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GMA has more than one presidential bet – Perlas

April 10, 2010 5 comments

Nicanor Perlas on an article published in “The Visayan Daily Star” revealed that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has clearly more than one presidential bet. He based this revelation based on the current developments and his rival candidates body language.

Independent presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas yesterday warned voters to be careful about whom they vote for because President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo “has more than one horse in the presidential race.”

“She is a survivor, she wants to survive,” Perlas said at a press conference at the Business Inn in Bacolod City.

“The May 2010 elections is not going to be an ordinary election, it can plunge us back to a legal form of martial law or dictatorship,” he said, if the people are not careful about whom they elect for president.

There are a number of presidential candidates who are allies of Arroyo, it is not just administration candidate Gilbert Teodoro, and it is up to the public to figure out who they are, Perlas, who was campaigning in Bacolod City, said.

“It is so clear in the presidential forums, just see who avoid the questions on what they will do to GMA if they become president. It is very clear from the answers who are aligned with her,” he said.

He said if a pro-Arroyo president and a majority of her allies running for seats in the Lower House win, she will be able to become speaker of the House and move towards a parliamentary form of government.

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Nicanor Perlas has topped all of the Green Surveys so far

April 9, 2010 3 comments

Perlas E-Jeep

Nick Perlas the greenest candidate drives the E-Jeepney used in campaign sorties

Environmental advocacy groups EcoWaste Coalition and Greenpeace in the first 4 parts of its Green Electoral Initiative (GEI) survey about the environment has consistently ranked Nicanor Perlas as the greenest presidential candidate.

The latest survey released in time for “Araw ng Kagitingan” place Perlas on top garnering an average of 9.5 points.  The latest results show their respective positions when it comes to energy development in the country.

While all of the survey participants want coal energy phased-out, and almost all of them are against the proposed re-commissioning of theBataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), some of the candidates’ responses regarding the use of nuclear power and the disposal of nuclear wastes were non-committal. Exceptions to this are Nicanor Perlas and Senator Jamby Madrigal, who answered clearly that they are against nuclear power. Senator Richard Gordon, on the other hand, favors going nuclear.
Perlas pointed to energy efficiency (EE) andrenewable energy (RE) as solutions to the country’s energy challenges, instead of turning to nuclear power. “I am convinced that the Philippines does not need nuclear power and the massive social and environmental costs that go along with it. We can supply the country’s need for energy using energy efficiency and green energytechnologies.”
The full detail of the survey can be browsed at the official website of the EcoWaste Coalition by clicking here.

On previous surveys Perlas also ranked top on Clean Water, 8.7 points;  Ban on Plastic Bags, 8.3 points; and  Lead and Toxic Metal on Paints, 9.1 points.

Nicanor Perlas: Meaning of Easter

April 6, 2010 4 comments

Philippine society is dying. The Filipino soul is sinking. There is massive corruption, poverty, conflict, joblessness, sickness and hopelessness all over the land. Millions are seeking and longing for a very different Philippines, one that is alive, dynamic, progressive, peaceful, just and moral. What is the new going to be based on? Where is the power to create the new going to come from?

This is where Easter comes in. Christ overcame the sting and horror of death, forever. With His victory, we now all have the capacity to overcome what is dead in ourselves, especially our doubts, fears and hatred. Only when we overcome these death forces inside can we have to power to resurrect and create the new outside, in ourselves and in our society. We cannot continue to be the victims of the death forces of the past. We have to access the resurrection forces of the future. Only this Resurrection power can allow us to build a new politics, a new Philippines. But we have to have the courage to die first so that the new can emerge and live. This is the meaning of Easter: the occasion not only to celebrate this power of resurrection within us, but also the occasion to make it real and effective in the world.

Controversial Video of Nick Perlas on GMA 7 Kandidato

April 3, 2010 2 comments

It will only take less than 30 minutes to watch the attached videos.  But, it will give you a very good idea about Nicanor Perlas, his platform, his stand on certain issues, and his character.  The exchange between the panel of hosts and Nick are rapid-fire so there’s no boring moment.  I encourage you to watch this, especially if you are still in the process of deciding who you will be voting for president this coming elections.  And even if you have decided on a candidate already but haven’t studied or heard about all the other candidates, this is also for you.  And for those who are already supporters of NP (Nicanor Perlas, new politics and new Philippines) , please pass this to your friends and encourage them to watch this.

