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revilla, enrile, estrada, marcos, lanette & 23 other lawmakers contributed their pork barrel funds to P10B “mother of all scams” – PDI

July 15, 2013 1 comment


PDI photo

we are aggregating here the articles published at the Philippine Daily Inquirer which is being called the P10B Mother Of All Scams involving the pork barrel funds (PDAF) of senators and members of congress. we think this is so important we are making it easy for pinoys to read all the important articles on the matter.

28 solons linked to scam

Revilla gave pork to syndicate 22 times


12:13 am | Monday, July 15th, 2013

(Fourth of a series)

Five senators and 23 members of the House of Representatives allegedly made available their pork barrel funds to dummy nongovernment organizations for purported ghost projects worth P10 billion over the past decade, according to affidavits submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation.

Janet Lim-Napoles. president of JLN Corporation – PDI pic

Revilla gave the syndicate access to his PDAF, or pork barrel, to dummy NGOs formed by Napoles and registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission in 22 instances; followed by Senators Juan Ponce Enrile on 21 occasions; Jinggoy Estrada, 18 times; Ferdinand Marcos Jr., four; and Gringo Honasan, once with a small amount.

Contrary to one newspaper report, Sen. Loren Legarda was not involved in the scam, said the principal whistle-blower, Benhur Luy, a former Napoles employee. “There was an attempt, but I heard she was dropped because she scrutinized it and she was very keen on receipts,” Luy told the Inquirer.


Topping the list of 23 House representatives is Rizalina Seachon-Lanete of Masbate’s third district, who allowed her pork to be used 13 times; followed by Conrado Estrella III of Pangasinan’s 6th district and Rodolfo Plaza of Agusan del Sur, both nine occasions; and Samuel Dangwa, of Benguet, eight.

Contacted by the Inquirer last week, Estrada said he would comment after he had read the affidavits secured by the NBI and had enough background information on the subject. Enrile and Revilla were not immediately available at the weekend but were expected to likewise respond to the issues raised against them.

Faced with a similar issue on their pork barrel funds going to spurious projects of bogus NGOs a few months back, Estrada called for an investigation into who could have unduly benefited from the scam.

All three senators earlier acknowledged that they had identified agriculture projects that were funded by their pork but denied any knowledge that an NGO that handled the funds was a bogus organization.

The three had asked the Department of Agriculture to shed light on how the concerned PDAF funds released between 2009 and 2010 were actually spent.

Reached by phone last week, former Rep. Arthur Pingoy asked where the PDAF was supposedly sourced from. He asked for details about the JLN company and said he would have it checked. He said he would then get back to the Inquirer.

‘Nothing to do with that’

Rep. Victor Ortega said: “I have nothing to do with that. I did not receive a single sack of fertilizer nor received a single peso from the fund for the fertilizer. The accuser should face me and tell me personally.” He said of Napoles: “I have never met her nor talked to her. I do not know her.”

Each senator has a PDAF budget of P200 million annually; congressmen each have a P70-million pork allocation, but during the Arroyo administration, favored senators and congressmen received more than they were supposed to get. Under the law, the lawmakers have the sole discretion in the disposition of their pork barrel.

Based on the documents obtained by the Inquirer, Enrile, at one time, downloaded P111 million of his PDAF to three dummy NGOs on the same date. Of the total amount, only P35 million allegedly went to the Napoles NGOs.

LGU involvement

A total of P3 billion was on the whistle-blowers’ list for the years 2006-2011. Implementing agencies for this total amount were the National Livelihood Development Corp. and the Technology Resource Center.

Apart from the 20 dummy organizations, the list also showed that 30 local government units were recipients of the pork barrel. However, according to the whistle-blowers, there were LGUs that were not aware of the funds and did not receive a single centavo.

The whistle-blowers also identified banks where the accounts of the bogus NGOs were deposited.


