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Controversial Video of Nick Perlas on GMA 7 Kandidato

April 3, 2010 2 comments

It will only take less than 30 minutes to watch the attached videos.  But, it will give you a very good idea about Nicanor Perlas, his platform, his stand on certain issues, and his character.  The exchange between the panel of hosts and Nick are rapid-fire so there’s no boring moment.  I encourage you to watch this, especially if you are still in the process of deciding who you will be voting for president this coming elections.  And even if you have decided on a candidate already but haven’t studied or heard about all the other candidates, this is also for you.  And for those who are already supporters of NP (Nicanor Perlas, new politics and new Philippines) , please pass this to your friends and encourage them to watch this.

This election is probably one of the most important in our history.  30 years of traditional politics have destroyed our institutions and our values.  The power is in our hands to say ENOUGH.  Before making your choice, ask yourself what is your highest aspiration for our country.  Then study the track record of each candidates versus their platforms and their stand on issues.  Then, make your choice. Please forget about “winnability, ” please don’t choose on the basis of the lesser evil.  You are doing yourself and the future generations of Filipino a disservice.  Vote what your heart and your conscience tell you.  This is the least we can do for our children and for millions of Filipino children.

He does not have an unlimited advertising budget – but he has everything else it takes to be the President our country needs.

Please take 30 minutes to watch Nicanor Perlas’ powerful interview on GMA’s Kandidato. Then see if he really deserves your vote.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

If you need more info please text 0908-8-PERLAS( 737527), call 02-4669520 or visit

–More about Perlas on the Internet–

Radio Interviews

Biography: Perlas/biography-nicanor-perlas.html

Complete Platform

Nicanor Perlas Declares Specific Agenda for Muslims

March 24, 2010 2 comments

Nicanor Perlas who is pursuing a platform based on integrated sustainable development has specifically declared his direct platform for Muslims in the Philippines.

Nicanor Perlas declares strong agenda for Muslims

These platforms primarily includes the following:

  1. provision of holistic, integrated, and comprehensive support for ecological agriculture development in Muslim areas;
  2. the delivery of basic social services to the poorest Muslim communities and provinces;
  3. the appropriate revival of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) negotiations;
  4. the overhaul of the National Commission on Filipino Muslims (formerly the Office of Muslim Affairs or OMA) to ensure proper assistance to all Muslims especially facilitating the reduction of plane fares to Mecca in connection with Hadj;
  5. the appropriate support of Muslim schools or Madrasas;  and
  6. the establishment of hallal slaughterhouses in Muslim towns.

Perlas vows to establish a government which is for all and ensures the participation of various sectors of society.  He is also the first ever presidential candidate who lays down concrete programs for Muslims.

Australian Green Senator Bob Brown supports Presidentail Bid of Perlas

January 8, 2010 2 comments

Senator Bob BrownMr. Perlas will provide people in the Philippines concerned about Climate Change and other environmental concerns with a voting choice at election time.”

This were the exact words of Senator Bob Brown, a highly acclaimed Senator of Australia in his letter to COMELEC Chairman Jose Melo asking that the commission reinstate Nicanor Perlas.

Supporters from the Philippines and from around the world who had seen the works of Nicanor Perlas are coming together to make Filipinos and the COMELEC realize that by not including Perlas as a legitimate presidential choice we are turning a blind eye on probably one of the best practical visionary and environmentalist of our time.

Below is the scanned copy of the letter of Australian Senator Bob Brown to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC):

Letter of Senator Bob Brown supporting Perlas

Professor David Suzuki Signs Nicanor Perlas Petition

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Professor David Suzuki Signs Nicanor Perlas PetitionDavid Takayoshi Suzuki, CC, OBC, the Japanese Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist just signed the petition asking the Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to let Nicanor Perlas run as a presidential candidate.

Suzuki says in his comment, “Nicanor Perlas is a serious candidate for political office, not a nuisance. Humanity has undergone an enormous change in numbers, technological prowess, consumer demand and a global economy. We have become so powerful that we are undermining the very life support systems of the planet. But we cling to our political and economic priorities, that we are blinded to the reality that it is nature that sets limits that we have to respect or else our survival is put at risk.”