This election is probably one of the most important in our history.  30 years of traditional politics have destroyed our institutions and our values.  The power is in our hands to say ENOUGH.  Before making your choice, ask yourself what is your highest aspiration for our country.  Then study the track record of each candidates versus their platforms and their stand on issues.  Then, make your choice. Please forget about “winnability, ” please don’t choose on the basis of the lesser evil.  You are doing yourself and the future generations of Filipino a disservice.  Vote what your heart and your conscience tell you.  This is the least we can do for our children and for millions of Filipino children.

He does not have an unlimited advertising budget – but he has everything else it takes to be the President our country needs.

Please take 30 minutes to watch Nicanor Perlas’ powerful interview on GMA’s Kandidato. Then see if he really deserves your vote.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

If you need more info please text 0908-8-PERLAS( 737527), call 02-4669520 or visit

–More about Perlas on the Internet–

Radio Interviews

Biography: Perlas/biography-nicanor-perlas.html

Complete Platform

Nicanor Perlas Declares Specific Agenda for Muslims

March 24, 2010 2 comments

Nicanor Perlas who is pursuing a platform based on integrated sustainable development has specifically declared his direct platform for Muslims in the Philippines.

Nicanor Perlas declares strong agenda for Muslims

These platforms primarily includes the following:

  1. provision of holistic, integrated, and comprehensive support for ecological agriculture development in Muslim areas;
  2. the delivery of basic social services to the poorest Muslim communities and provinces;
  3. the appropriate revival of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) negotiations;
  4. the overhaul of the National Commission on Filipino Muslims (formerly the Office of Muslim Affairs or OMA) to ensure proper assistance to all Muslims especially facilitating the reduction of plane fares to Mecca in connection with Hadj;
  5. the appropriate support of Muslim schools or Madrasas;  and
  6. the establishment of hallal slaughterhouses in Muslim towns.

Perlas vows to establish a government which is for all and ensures the participation of various sectors of society.  He is also the first ever presidential candidate who lays down concrete programs for Muslims.

Green Presidential Candidate Nicanor Perlas Launches P3-RLAS LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE PROJECT in Response to Drought Affecting Farmers in Iloilo

March 15, 2010 5 comments

Independent presidential aspirant Nicanor Perlas, president of Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) inagurated today in the province of Iloilo a joint project with Lifebank (Rural Bank of Maasin),Iloilio Inc. .  P3-RLAS, the acronym stands for Patubig, Patubo and Patubas Rural Livelihood Assistance Scheme, is a proactive response aimed at assisting farmers grappling with the effects of the El Niño weather phenomenon. This is a brain child of  Nicanor Perlas, the only Green presidential candidate, jointly with the Iloilo- based microfinance enterprise Lifebank, headed by its President, Dr. Vicente Perlas.

Patubig, Patubo and Patubas in Hiligaynon is roughly translated as Irrigate, Grow and Harvest.  P3-RLAS is a loan  product of Lifebank offered to farmers for the construction of artesian wells,and for the purchase of water pumps and other farm implements so they can irrigate their land during the drought season. Read more…

Muslim Leaders Support Presidential Candidate Nicanor Perlas and joins Coalition for New Politics

March 13, 2010 1 comment

Pictured Front from left to right: Datu Macabagul “Bobby” Paudac, MILF Returnist Group; Sultan Manking M.Liawao, Sultanate of Lanao Sur; Sultan Hadji Basher M. Alingan, Chairman - Lanao del Norte Sultanate Group Movement; Nicanor Perlas, Independent Presidential Candidate; Sultan Osop Guinto, MNLF Group of Lanao del Norte; Iman Faisal Baulo, Iman of the Manila Golden Mosque in Quiapo; (Pictured Back from left to right) Laut D. Batugan, Hadji Abdullah G. Bangkula, Magrara L. Maute, Sultan Jamael A. Ampaso

