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the unfortunate spin of 2016 presidentiable mar roxas

April 12, 2014 Leave a comment

we saw the above tweet by  philippine daily inquirer this morning. the strong coffee we were drinking was no match to that tweet waking us up.

first thing that popped in my mind was – “what? wow is roxas that rich that he will ‘give P4B to survivors’?”. i thought roxas would be the biggest individual donor to yolanda survivors. i thought roxas deserves a monument with his P4B donation to yolanda survivors.

i immediately clicked the PDI (philippine daily inquirer) link to read the full article and this was what we found out – 20140412-111825.jpgcontrary to the headline of the article, the P4B that “roxas will give to survivors” is not coming from his own pocket but actually from the government.

that headline surely and very strongly communicated the P4B was coming from mar roxas’ own pocket not from any government fund or government project.

the words said it (“Roxas to give P4B for survivors“) and not only that the lead-in to the headline also reinforced it – “Christmas in Lent”. that lead-in clearly says it is like some christmas present that roxas is giving to the survivors.

(full article here :

all that of course is incorrect. in fact the whole article talked about the funds coming from government funds. there was nothing at all in the article where it said it will come from the personal funds of roxas but all of it from the government.

it feels like two different people handled this article – the person who wrote the article is a different person who wrote the headline.

The P4 billion is apart from the almost P1.8 billion in rehabilitation funds that the government has started distributing to typhoon-stricken cities and municipalities in three regions in the Visayas, Roxas said at an orientation seminar on the Recovery Assistance on Yolanda here.

Read more: 


so what happened there?

we think the misleading headline is the result of some PR work from Mar Roxas for the 2016 presidential campaign. the roxas campaign was able to get to the PDI reporter and/or the PDI desk editor on this one. often, the desk editor is the one responsible for writing the headlines for articles submitted by field reporters to the “desk”.  the desk editor also has the prerogative to rewrite or add things to the article from the original that reporters write.

it is either the roxas PR team got to them or the PDI writer and/or desk editor somehow found it smart to write a misleading headline on their own. of course the first part is speculation on our part and perhaps even the second one too.

to be fair the PDI is one of the most if not the most difficult to do PR work with. they are very independent will write and publish what they want regardless of who it is trying to influence them.

we suspect that this was PR spin for two reasons – (a) the framing of the fund release is highly suspect, it was being framed as like a christmas gift (“christmas in lent”) and (b) “roxas giving P4B” is an idea that is not at all in the article. it does feel very much that the one who wrote the article is not the same person who wrote the headline.

on the first one, the closest that to the framing of a “christmas gift” was what roxas said was this which was in the article:

“Advance Happy Easter. May you spend your money wisely to help your [constituents],” Roxas told local officials of Capiz as he handed over more than P200 million in rehabilitation aid for his home province.


roxas mentioned “happy easter” but somehow the framing morphed into a “christmas gift”. “framing of messages” to favor or skew the message to a particular person or group is typically done by PR practitioners, not editors of newspapers. in this one, it is obvious the effort was meant for the benefit of mar roxas.

the other part of this is that we think saying the money is some kind of “gift” we feel is very insulting and degrading to the survivors. gifts, specially christmas gifts are a happy occasion and a source of joy, something that is given willingly. these funds are not at all in that context, the funds for the rehabilitation of destroyed properties of people. the people suffered and lost a lot. this is being received as  a gift in the context of Christmas joy, it is aid or help to the misery that the people had to endure and are still enduring.

we understand mar roxas has plans to run for president in 2016 and by the looks of it the campaign period has already started with efforts already being done by his main competitor, vice president binay.

with that we also understand that there should now be PR efforts for the presdinetiables, but we think this kind of PR effort for the presdientiable mar roxas is very much misplaced and incorrect from a marketing and political campaign point of view.

if we are right about this being spin for the mar roxas campaing, then we think the campaign has not developed and is not following a strategic plan for the roxas campaign. that is a very dangerous lack and can hurt the presdientiable roxas.




An Animal Welfare Advocate as President?

November 22, 2009 3 comments

I attended the latest Salu-Salo para sa Pagbabago Series with Nick Perlas which highlights his Green Agenda and advocacy on Climate Change.  His basic solution was to really have a long-term plan which focuses on climate change adaptation and on-time rapid emergency preparedness and response so that the scenarios seen during Ondoy and Pepeng will not happen again.

Surprisingly beside that I learned that Nick Perlas is an Animal Rights Advocate.  This came about when an animal rights advocate asked him about his stand on animal welfare and he said that he had been a long time advocate working together with Dr. Michael Fox (in the United States).  Fox, Perlas said is a very good and close friend of him.  They had worked together on lobbying for humane treatment of farm animals.

Perlas also said that there are existing laws protecting animal welfare and it should be enforced fully.

Nick Perlas is also a certified vegetarian.  This is one of his contributions as well to helping the planet and protecting the welfare of animals.

Follow Nick Perlas on Twitter and Become a Volunteer.  Our country needs a leader who can stand up for the welfare of our people and of course of other living beings.

jejomar binay’s twitter account

August 25, 2009 Leave a comment

a contributor to this blog sent us the link to jejomar binay’s twitter account – we have added the link to the list of presidentiables twitter accounts in this blog (right column, scroll down).

here are jejomar binay’s latest twits:

  • A cinematic rendition of the de Quiros Sentiment 4 hours ago from web
  • Binay on the Cost of Living 5 hours ago from web
  • Nagpapasalamat po ako sa inyong lahat sa ipinaabot ninyong pakikiramay at suporta sa amin. Maraming maraming salamat po.5:02 AM Aug 22nd from web

Who is Nicanor “Nick” Perlas? Video

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Jesus Nicanor “Nick” Perlas has finally declared his intentions to become the next President of the Philippines come 2010. Nick Perlas is the first presidentiable who can truly say that he loves the environment and had truly done something about it. He was instrumental in stopping the creation of at least 19 nuclear plants in the country way back during the Marcos era. He is also instrumental in banning poisonous and dangerous pesticides that affect farmers. Nicanor Perlas is also one of the inspirations to the United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). He is a personality well recognized not only in the Philippines but arount the world and finally he declared himself as an alternative choice for 2010.

Websites About Nicanor “Nick” Perlas

Official Website:

Nicanor Perlas on Twitter:

Nicanor Perlas Facebook Site:

Nicanor Perlas Facebook Group:

Nicanor Perlas Facebook Cause:

A Bloggers View on Nick Perlas:

Vote for Nick Perlas at

Vote for Nick Perlas at

Vote for Nick Perlas at

Join the cause and BE A VOLUNTEER FOR NICK PERLAS ( )



Connect with Presidentiable Nicanor “Nick” Perlas

July 14, 2009 Leave a comment

perlas_for_president_2010I am sure many of you want to know more about Nicanor “Nick” Perlas.  Why is this man running for President?  Who is he?  Or some of you might really want to support him… thus here are the ways by which you can connect with Nicanor “Nick” Perlas:

On the official website if you want to be a Volunteer for Nick Perlas and the Tayong Lahat Caravan just sign up and be part of people who desire for genuine change for our country.

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