An Animal Welfare Advocate as President?

November 22, 2009 3 comments

I attended the latest Salu-Salo para sa Pagbabago Series with Nick Perlas which highlights his Green Agenda and advocacy on Climate Change.  His basic solution was to really have a long-term plan which focuses on climate change adaptation and on-time rapid emergency preparedness and response so that the scenarios seen during Ondoy and Pepeng will not happen again.

Surprisingly beside that I learned that Nick Perlas is an Animal Rights Advocate.  This came about when an animal rights advocate asked him about his stand on animal welfare and he said that he had been a long time advocate working together with Dr. Michael Fox (in the United States).  Fox, Perlas said is a very good and close friend of him.  They had worked together on lobbying for humane treatment of farm animals.

Perlas also said that there are existing laws protecting animal welfare and it should be enforced fully.

Nick Perlas is also a certified vegetarian.  This is one of his contributions as well to helping the planet and protecting the welfare of animals.

Follow Nick Perlas on Twitter and Become a Volunteer.  Our country needs a leader who can stand up for the welfare of our people and of course of other living beings.

The Necessity for Change: Nicanor Perlas Complete Platform

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Nick Perlas at CEAPThe promise of Lupa ng Araw that was felt so deeply by our forebears has been betrayed. We are now confronted with the devastating results of years of self-serving traditional politics and politicians. Poverty, unemployment, graft and corruption, conflict, injustice, and environmental decline, these are but some of the ills devastating the country today. Virtually every level of governance and every institution of society has been infected by the pursuit of narrow and self-serving political ends. There is no guiding vision that unites the country much less the various departments of government. This produces loss of hope and worse, apathy and cynicism.

We have now reached a turning point. Many Filipinos want something more dignified. The country yearns for a new direction to achieve genuine freedom, justice, solidarity, to restore the Philippines that so inspired Rizal, Bonifacio, Aquino and many others.

Filipinos yearn for “GINHAWA”, that is, true freedom, true justice, true prosperity, true respect for nature, true solidarity, true dignity and honor – all based on our deep innate sense that we all come from one Divine Source, one Creator. Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) will change this dismal state of affairs with a new vision, a new agenda and new policies and programs that will bring “ginhawa”, that will make this country rise up from the ashes and take its place in the global community of nations.

We envision the true Philippines that has deep sources of spirituality; the Philippines that respects and empowers individual Filipinos towards excellence; the Philippines that understands meaningful societal change, participation and inclusion; the Philippines that respects and values culture; the Philippines that protects human rights, ensures justice and promotes participatory democracy; the Philippines that progresses economically by serving the true needs of the people; the Philippines that protects and nurtures the integrity of creation, our sources of life – our ecology

Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) summarizes these aspirations in its vision statement and principles as follows.

We envision a prosperous, peaceful, democratic, moral and visionary nation, living in harmony with Nature and energized by creative, honest, responsible citizens who are aware of their divine origin and purpose; citizens who have united together to sustain a free, vibrant and diverse culture, a broad-based and inclusive economy, a participatory, just and compassionate governance that contributes positively to world affairs.


Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) summarizes these aspirations in its vision statement and principles as follows.

Vision Statement.

We envision a prosperous, peaceful, democratic, moral and visionary nation, living in harmony with Nature and energized by creative, honest, responsible citizens who are aware of their divine origin and purpose; citizens who have united together to sustain a free, vibrant and diverse culture, a broad-based and inclusive economy, a participatory, just and compassionate governance that contributes positively to world affairs.

A Presidentiable for New Politics and Green Principles

November 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Perlas Tayong LahatA NUMBER OF PRESIDENTIAL ASPIrants with a mind-set on reforms and new politics are now backing Liberal Party standard-bearer Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III—but Nicanor Perlas is not one of them.

His campaign slogan, composed by his supporters, is a play on his surname: “Perlas Tayong Lahat (We are all pearls).”

