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Nicanor Perlas: Meaning of Easter

April 6, 2010 4 comments

Philippine society is dying. The Filipino soul is sinking. There is massive corruption, poverty, conflict, joblessness, sickness and hopelessness all over the land. Millions are seeking and longing for a very different Philippines, one that is alive, dynamic, progressive, peaceful, just and moral. What is the new going to be based on? Where is the power to create the new going to come from?

This is where Easter comes in. Christ overcame the sting and horror of death, forever. With His victory, we now all have the capacity to overcome what is dead in ourselves, especially our doubts, fears and hatred. Only when we overcome these death forces inside can we have to power to resurrect and create the new outside, in ourselves and in our society. We cannot continue to be the victims of the death forces of the past. We have to access the resurrection forces of the future. Only this Resurrection power can allow us to build a new politics, a new Philippines. But we have to have the courage to die first so that the new can emerge and live. This is the meaning of Easter: the occasion not only to celebrate this power of resurrection within us, but also the occasion to make it real and effective in the world.

Green Presidential Candidate Nicanor Perlas Launches P3-RLAS LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE PROJECT in Response to Drought Affecting Farmers in Iloilo

March 15, 2010 5 comments

Independent presidential aspirant Nicanor Perlas, president of Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) inagurated today in the province of Iloilo a joint project with Lifebank (Rural Bank of Maasin),Iloilio Inc. .  P3-RLAS, the acronym stands for Patubig, Patubo and Patubas Rural Livelihood Assistance Scheme, is a proactive response aimed at assisting farmers grappling with the effects of the El Niño weather phenomenon. This is a brain child of  Nicanor Perlas, the only Green presidential candidate, jointly with the Iloilo- based microfinance enterprise Lifebank, headed by its President, Dr. Vicente Perlas.

Patubig, Patubo and Patubas in Hiligaynon is roughly translated as Irrigate, Grow and Harvest.  P3-RLAS is a loan  product of Lifebank offered to farmers for the construction of artesian wells,and for the purchase of water pumps and other farm implements so they can irrigate their land during the drought season. Read more…

An Animal Welfare Advocate as President?

November 22, 2009 3 comments

I attended the latest Salu-Salo para sa Pagbabago Series with Nick Perlas which highlights his Green Agenda and advocacy on Climate Change.  His basic solution was to really have a long-term plan which focuses on climate change adaptation and on-time rapid emergency preparedness and response so that the scenarios seen during Ondoy and Pepeng will not happen again.

Surprisingly beside that I learned that Nick Perlas is an Animal Rights Advocate.  This came about when an animal rights advocate asked him about his stand on animal welfare and he said that he had been a long time advocate working together with Dr. Michael Fox (in the United States).  Fox, Perlas said is a very good and close friend of him.  They had worked together on lobbying for humane treatment of farm animals.

Perlas also said that there are existing laws protecting animal welfare and it should be enforced fully.

Nick Perlas is also a certified vegetarian.  This is one of his contributions as well to helping the planet and protecting the welfare of animals.

Follow Nick Perlas on Twitter and Become a Volunteer.  Our country needs a leader who can stand up for the welfare of our people and of course of other living beings.

Typhoon Ondoy and the Need for New Politics

October 27, 2009 1 comment

Written by: Nicanor “Nick” Perlas

Ondoy and the Need for New PoliticsOn December 6, 2006, almost three years ago, I wrote this editorial in TruthForce!, www.truthforce. info.  I entitled it “Super-Typhoons and Philippine Democracy”. I will share it again in whole to emphasize two points. First, already back then, almost three years ago, the scientific evidence was clear that humanity has entered the age of drastic climate change and extreme weather events. Super typhoons will increasingly wreak havoc on the planet including the Philippines. Second, government had a chance to act and prepare for Ondoy, especially after the massive P18 billion-destruction brought about by Typhoon Frank in June 2008.

But, no, government chose to continue the path of traditional politics, focusing on retaining power and stealing the national budget at the tune of a minimum of P300 billion a year. It is clear. The time for a new and very different kind of politics has come, a new politics savvy enough to prepare for the upcoming disasters of super typhoons and other extreme weather events. Our future as a people will depend on it.

