first announced their candidacy of president and vice-president. aside from that time, there was really no mention of it afterwards. too bad they didn’t they make a big  deal of it, we think  it could have been a game changer for them,

this poster artwork we have here we think is one of the best we have seen in this campaign.  

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog Poll For Vice-Presidentiables – bayani fernando is #1

May 8, 2010 66 comments

January 2, 2010, 7pm – yasay surges to 3rd place with 10%.  fernando keeps dominance at 48%, followed by roxas at 19% at 3rd.

December 10, 2009, 7am
 – bayani fernando takes an early and commanding lead at 45%, followed by mar roxas at 25%. the rest of the vice-presidentiables are very far behind with binay at 8%. “none of the above” in this poll is high at 9%.

December 2, 2009 – we are opening a fresh poll for the vice-presidential election that includes only the official list, those candidates who filed their Certificate Of Candidacy the deadline of submission of  which was yesterday.

Please vote. The software will allow to to vote only once.

jejomar binay surges to 2nd spot in april pulse asia survey

April 29, 2010 3 comments

presidentiables choose history, the hometown; teodoro chooses feng shui

February 9, 2010 8 comments

today is the formal start of the campaign period for national positions. presidentiables launched their campaigns:

  • noynoy aquino and mar roxas chose tarlac, the aquino hometown
  • manny villar and loren legarda chose laguna, the birthplace of hose rizal
  • erap estrada and jejomar binay had theirs in plaza miranda, the traditional miting de abanse venue for generations of politicians
  • richard gordon and bayani fernando chose cavite, home to gordon’s hero ancestors
  • gilbert teodoro and edu manzano chose antipolo because of feng shui. wth?

Teodoro was advised by friends, including feng shui experts, that Antipolo would be a good venue to kick off his campaign, said Reggie Velasco, deputy secretary general of the Lakas-Kampi-Christian Muslim Democrats.

“They said that the place is nice, the flow of air is good. Being in the east of Manila, it is where the sun shines, and because the place is elevated, Gibo will be situated on top where he can see the entire Metro Manila and neighboring areas,” Velasco said in a phone interview.

read in full here:

we were shocked to read about teodoro’;s choice and most specially his reason from choosing antipolo city. he prides himself with being a harvard graduate and a bar topnotcher and now we find out feng shui is his choice.

pulse asia december 2009 vice-presidentiables poll – mar roxas and loren legarda a virtual tie

December 22, 2009 10 comments

mar roxas and loren legarda are on a virtual tie in this poll. this is a much harder read and a more interesting one. while their national totals are on a virtual tie, how they got there are very different.

roxas’ strengths are NCR and visayas which are legarda’s weaknesses. legarda’s strength is luzon while that is roxas’ weakness. there seem to be a clear divide among the voters for both of them in specific areas. it would be interesting to know what the explanations are for the disparities.

there is also a clear disparity between the two on socio-eco class. mar roxas’ strength is at the NCR while it is legarda’s weakness.

mr. pink, the uglifier of metro manila bayani fernando to run for vice president – smart move, almost

December 1, 2009 5 comments

we think it is right for mr. pink bayani fernando to drop his run for the presidency, his chances of winning without a party is anywhere from zero to nil.

bayani fernando

we also think his running for vice president is right, well almost. we think fernando will make an excellent vice president for any candidate. he has the passion and the energy to get things done, no matter what. these are very good qualities as a 2nd in command.

there is the almost there as we think he will have a hard time to win this election as VP. running for the senate would be much better for him but the vice-presidency is a tough fight for him.

we wish mr. pink, the uglifier of metro manila,  bayani fernando all the best.

MMDA chief declares VP bid but mum on presidential bet

 By Allison Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 09:07:00 12/01/2009

MANILA, Philippines – Outgoing Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando has finally declared that he would be running for vice president.

Fernando announced at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday that that he was filing his certificate of candidacy at the Commission on Elections at 1 p.m., during the formal turnover ceremony at the MMDA office in Guadalupe, Makati City.

GMA7 Isang Tanong Presidential Forum Part 2: the bayani fernando video

November 30, 2009 4 comments

rate fernando’s  performance in this one – give a thumbs up or a thumbs down rating, below.

also post a comment.


GMA7 Isang Tanong Presidential Fprum: the bayani fernando video

November 24, 2009 9 comments


please rate fernando’s  performance in this one – give a thumbs up or a thumbs down rating, below. also post a comment.