“Perlas” is the Filipino word for “pearl,” which is formed when a shell gets irritated, the man observed. Thus, his slogan represents “the millions of Filipinos getting irritated” by current problems.

It also speaks of the Philippines’ ongoing “inner process of transformation” to be able to “rise up again amidst the challenges,” he said.

Speaking with Inquirer editors last week, the 59-year-old activist-environmentalist said that as he had declared in June, he would seek the highest elective post in the country and nothing else.

And no, Perlas said, he was not considering running for a lower post, such as senator. He pointed out that the Philippines already had good laws, and that the challenge was to implement them properly.

Malacañang is the problem

“The disease of our system is in the presidential level. The executive branch is the source of all our problems,” he said.

Perlas also said that while he was not as well-known or as moneyed as the other presidential aspirants, he was not quitting the race.

He said the “yellow fever” triggered by the death on Aug. 1 of former President Corazon Aquino and now centered on her only son was ignoring “the discernment process that is needed at this time.”

Perlas said that while he had worked closely with then President Aquino, he met her son only once, and recently: It was Noynoy who, in a ceremony in August, handed to him the Manuel L. Quezon award for Exemplary Governance for his environment work.


Unite for Change and Unite for Genuine Solutions to Our Country’s Problems

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Perlas-Salo-Salo-sa-PagbabagoAfter what happened during typhoon Ondoy, I thought if I really need to post the fund raising dinner for Nick Perlas.  Then, I realized that helping resolve what happened during Ondoy and in disasters to come does not only mean giving relief goods and donations but more importantly finding a way to prevent this things from happening in the future or at least be ready for it.

As the only candidate with worldwide recognition by various sectors including the United Nations on issues on integral sustainable development, climate change, peace and microfinance it is fitting to invite everyone to join Nicanor “Nick” Perlas for this dinner.  Get to know him… share your visions and thoughts… know why people are opting for Nicky.

Here’s is a good way to get to know Nicky and his supporters. This is a positive response to what’s stirring inside us as Pinoys. It could be a good venue for a healing dialogue with others who share love of country, esp in light of Ondoy.

Join Nicanor “Nick” Perlas on October 19, 2009, 7:00p.m. at the OCCI Center for Learning Office, 6/F Emerald Bldg, Ortigas Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For confirmation please call 4669520, 4125356 or email

We need a long lasting solution to our problems… we need strong political will and mindset the genuinely cares for our people.

Practicality tells us to go beyond politics and unite to prepare for the signs of the times.

“Environment is Key in Ensuring Our Safety” – Dorothy Lenore Llariza Reflects on Nick Perlas’ ANC Interview

September 29, 2009 1 comment

Environmentalist and presidentiable Nick Perlas’ short segment at the ANC Channel with Ricky Carandang this evening touched a core in my being when he specifically mentioned how his own house went underwater during typhoon Frank last year. Being an Ilongga myself and having personally seen the devastation in Iloilo last year, I understood what he was saying.

Clearly, Nick said we have a need as a nation, beyond political lines and beyond personalities, to prepare for global climate change which was predicted by a scientist 20 years ago. Ricky commented that perhaps, none of us really believed that global climate change would – or could – happen to us in this particular time.

One major move for preparedness, Nick said, would be to remove residences from river areas because, in the coming seasons when waters will inevitably rise due to changes in the Arctic region, those areas will be the first to be hit the hardest. Other preparations will be to transfer evacuation areas to elevated places, and strengthen telecommunication lines and strategic points of communication so that NDCC’s monitoring will be accurate. Nick also mentioned PAGASA’s plan to purchase state-of-the-art equipment to accurately measure weather patterns, which was somehow shelved due to ‘interests’ of some parties.

I personally agree with everything that was taken up for such a short time. The inevitable changes in world weather patterns should make us human beings flexible enough to also change our ways of thinking, our lifestyles, our behavior towards the environment, and our views of social responsibility. If environmentalists all over the world have revised and updated over and over again their data on climate change, then we should also keep ourselves in the same pace and space, because, Nick  Perlas said in conclusion, this is now “a matter of survival.”