I have been wanting to reissue this piece for sometime. But there was no time amidst all the rescue operations, travels, events, and other related work. So here’s the December 2006 editorial which correctly predicted the coming of more super typhoons and why only true democracy can prepare us for the massive challenges that awaits the Philippines and the world in the age of drastic climate change. Read more…

“Wanted: a green president who will address an inconvenient truth” – Fidel Ramos

October 9, 2009 2 comments

(originally posted at Inquirer Politics http://politics. inquirer. net/view. php?db=1&article=20091009- 229132)

‘An inconvenient truth: Time to elect green president’

October 09, 2009 05:52:00
Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer

‘An inconvenient truth: Time to elect green president’, former President Ramos calls on Filipino voters.

‘An inconvenient truth: Time to elect green president’, former President Ramos calls on Filipino voters.

MANILA, Philippines — Wanted: a green president who will address an inconvenient truth.

Filipinos should learn their lesson from the recent disastrous flooding and vote for someone who is “truly in favor of environmental protection” in the May 2010 presidential election, former President Fidel Ramos said Thursday.

Warning that the country faced far worse effects of climate change, Ramos told an eco-tourism conference in Makati City that voters should choose someone knowledgeable about sustainable development—or economic development that does not destroy the environment.

“Who are we going to vote for in 2010? Don’t ask me. It’s too early. But certainly, we should vote for someone, from the top to the local positions, who is truly, and indeed truly, in favor of environmental protection and sustainable development,” Ramos said.

“That is the challenge for all of us Filipinos,” he told the audience that included diplomats, former Cabinet secretaries and business leaders.

With the ravages of Tropical Storm “Ondoy” (international codename: Ketsana) and Typhoon “Pepeng” (Parma), Ramos said he expected “sustainable development” to be one of the key issues in the coming elections.

“The world has gained so much insight about global warming, the environment’s limited carrying capacity, and our own people’s unpreparedness even as our country gears up for elections in 2010, when sustainable development will be a key issue,” Ramos said.

To emphasize his zeal for the environment, the former President urged Filipinos to “wear something green” every day. He then pulled up his barong Tagalog to show a green golf shirt underneath. Read more…

Rizal’s Tasio and Noynoy

September 6, 2009 2 comments

This article is reposted with permission from the original author and as requested to reach and inform the public of this very timely and inner looking view.

Rizal’s Tasio and Noynoy
Fastlanes/ August 31, 2009
By BenCyrus G. Ellorin/ (National Heroes Day Special)

BANGKOK, Thailand – “I honor the father on account of the son and not the son on account of the father.” – Jose Rizal in Noli Me Tangere, Chapter 14, English translation by Charles Derbyshire, 1912.

Crisostomo Ibarra at Pilosopong Tasio

Crisostomo Ibarra At Pilisopong Tasio

The shallowness in our appreciation and analysis of social realities especially in the realm of politics is already synonymous to absurdity.

It betrays the Philippines’ glorious moments like when it won the revolution for independence against 333 years of Spanish Colonialism more than a hundred years ago and when it started the tide of bloodless regime changes all over the world with the People’s Power Revolution that toppled the diabolic dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986.

This shallowness may bespeak of our inferior social analysis skills to the point that it insults the profundity of the inspirations and sacrifices of Ninoy and Cory Aquino, two beacons of struggle for democracy.

I don’t know if it is lack of imagination or evil idolatry that is behind this looming movement to thrust Noynoy Aquino, Ninoy’s and Cory’s only son to run for President.

In light of the present circus in Philippine politics more than 120 years after the publication of the Dr. Jose Rizal’s novel Noli Me Tangere (Social Cancer), it may be fitting to revisit even just a chapter of the book, Chapter 14.
Read more…

Farewell Tita Cory. Your Legacy Will Live On!

August 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Corazon Cojuangco Aquino more popularly known as Tita Cory passed away at 3:18am. Here in Baliwag, Bulacan where I live rain began to pour so hard at around 2am and then it suddenly stopped at around that time. I did not know that Cory died until my son informed me of a text message which I received that indeed Cory had died.

For me there is nothing to be sad about. There is nothing that we should be so sorry about. Cory lived a life with purpose and she had lived it well. I did not even get the chance to tie a yellow ribbon although I wanted to. Personally I believe that it is beyond trying a yellow ribbon for Cory wanted to make our hearts yellow. Yellow in the sense that she wanted us to unite for our country and to create a better Philippines. She wanted the Filipinos to realize who they are and to make a difference.