Independent Presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas, President of Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) announced today that Muslim leaders from five major organizations officially joined the PANGMASA initiated coalition for new politics.  A diverse and large sector of the Muslim world is endorsing the presidential candidacy of Nicanor Perlas.  Counted among the new members of the fast growing nationwide coalition for new politics are:

  • Iman Faisal Baulo – Iman of the Manila Golden Mosque in Quiapo
  • Sultan Hadji Basher M. Alingan – Chairman,Lanao del Norte Sultanate Group Movement
    Sultan Manking M.Liawao – Sultanate of Lanao Sur
  • Sultan Osop Guinto – MNLF Group of Lanao del Norte
  • Datu Macabagul “Bobby” Paudac- MILF Returnist Group
  • Sultan Jamael A. Ampaso

“The support of these Muslim leaders and their constituents is the basis for the possibility of a lasting peace in Mindanao.  These leaders are supporting my candidacy and new politics because of the credibility of my Peace Platform.”, stated Perlas.

Peace, according to Perlas, is situated in the larger context of integral sustainable development that recognizes the primacy of social justice, broad-based and equitable economic development, and respect for the diverse identities of the Filipino people.  There will be meaningful and principled dialog with the Muslim groups in Mindanao and consultation with the general public and appropriate civil society groups.

The structural roots of conflict and the pursuit of social justice, including the equitable delivery of government social services, infrastructure, and economic opportunity will be addressed.

Perlas’s peace platform will demonstrate the government’s will for genuine peace by ensuring that the appropriate government services are delivered to the poorest provinces of the country, even before and while peace negotiations are going on.

The Muslim leaders join the growing ranks of Perlas supporters that include Partido Kalikasan (PK), an emerging national Green political Party operating in 15 bioregions nationwide  represented by  Cagayan de Oro environmental lawyer Maning Ravanera, PK Chairperson and National Leader ; Roy Cabonegro,  Secretary General of PK and Jules Penales, spokesperson of PK Metro Manila that formally  endorsed  “Green Candidate” Nicanor Perlas. Read more…

Professor David Suzuki Signs Nicanor Perlas Petition

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Professor David Suzuki Signs Nicanor Perlas PetitionDavid Takayoshi Suzuki, CC, OBC, the Japanese Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist just signed the petition asking the Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to let Nicanor Perlas run as a presidential candidate.

Suzuki says in his comment, “Nicanor Perlas is a serious candidate for political office, not a nuisance. Humanity has undergone an enormous change in numbers, technological prowess, consumer demand and a global economy. We have become so powerful that we are undermining the very life support systems of the planet. But we cling to our political and economic priorities, that we are blinded to the reality that it is nature that sets limits that we have to respect or else our survival is put at risk.”


An Animal Welfare Advocate as President?

November 22, 2009 3 comments

I attended the latest Salu-Salo para sa Pagbabago Series with Nick Perlas which highlights his Green Agenda and advocacy on Climate Change.  His basic solution was to really have a long-term plan which focuses on climate change adaptation and on-time rapid emergency preparedness and response so that the scenarios seen during Ondoy and Pepeng will not happen again.

Surprisingly beside that I learned that Nick Perlas is an Animal Rights Advocate.  This came about when an animal rights advocate asked him about his stand on animal welfare and he said that he had been a long time advocate working together with Dr. Michael Fox (in the United States).  Fox, Perlas said is a very good and close friend of him.  They had worked together on lobbying for humane treatment of farm animals.

Perlas also said that there are existing laws protecting animal welfare and it should be enforced fully.

Nick Perlas is also a certified vegetarian.  This is one of his contributions as well to helping the planet and protecting the welfare of animals.

Follow Nick Perlas on Twitter and Become a Volunteer.  Our country needs a leader who can stand up for the welfare of our people and of course of other living beings.

Nicanor Perlas on Probe Profiles

November 17, 2009 5 comments

Everyone says he does not deserve a look, that he is a nuisance but would a man that has a complete platform, has changed policies as a member of civil society and campaigns on new politics really a nuisance?