Nicanor “Nicky” Perlas to be featured in GMANews.TV web shows

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Get to know more and get answers to the question, WHO IS NICKY PERLAS? Join Nicanor “Nicky” Perlas on September 24, as he answers questions from Internet users in real time on the second webcast of Exchange, the first ever Philippine live chat forum for 2010 candidates and experts.

Environmentalist Nicanor “Nicky” Perlas declared his intention to run for the presidency last June 17, 2009. He has never occupied any public office but has extensive experience in advocacy work and policy-making. He says that his bid for the highest office is motivated by his desire for change.

“Somebody has to step up there, somebody that can give the people who want change a real choice,” Perlas said.

Web users may chat with Nick Perlas by registering at and logging on to

Exchange is the first ever live chat forum where Filipinos from all over the world can log in and chat on real time with the election candidates. This gives Internet users a chance to personally interview 2010 aspirants about their opinions, plans, and advocacy platforms. (Click here to visit the Facebook fan page of Exchange.)

Nicky Perlas will be online at 11 AM (Philippine time).

He will also be interviewed for Examine, a question-and-answer web show that will be aired at a later date. Users may email their questions to before September 24.

Examine features election candidates and experts who will answer the top ten questions received from the public. Questions will be sent in and pooled from various sources including text messaging, email and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.- GMANews.Tv

Nicanor Perlas’ Acceptance Speech for the Right Livelihood Award 2003

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment


Acceptance Speech by
Nicanor Perlas
December 8th, 2003

Before anything else, I would like to express my deep gratitude for having been found worthy by the jury of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation to be one of the recipients of their prestigious Right Livelihood Award for 2003. I humbly accept this great honor and distinction as it will be important in the on-going and incoming struggle to create a better world for humanity and the planet.

Inner and Outer Journey

The journey that took me from my place of work to standing here before you has been long and hard but inwardly enriching. It started 35 years ago in Manila, Philippines when I was around 18 years of age. I grew up in a relatively sheltered life of ease and leisure and educated in one of the two top elite schools of the country, a school whose students’ parents determined the direction of Philippine economic and political life. This world drastically changed when I realized that such a sheltered and privileged life was totally empty and meaningless amidst the sea of poor and oppressed people that was and is the Philippines. This feeling was so strong that I chose agriculture as my career because it would give me a direct access to helping the poor.

My classmates were horrified. They thought I was crazy, wanting to give up a life of ease. They thought I was mad, giving up sure fame for winning the Athlete of the Year award and an invitation to be part of the Philippine Olympic team, a sure road to stardom in a country which adores outstanding athletes.

Ignoring this insult, I organized one mass mobilization after another to challenge oppressive structures in Philippine society and to create a more just and sustainable reality. At the same time, as I started receiving death threats, I had to develop inner strength and courage to carry through with my decision that I was willing to die for my principles.

We shut down our university and made it more relevant to the needs of the country. We prevented the Marcos dictatorship from building 12 nuclear power plants located near active volcanoes and earthquake faults. In the process, we launched the largest global protest movement at that time against nuclear plants in a so-called “Third World” country. We banned 32 pesticide formulations that were dumped on unsuspecting countries like the Philippines, harming the lives and the economic livelihood of millions of rice and other farmers. Bomb threats did not stop this work which instead triggered the large scale application of sustainable agriculture practices in the Philippines, benefiting the lives of hundreds of thousands of farmers.

We moved on and organized the largest network of civil society organizations consisting of over 5000 member organizations. This became the third power in Philippine society, counterbalancing the often unjust and harmful policies and programs of the State and the Market. With this social force, we developed Philippine Agenda 21 as the sustainable development framework of the Philippine government and blunted the radical neo-liberal agenda of the United States in APEC. In a tactical partnership with government, we introduced an innovation called social threefolding, where civil society, business and government dialogued and debated the future of world development within the Commission on Sustainable Development in the United Nations. This innovation was one of two streams of influences which enable the tri-sectoral approach to become a major policy approach adopted by the UN Millennium Summit. And recently, amidst great dangers to our lives, we ousted a corrupt Philippine President from office, using the threefolding approach to mobilize key leaders from civil society, government, and business.