Isang Tanong: GMA 7 Presidential Forum

November 23, 2009 18 comments

So who gave the best answer and who will you trust with your vote?  Here’s the video capture of the first part of “Isang Tanong: The GMA News and Public Affairs Presidential Forum:

View the rest of the VIDEO HERE


view individual videos from this show here:

wawam comments:

thanks to shenbrood for posting this.

this is a good effort from GMA7 as it enables voters to compare the presidentiables.

i have problems with the way GMA7 did it:

  • i find the game show format, feel and tone very unsettling. sure it makes it livelier but i think it cheapens the whole thing. one of these men will be the president of the country and topics are quite important to a whole country, i feel the game show format and feel as disrespectful of the position one of the men will eventually take. 
  • the questions asked were also on the cheap side. the questions were of the tabloid variety. they were asked only because they were  controversial and placed the candidates in a tough and yes uncomfortable position but many of them have nothing to do with platform or real impact on the future of this country in terms the man who will occupy the  presidency.
  • mike enriquez was really a very bad choice to anchor the show. he was eay over the top. of course it matches the game show format and tone  but i have already said i have problems with the concept.  


now on the predientiables:

  • i thought the presidentiables who came out the best were bayani, villanueva and villar.
  • bayani was the best. he was confident, he answered the questions squarely and he gave very good answers. he may have come off as too stern, but he gave good answers.
  • villanueva showed his experience on stage very well. he had control of his answers and he looked good on tv. his answer had form and direction and was very constructed.
  • villar came out disarming. he parried the questions but it was not that obvious.
  • the worst of the lot for me were perlas and de los reyes.
  • perlas came out unsure with unnecessary words often said when he was searching for answers. you can see it in his eyes when he was unsure of his answer.
  • de los reyes fumbled on his answers. he didn’t make sense most of the time and he seemed to know he performed badly. some of the things he said only had half a thought in them.
  • all the others did just okay. 
  • aquino needs to slow down his answer. he had good answers but he was talking too fast that it was at times difficult to catch the point he was making.
  • erap handled his answers well. but you knew he was giving us BS.
  • teodoro came out well on tv. but his answers were not real answers. he even misunderstood the hero question. i’m wondering why he was so hang-up on the military.

bayani fernando – still a presidentiable

October 28, 2009 1 comment

our hope of reducing the number of pictures of presidentiables was dashed by this news article – MMDA chair bayani fernando is still running for president.

we wondered about him. he was suddenly silent, and that is unusual right after the executive committee of the LKAS-KAMPI-CMD party chose teodoro instead of him.

here is another presidentiable who will run for president but has no political party.


Bayani Fernando still running for president
Unsure if staying at Lakas-Kampi-CMD

By Abigail Kwok
First Posted 12:13:00 10/28/2009

MANILA, Philippines — After lying low for several weeks, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Bayani Fernando on Wednesday reaffirmed his intention to run for president in 2010.

“It’s a go. I’m decided and will not back down,” Fernando said in a statement.

However, Fernando kept mum on how he will run and under what party, saying that, “It is only after the MMDA finishes its cleanup and restoration activities for typhoon Ondoy that I can have time for politics.”

is the LAKAS-KAMPI process for choosing their standard bearer all a sham? was bayani fernando a victim of a set-up?

September 18, 2009 2 comments

our sympathies go out to bayani fernando – we think he has been set up and was very unfairly treated by his party, LAKAS-KAMPI.

  • fernando has been treated very badly by the higher ups of the LAKAS-KAMPI party hierarchy even from the beginning. i remember months ago, high officials of the party would hurl insults and make negative comments on fernando, things like he should not bother with his presidential bid and that he should not even try at all.
  • of the three contenders, it was only fernando whom president arroyo has not praised. noli de castro was the “anointed one” with arroyo saying he will make a good president and news reports being released where it was said malacanang was actively convincing de castro to be the standard bearer. later on, malacanang and arroyo specifically  expressed being “elated” when the governors endorsed teodoro’s candidacy. no such accolades or even positive comments were ever made for fernando, only negative comments.
  • the process of selection for standard bearer we think was no process at all.
  • fernando was even snubbed when he proposed a fair selection process should be made.
  • fernando has been a long time supporter of arroyo and yet he was treated badly while teodoro, a newcomer to the party and national government was treated much better.

we think fernando has been set up by the LAKAS-KAMPI. he was used by his political party to give the selection process some credibility of a real process. we think it has been predetermined that teodoro will be chosen.

in fact we think everyone knew that teodoro will be chosen as the standard bearer even before the meeting was started. the process of question and answer then closed door voting is just for show.

