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noynoy aquino on the cover of time magazine – a preamble to winning the election?

April 18, 2010 57 comments

noynoy aquino has not won the election yet, the campaign is still on going and yet he is already at the cover of time magazine. that says a lot about the aquino campaign.

no other presidentiable has been featured on the cover of time magazine and that from a marketing standpoint is a coup of great proportions over his rivals.

the article is fair, balanced and very realistic. it captures very well the true nature of the aquino campaign both it’s good and bad sides. over and beyond that, it recognizes that aquino is the front runner in this election.  and that is probably one of the primary reasons why they chose to feature aquino over the others. time magazine most likely thinks aquino will soon stop being a front runner, being  poised to win the election.

putting aquino on it’s front cover scoops the other magazine and gives them a good starting point to have another cover feature for aquino when he wins the election.

from a marketing standpoint, this is very good bragging rights. time magazine is a prestigious magazine but it’s circulation among filipino voters is very limited. he can however use this as a talking point in his speeches to the people.

it also gave aquino a little bit of media mileage as the newspapers and tv newscasts put on the front pages and headline news on tv.  it has been worth at least a day’s media coverage. that is very good given that he really did not have to do anything to get the media mileage.

with a day’s good media coverage, the masses where most of the voters belong to should have been exposed to it. they might not be able to read the article but they would have seen aquino’s photo on the cover. they would be impressed as they most likely know what time magazine is.  that will give aquino a bit of a plus. “sikat si noynoy!” is probably a common reaction.

there is also something to notice in the fact that aquino was chosen over all the other eight presidenitables. it  might be small in value, but it is still of some worth that he has something the others do not have. an election is just like a competition, getting an edge even on the small things can count at the finish line.

as it usually happens, will newsweek be next?

read the time magazine article here:,9171,1982219,00.html

presidentiables spend P2B on advertising. top spenders – villar 1st, teodoro 2nd and aquino 3rd

February 20, 2010 8 comments

The former defense secretary had poured P407 million into campaign ads, according to an ABS-CBN report quoting the AGB Nielsen Media Research.

This had made him the second biggest spender so far in the May presidential race after billionaire Sen. Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party, who had spent P1 billion, the report said.

The Liberal Party’s Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was third (P268 million), followed by Sen. Richard Gordon (P244 million), Bro. Eddie Villanueva (P90 million), and deposed President Joseph Estrada (P84 million).

summary of spending:

  1. Manny Villar – P1,000 M, 48%
  2. Gilbert Teodoro – P 407M, 19%
  3. Noynoy Aquino – P 268 M, 13%
  4. Richard Gordon – P 244 M, 12%
  5. Eddie Villanueva – P 90 M, 4%
  6. Erap Estrada – P 84 M, 4%
  7. Grand total – P2,093 M

we do not know what period is covered by this ABS-CBN report. the article does not say it and we are unable to find the source data AGB Nielsen Media Research.

we were surprised that teodoro is second at 19%. no surprise in that villar came in first with almost half of the total ad spending. we were expecting aquino will be 2nd but in this report comes in at 3rd.

villar must have spent a lot more than this amount on total spending. he has been going around the provinces extensively and in these trips he brings along his celebrity endorsers. that alone costs a lot of money. villar also has a lot of other activities in the internet and other available media.

it is a very expensive election campaign.

here are some points:

  • villar has gotten the most out of his ad spending. it has pushed him to a statistical tie with aquino at the polls. this is money well spent. kudos!
  • teodoro has wasted his advertising money with 2nd highest spending but got a measly 4% and 5% at the polls with hardly any movement up. this may mean teodoro has lousy ads or he is a lousy product. we think it is both. poll details are showing teodoro is unable to get supporters across the board, among all socio-eco classes and ages.
  • aquino’s ad spending needs to be reviewed. in fact they need to review his whole advertising campaign – from strategies to execution. with aquino now at a statistical tie and his ratings degrading, it means he may not be spending enough or he has bad ads. we think its both. aquino is an excellent product, its the advertising that is lousy.
  • richard gordon is getting nothing from his ad spending, his ratings remain at very low single digits. to win or to just be a factor in this election, he needs to spend more and release more ads.
  • at first glance, estrada is getting a lot out of his ads. he is 3rd in the polls but last in the spending. we think his poll showing is not due to his ads. they are bad ads. we think estrada’s poll achievement of being 3rd is a cary over effect from his previous glory days.
  • villanueva has completely wasted his ad money. continuing to be at the low levels in the poll says he needs to do more and to change his ads.   