Brave New World of the Future

You will note that I have given a sense of the inner process that has accompanied me all these years in the different areas of contention, an inner process that ultimately resulted in some form of good for people in a specific part of our planet and for humanity in general. I did this with a particular concern and purpose in mind. We are entering a “brave new world”, totally alien to history, totally alien to our present experience of the world. This “brave new world” will require more than ever our harnessing inner resources if we are not to plunge ourselves into the abyss of destruction.

We are in the midst of elite globalization, that promises to destroy nature and wipe out most of what we traditionally hold dear, especially all the diverse identities of the world. Instead of a mutual understanding of cultures and identities, we have a “clash of civilizations” spreading like wildfire in many parts of the world, ensuring unending strife and battle. We are also seeing in our time the radical alteration of the nation state and their relationships, including, but not limited to, the increasing Atlantic divide between the U.S. and Europe, as well as the divide between the two and the rest of the world. We are also witness today to the newly emerged U.S. Empire, embodied in the Bush Doctrine, which seeks to dominate the other nations of the world as well as outer space, through its new and more deadly weapons of mass destruction.

Simultaneously while this commodification and domination of the world is taking place, the revolutions in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive technology are moving towards “technological singularity”. This is the term scientists use for the convergence of these four technologies aimed at physically re-engineering the human being and creating super-intelligent machines, with capacities far exceeding the ordinary logic of humans. In short, technological singularity will dominate the very physical make-up of the human being. When this happens within the horizon of most of the lives of people gathered here tonight, then Francis Fukuyama’s greatest nightmare will come true. We will experience the “end of history” not because capitalism and liberal democracy has triumphed permanently over communism, but because it will be the end of humans as we know them. For human history will have ended, because conventional humans, Homo sapiens, will have disappeared, superceded by human cyborgs and super-intelligent machines.

In our collective journey as humanity in this planet, we have clearly entered a totally unprecedented era. The problems we face are complex and extraordinary. In my forthcoming book, Spirit or Empire; Societal Revolutions of the 21st century, I have called this complex of problems the “Empire-Cyborg Matrix”. I am introducing the discourse of “spirit” back in social activism because the problems we face, dear friends, cannot be solved by the same kind of mind and heart that created these problems in the first place. We are in fact faced with very deep spiritual social problems, which require spiritual responses from us. Ordinary, secular, materialistic answers will not do. The plea for human rights, for example, makes no sense if we truly believe that humans are simply complex biochemical machines that we can alter, patent, and clone. If we believe in materialistic concepts of evolution, we really can have no valid objections to the Empire Project of the United States and the technological singularity of scientists who want to transform humans into cyborgs.

This is the reason why I gave a glimpse of the inner journey that took me here from the Philippines to Sweden tonight. For behind every act of social resistance and creativity is a spiritual act. Spiritual revolution must have happened first within us before we can create the new world we all long for. Failing this act of spiritual revolution, we will face the future powerless to redeem and transform the mechanical, totalitarian world we have created out of our societies, our selves, and Nature.

In the Impossible Lies the Seed of the Future.

As I reach near the end of my Acceptance Speech, I would like to share a very brief story and a lesson which can lead us hopefully and with courage into a better future.

In January 2001 we had mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to rise up in protest against the scandalous, corrupt, and criminal government of Philippine President Ejercito Estrada. At the same time we were concerned that the 15 different scenarios would most likely lead to a civil war. To make a long story short, we in civil society made elaborate preparations, in cooperation with the top business leaders of the country, to bring the whole transportation system of the Philippines to a halt. No planes, no ships, no buses. We aimed to paralyze the national economy. We were on the verge of implementing this move, when, unexpectedly, the whole military sided with us and that signaled the end of the corrupt regime of Estrada.