everybody seemed to know that, perhaps except by fernando. noli de castro seemed to know about it, too. we say that as de castro very smartly was non-committal to the ruling party and in fact never said he will be the standard bearer of LAKAS-KAMPI. he also did not bother to attend the “selection process”. we suppose he knew that being present in the selection process gave it some kind of legitimacy.

for us and this is very simple logic, we think fernando was set up, that the LAKAS-KAMPI knew even before the meeting started that teodoro will be chosen was this – the fact that gilbert teodoro conducted a meeting at Quezon City Sports Club in the same afternoon that he was chosen.

the Quezon City Sports ballroom was full of people – wall to wall. that meeting and speech was planned in advance. you need to have at least 3 days to reserve for the ballroom. in fact in other clubs, you need a few weeks in advance to make the reservation.

more importantly, you need to send out invitations to the people who will attend the meeting in advance, at least 7 days before. teodoro in part spoke in ilocano, that meant a good number of the audience must have come from his province. that means they needed to travel by land to metro manila which could have started in the morning while the executive committee was still “selection”.

also, the staff of quezon city sports must have started to prepare the ballroom in the morning, at least before lunch while the “selection process” was being conducted. they needed to rent chairs, set up the stage and arrange the chairs inside the ballroom.

the selection process started in the morning and ended mid afternoon. it is impossible to be able to get a ballroom, get it ready  and get a good number of people to attend the event, specially those coming from the provinces to magically appear at quezon city sports club in such a super speed. the only explanation for such a miracle is that they knew teodoro will be chosen many days before the event.

which leads us to the next question – why was fernando so clueless? if he was not clueless, why did he allow himself to be used by LAKAS-KAMPI?


the LAKAS-KAMPI choice – gilbert teodoro. quo vadis fernando, de castro and LAKAS-KAMPI?

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

admin presidentiables

we have four questions. but before that –

today, the executive committee of the ruling party/administration LAKAS-KAMPI chose their standard bearer – gilbert teodoro.

the news in today’s event is not only the choice in teodoro but also the one they did not choose and the one who was not in the room when the choice was made.

of the three, teodoro is the least popular, getting only 0.2% in the last nationwide survey of Pulse Asia held in August. he is the asterisk man. in research data tables, results that get less than 0.5% are usually represented by an asterisk, the number not anymore printed as a number  takes too much space on the report and besides it is really of no consequence,

for fernando, the interesting part is to know what he will do tomorrow, now that he has not been chosen by his own party. fernando is definitely a much stronger presidentiable than teodoro.  he has the reputation of being a no-non sense man who gets things done no matter how difficult as long as it is right and for the good of the city. we admire that of fernando. we like that of him except that we get nightmares behind the fear of the philippines transforming into a pink gotham city. he is a strong willed man and the man has ambition, he will probably not stop at being rejected by his own party.

we have to give it to fernando – his own party has shunned him very early with key figures of his party giving him uncalled for negative comments but he stayed on hoping against hope itself. he has determination. unfortunately for him, his party has determination for teodoro, not him.

to me the biggest news is the man who snubbed the event – vice president noli de castro. he was supposed to be anointed one by no less than the queen herself gloria macapagal arroyo. de castro has always been independent minded and he continued to show it here – choosing not to give in to the seduction of being the anointed one.

de castro snubbing the ruling/admin part is a big loss to the party, just a tiny shake for de castro. de castro has consistently been in the top 3 or top 2 in the presidential surveys. clearly he is the king among all the admin/ruling party presidentiables. losing such a great candidate is a huge loss for the party.  what will de castro do tomorrow, that is another interesting question. whatever he does, for sure it will not be good for the ruling party/admin.

with teodoro, the asterisk man being the admin/ruling party standard bearer, we need to ask the obvious – what will happen to the them as a political party. it has not been well even before this event today.

fidel ramos has been making noise about his displeasure about the merger. he wants out. or he wants control. party members have been fidgety, nervous and anxious as it took a long time to decide on the standard bearer. the admin/ruling party reached the pits when in a desperate move, it even floated the idea of adapting manny villar as its standard bearer, an obvious desperate attempt to save itself for the obvious reason that villar is the best candidate among all of them since he has been topping the polls over many periods. asking your main competitor to be your candidate is the most stupid thing a party can do. but it did shamelessly and the answer they got from villar – NO WAY!

that leads us the last of the four questions we have. the first question was quo vadis teodoro? quo vadis fernando? quo vadis de castro? and quo vadis LAKAS-KAMPI?

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