who will be the better president – noynoy aquino or manny villar? the 2010 Presidentiables Blog Face-Off #2, the poll leaders

December 23, 2009 40 comments

we have face-off #1 among the laggards in the polls, villanueca vs.

manny villar

noynoy aquino

gordon, we are now opening this face-off between the leaders in the polls – noynoy aquino versus manny villar.

we will not include any write-up on these two leaders as they are already well-known and does not need any introduction from this blog. though we will not include an introduction, we encourage their supporters to post the information on these two candidates in the comments section.

just a few things on these two leaders:

noynoy aquino has been dominating the surveys done by practically all polling companies and even the two major companies SWS and Pulse Asia. aquino has stood his ground at being the dominant leader in the polls.

villar has also been a strong achiever in the polls. although he is at 2nd place and his ratings are almost one half of aquino, he has been consistently at the 2nd place spot also in all polls. not only that, villar;’s ratings has not dropped and even experienced growth despite the aquino onslaught.

we think villar is the only true contender among all the presidentiables. to put it another way — we think the 2010 election is for aquino to lose or for villar to win.

between the two leaders, who are you voting for in may 2010? tell us why.

december 2009 pulse asia presidentiables poll : aquino retains dominant lead, villar and estrada improves, teodoro unimpressive

December 22, 2009 2 comments

we had expected noynoy aquino to lose points in this latest survey but he surprises us in maintaining his dominant lead over others. we thought that the honeymoon period for noynoy will be over by now plus the other presidentiables would have made inroads into aquino’s strongholds. we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were wrong. this seem to indicate that aquino is building his power base all on his own power.

villar continues to hold strong 2nd which on its own is very impressive. this performance confirms that villar is the only true contender to aquino in this election. estrada surges in points to stay in 3rd which is also surprising as his announcement to run as president seem to have awakened sentiments for him.

teodoro is a disappointment. while his ratings grew, they did not grow as needed, it continues to be in single digits. we were expecting his rating should be in the strong double digits by now. this is a strong signal by voters that they are solidly not preferring teodoro. this low rating of teodoro may also be taken within the context that in recent weeks, SWS released survey results where it said 79% of voters will not vote the presidentiable that president arroyo will endorse. the latest poll results confirms the thinking that arroyo has given teodoro a kiss of death.

richard gordon vs. eddie villanueva – the 2010 Presidentiables Blog face-off #1

December 19, 2009 147 comments

we are jumping off from the leaders in our poll here at 2010 Presidentiables and the amount of comments made in this blog where a high proportion is on eddie villanueva and richard gordon. these two presidentiables are leading in our poll and we think their supporters are very frequent visitors of this blog.

we like to start a face-off concept where we will be pitting two presidentiables against each other – to hear the views of our readers on why one deserves his/her vote over the other.

these are my  views on these two presidentiables which in no way is complete and not at all comprehensive. i do not know how much my views of these candidates are those of regular voters, but these are my impressions of these two presidentiables.

richard gordon

  • has been a long-time senator
  • tended to be on the opposition side
  • his senate committee recently came out with a recommendation to impeach arroyo on the ZTE corruption scandal
  • he was the hero of the rehabilitation of the Subic Naval Base when he almost single handedly revived and made the naval base viable again  when the americans abandoned it as a naval base. he not only prevented its going down to waste but made it viable again.
  • he was responsible for changing olangapo city into a a good community and not just a place where hard rock, drugs and prostitution was the main source of income for the city
  • he has been head of the national red cross and did very well during the ondoy/pepeng floods

eddie villanueva

  • is a protestant minister and head of JIL
  • he ran in the last presidential election and lost, came in last
  • he touts the 7Es as his platform but often forgets to talk about them during interviews
  • his interest is to reform the country through eyes made up of convictions on his faith
  • his presidency counts a lot on the support of JIL members

who are you voting for – villanueva or gordon?

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