This event taught me a valuable lesson which I have never forgotten. I realized, right there and then, that in the impossible is the real; in the impossible is the future waiting to be born. From the perspective of the past and the present, the future that wants to be born is “impossible”, distant, and but a dream. But the future cannot be a mere continuation of the past, no matter how that past seems so familiar and rational to us. The future, of necessity, will appear in the garb of the “impossible”, and only people with vision and deep spiritual creativity can know this and act on this, visionary individuals often called “crazy” by their friends, and even their loved ones. But, dear friends, the “impossible”, a more human future wanting to be born, calls us all to resist and transform the Empire-Cyborg Matrix.

From Winter to the Spring of Life

We are gathered together in the depths of the darkness and cold of winter. It is a good context for our discussions and a perfect symbol of the present world and human situation. However, we know that, after Winter, comes Spring; and with it the re-birth of Nature, the blossoming of the flowers, the chirping of the birds, the re-awakening of life in a grand scale.

In this Winter of our history, we will also have a Spring. But it is a Spring that we will have to create for this kind of Spring will not come automatically. It is a Spring that we must bring forth through effort and courage. Through our free decision to suffer with and engage the world. It is a Spring we can create by so loving the world, that we bring forward the best we can be for the world and for others.

Dear Friends, we face the future confident that we have one thing in us that the Empire-Cyborg Matrix does not have and can never defeat. This is the unconquerable world of the creative Spirit. With this inner power, we can abandon our conditioned habits of mind and heart that energize the Empire-Cyborg Matrix, habits that have been so destructive of the world and of all life. With this inner power, we will unite and move together to realize the “impossible” to halt the decline of human civilization and create a new world. Nothing less is expected of us as we face this great trial of humanity. Nothing less.

For my part, I will work, to the last gasp of my breath and with others from the farthest ends of the planet, to create a different world. Then we will have truly embarked on the urgent journey to give birth to a new civilization, truly worthy of our planet and truly worthy of our dignity as human beings.

Dianne Que on Nicanor Perlas: “At last – a candidate I can believe in”

August 25, 2009 1 comment

It’s 2:38am and I just read incredible news via facebook that Nicanor Perlas has announced his intention to run for President of the Philippines in 2010. At last – a candidate I can believe in. While his name is little known to most Filipinos, Nicanor or “Nick” Perlas has steadily and quietly championed environmental justice & sustainable development, societal threefolding, holistic education, self- and cultural transformation, and largely as an environmental activist he has been achieving the impossible for over thirty years. In this time, he has built a high-caliber following of thinkers, community organizers, educators, activists, agriculturalists, leaders, business people, and down-home folks who have long urged him to take on a government post. A private person who generally shies away from the limelight, Perlas has (to the cheers of his supporters) finally made the decision that the time is now. Affronted by a Philippine government mired in “guns, gold, and goons,” Perlas – a 2003 recipient of Sweden’s Alternative Nobel Prize along with several other global accolades – is ready to change the game.

Can he win? In the same vein as our own popular President – I’ll go ahead and say it – Yes He Can. He has been lauded by global leaders as one of the great thinkers of our time, he has mobilized communities in successful movements under impossible conditions (See Bataan Nuclear Power Plant), and with a plan to mobilize over a million volunteers during his campaign, he hopes to edge out the wealthier, more popular candidates with the notion that money “cannot buy hearts and minds that dream of something better.”

I know. Sounds like a long shot. Too idealistic – especially in a grossly impoverished nation where money and mainstream media control votes. But let us be reminded how few thought that a young, Black Jr. Senator from the south side of Chicago with a hope for change could actually steal away an established white institution. So we all know that when enough people yearn for change and BELIEVE that a broken system can be challenged in viable ways, magic happens.

Perlas has set up a website specifically surrounding his 2010 bid for the presidency. Here, you will find everything you need to know about him – his biography, qualifications, writings from 1976-present, his talks from 2001-present, newsclips, his strategies and theories for winnability, etc. You will be astounded by this one man’s pursuits not only for a better Philippines, but for a better Asia and Global condition.

I will definitely be following Perlas’ campaign and if I figure out things we can do stateside to get him elected, I will surely let you all know.

It is now an ungodly hour but now that I’ve blogged away my excitement, I hope I can rest better. (this is what i get for skimming my facebook news feed ‘just one last time’ before bed…)

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