Cory’s passing should not end her legacy for it had just began. It might be sending a message that now it is our turn to serve our country and to finally break the bondage that the Marcos regime had engulped every Filipino people and that was broken for a short time during the People Power Revolution. Through the course of many years that bondage had returned and hopefully each of us will break it again.

Here is a Tribute I have written at Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging si Juan? for Tita Cory that am sure her legacy will be continued. Farewell Tita Cory!

Bloggers Says No to ConAss

July 29, 2009 1 comment

Bloggers have shown their disgust over recent moves to amend the Constitution of the Philippines through a Cyber Protest vs ConAss called for by Bloggers Kapihan and other groups. Here is the article by E. Eder at The Manila Blog Times

A day before President Gloria Arroyo’s state of the nation address, Bloggers Kapihan and Facebook group Pilipinas Kontra ConAss led a blog action day against House Resolution 1109, which seeks to convene Congress into a constituent assembly.

The House of Representatives adopted the resolution last July 3.

Bloggers Kapihan compiled a list of bloggers who participated in the blog action day:




at the time HR 1109 early part of june, we ran a similar campaign – a call to pinoy blogs and bloggers to link blogs on Con-Ass HR 1109 . that effort yielded at least 103 blogs.

Senator Loren Legarda is “ready” to run as president.

July 14, 2009 24 comments

May09-Loren-coverOn, Senator Loren Legarda in Bandos Islang was quoted “But I can do this if I am president of my country”. She was with Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed to push for good governance and to rethink development pratices. One of her advocacies is to save the country and the world from environment disasters due to climate change.

On Former President Erap, she was quoted to only align with him. Which she is schedule meet next week to discuss political plans.


Nicanor Perlas Reveals Strategic Agenda

July 11, 2009 3 comments

Nicanor “Nick” Perlas, a reform candidate who formally declared his intentions to run for President of the Philippines had just made available for public viewing his Strategic Agenda for 2010 which will be the core of his campaign.

His website discusses the top problems which affects our country and divided them into societal, cultural, political, economic, ecological and individual and spiritual.

From this challenges the difference of the current developmental method and structure as against his strategic agenda was presented. A Perlas administration indicates that it will have six pillars and major agenda and among them are:

• Reduction/Elimination of Poverty
• Wipe out corruption
• Ecological Restoration
• Participatory Governance (Societal Threefolding Partnerships)
• Inner and Local Change as Foundation
• Mainstream Promising Initiatives

For more details on his Strategic Agenda CLICK HERE.

Senator Loren Legarda on BBC World News – The World Debate “Disasters: Prepare or React?”

July 6, 2009 1 comment

BBC World News “The World Debate” now available online

geneva4Senator Loren Legarda, UN champion of Disaster Risk Reduction in the Asia Pacific region debated how we can reduce dangers in the environment. As the Senate Chairman of Climate Change, she will also debate how climate relates to disasters and any related questions in the debate.

Just click one of my resources and you will find the video.


2010 SWORDS – words that define the 2010 election

May 16, 2009 Leave a comment

we are starting a new series in this blog – 2010 SWORDS. these are 2010 Election SUPER WORDS (errr, SWORDS = Super Words). these are the super words that will be invented during the election year in 2010.

we are a people who like  to invent new words whenever big events happen in our lives. some are in english, some in pilipino but always these words are given new meanings that does not exist in any dictionary. 

they are like code words that only pinoys know the meaning of. we are keeping with this tradition by starting the list with  our very  own entry into the list of  2010 SWORDS.

we also like the idea of swords being able to cut through the clutter of other words (ahem!) spoken and written on topics about the election. we expect many will be written and spoken, getting a 2010 SWORD enables us to communicate very efficiently and effectively. rather than write a paragraph,  a few sentences or a few words to explain something, one word will suffice and do the job as well.

one example, that has been invented a few years ago is : “presidentiables”. we all know what that means : people who have declared themselves to be a candidate for the presidential election in the country. that’s 1 word vs a sentence made up of 16 words. twitter, which allows only 140 letters/spaces  per message,  will be so proud of us! 

please submit your own entries by posting a comment in this post.

here is the beginning of the list:

  1. (2010) SWORDS = Super Words. words that are given new meanings, for better or for worst,  during the 2010 election.
  2. advocacy =  used by presidentiables to define their election campaign advertising campaigns that they are airing before the official and legal campaign period. they are obviously election campaign ads but they cannot call it as such as by law it is illegal to air these ads before the start of the official campaign period.  
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