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2016 Vice-Presidentiables Online Poll Now Open

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poll opened October 19, 2015

senator trillanes – the senator protest votes elected and the tv ads people did not see

January 11, 2009 1 comment

antonio trillanes ran for senator in 2007’s senatorial election. he was a long shot to win. in fact calling him a long shot to win the election was even very kind. the more appropriate term is to kill him something like his winning the election is as sure as the sun rising at night.

and why not? he deserves to be called those. trillanes’ call to fame was he led a group of soldiers who took over oakwood and declared a coup against the government. he was caught and imprisoned.

that single event was the first and only time the punlic knew of trillanes. he was in prison during the whole campaign period. that meant he was unable to join in any of the sorties political candidates usually make during elections. no media interviews and very few pictures of him in media.

he also did not have money for political ads. he did have commercials to air but they were actually aired very seldom that we don’t think anyone saw them.

for this candidate who is a non-candidate, no money, little advertising and in jail, having won the election is a real achievement. well, actually what elected him to office is not so much the desire of the electorate to elect him to office but more on the desire to NOT to elect the senatorial candidates of the current administration. trillanes won on the basis of a protest vote.

these are the ads that he ran during the 2007 campaign. but just to emphasize, these were not what got him elected. he had very little money to air them that people hardly saw these ads.

it is obviously a low budget production ad. in fact, its probably a very low budget production. it has the feel and looks of something like a home video tv ad. that just shows they really don’t  have money to spend on almost anything.

the ads are very single-minded. it only has one message and that’s a very good thing. however, what doesn’t work for it is that it’s a boring ad. it’s just too much of a straightforward ad. no frills and no attempt at being creative nor smart and intelligent. straight talk, that is all that it has.

but if you see this ad, you will pay attention to it for the sheer power of the fact that you know trillanes is in jail and you will probably wonder how is able to make an ad.

did the ad do its job? we don’t think so. content and media weight were nothing. but those are not what got him elected.

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