You don’t need to be a fan of Nick Perlas or a supporter to view this video.  All I am asking is for you to just take a look and discover why those who have watched this interview by Che Che Lazaro of Probe Profiles on presidentiable Nicanor Perlas changed their minds and hearts.

Here is Nick Perlas on his very uplifting and encouraging interview on Probe Profiles:

The Necessity for Change: Nicanor Perlas Complete Platform

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Nick Perlas at CEAPThe promise of Lupa ng Araw that was felt so deeply by our forebears has been betrayed. We are now confronted with the devastating results of years of self-serving traditional politics and politicians. Poverty, unemployment, graft and corruption, conflict, injustice, and environmental decline, these are but some of the ills devastating the country today. Virtually every level of governance and every institution of society has been infected by the pursuit of narrow and self-serving political ends. There is no guiding vision that unites the country much less the various departments of government. This produces loss of hope and worse, apathy and cynicism.

We have now reached a turning point. Many Filipinos want something more dignified. The country yearns for a new direction to achieve genuine freedom, justice, solidarity, to restore the Philippines that so inspired Rizal, Bonifacio, Aquino and many others.

Filipinos yearn for “GINHAWA”, that is, true freedom, true justice, true prosperity, true respect for nature, true solidarity, true dignity and honor – all based on our deep innate sense that we all come from one Divine Source, one Creator. Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) will change this dismal state of affairs with a new vision, a new agenda and new policies and programs that will bring “ginhawa”, that will make this country rise up from the ashes and take its place in the global community of nations.

We envision the true Philippines that has deep sources of spirituality; the Philippines that respects and empowers individual Filipinos towards excellence; the Philippines that understands meaningful societal change, participation and inclusion; the Philippines that respects and values culture; the Philippines that protects human rights, ensures justice and promotes participatory democracy; the Philippines that progresses economically by serving the true needs of the people; the Philippines that protects and nurtures the integrity of creation, our sources of life – our ecology

Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) summarizes these aspirations in its vision statement and principles as follows.

We envision a prosperous, peaceful, democratic, moral and visionary nation, living in harmony with Nature and energized by creative, honest, responsible citizens who are aware of their divine origin and purpose; citizens who have united together to sustain a free, vibrant and diverse culture, a broad-based and inclusive economy, a participatory, just and compassionate governance that contributes positively to world affairs.


Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) summarizes these aspirations in its vision statement and principles as follows.

Vision Statement.

We envision a prosperous, peaceful, democratic, moral and visionary nation, living in harmony with Nature and energized by creative, honest, responsible citizens who are aware of their divine origin and purpose; citizens who have united together to sustain a free, vibrant and diverse culture, a broad-based and inclusive economy, a participatory, just and compassionate governance that contributes positively to world affairs.

Isang Bukas na Liham Para sa Mga Filipino

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

32 taong gulang… yan ang edad ko ngayon. Marami na akong nasaksihan at marami na ring pinagdaanan. Ilang beses na rin akong bumagsak at bumangon. Ilang beses na rin akong nawalan ng pag-asa at sumuko pero muling lumaban at nakakita ng pag-asa. Hindi ko sinasabing ako ang pinakamagaling o ako ang pinakamay alam sa ating bansa pero ang hiling ko lamang ay sana basahin ninyo ang liham na ito at sana ay mapakinggan ninyo. Ako po ay isang Pilipino bagamat ang aking itsura ay hindi at ang aking dugo ay 10% lamang ang tunay na Pilipino. Mahalaga po ang nais kong ibahagi pero depende pa rin iyan sa iyo. Ito po ang aking Bukas na Liham Para sa Mga Filipino alang-alang sa Inang Bayan.

Hindi sa akin hiniling ng kahit sinuman na sulatin ito pero minarapat kong gawin ito bago pa mahuli ang lahat. Naniniwala kasi ako na ang buhay ay sadyang hindi natin hawak kaya dapat sa bawat araw ay tingnan natin ito bilang huling araw ng ating buhay.
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