Deposits were made in the following banks:

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Janet Lim-Napoles denies involvement in P10B pork barrel scam & other scams

July 15, 2013 1 comment

we are aggregating here all the articles philippine daily inquirer has published on the P10 Billion pork barrel scam. this is so important to the country that we want to make it easier for pinoys to get all the important information PDI has been publishing.

our thanks to PDI for this series of articles.

this is article #2:

P10B Scam No2

click link below to read the rest of the article.

from the article :

High-profile scams

“I certainly was not involved in any of the high-profile scams which occurred during the previous administration. In fact, I found out in news reports that the Sandiganbayan issued a resolution clearing the suspects in the (Joc-joc Bolante) fertilizer scam. My name or JLN Corp. was not even mentioned in the said resolution clearing the suspects in the fertilizer scam.

“My name or JLN Corp. was not even mentioned in said resolution, proving that I and my business outfit are not involved in said scam,” Napoles said in her affidavit.

She said that Luy concocted the supposed kidnapping after she confronted him about a claim that he had secured an unauthorized loan for the company of P5 million and that he pocketed P300,000 she had asked him to deposit in the bank.

Since 2001

In 2001, Napoles and her husband, retired Army Maj. Jaime Napoles, were among 18 personnel of the Navy Marine Corps and civilians, charged by the Office of Ombudsman in the Sandiganbayan with graft and malversation in connection with the acquisition of substandard Kevlar helmets worth P3.8 million.

Seven years later, Napoles was called in the investigation conducted by the Senate blue ribbon committee on the P728-million fertilizer scam involving then Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc-joc” Bolante. The inquisitors extracted from her statements that she had formed dummy companies to launder the funds of the Department of Agriculture. Curiously, no charges were officially filed against her.

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P10B pork barrel scam – Napoles talked to senators & congressmen

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we are aggregating here all the articles philippine daily inquirer has published on the P10 Billion pork barrel scam. this is so important to the country that we want to make it easier for pinoys to get all the important information PDI has been publishing.

our thanks to PDI for this series of articles.

this is article #3:

P10B Scam No3

continuation of the article :

The funds, which were deposited in the foundations’ bank accounts, were eventually remitted to her to be split between her and the lawmaker whose PDAF allotment was used, or the official of the state agency involved.

The first step was to identify the source of fund, such as the pork barrel.

Napoles talked to senators

Either JLN staff would write a lawmaker requesting funding, say for the purchase of farm inputs on behalf of mayors or governors, or the lawmaker himself would indicate that his pork barrel be allocated to an agency, say the Department of Agriculture (DA).

It was Napoles who would talk to the senator, or his or her chief of staff, according to Merlina Suñas, JLN’s former account executive.

For good measure, the letters forwarded to the lawmaker’s office bore the scanned letterhead of the mayor’s or governor’s office, and the official’s forged signature.

Once everything was cleared, the staff would convince local governments to agree that the fund be released into preidentified foundations or NGOs with the promise of commission. The Department of Budget and Management would then issue a special allotment release order (Saro) to be charged against the lawmaker’s PDAF allocation, and later the notice of cash allocation (NCA), to the agency upon the submission by the lawmaker of a list of beneficiary-agencies.

Read more:

to read the rest of the article, please click the above link

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yoly ong strikes back – P88M counterclaim against senator enrile

January 24, 2013 Leave a comment

ong counter


MANILA, Philippines – Ad veteran Yolanda Ong is turning the tables on Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Enrile wanted Ong to pay him P31.5 million in damages for writing an allegedly libelous column last year that “besmirched” his reputation and caused him social humiliation. (READ: Enrile files P31-M damage suit vs ad veteran)

Ong filed a counterclaim last week, January 17, asking a Pasay court to dismiss the damage suit and make Enrile pay her instead a total of P88 million in damages and P1 million in attorney’s fees.

She did not cause Enrile any damage, she said. His “reputation is not the spotless or untarnished one that he alleges,” reads the complaint.

It is Enrile’s lawsuit that caused her moral and exemplary damages for violating her freedom of speech based on unfounded claims, she said.

In her two counterclaims, Ong asked the court for P30 million in moral damages, P58 million in exemplary damages, and P1 million in attorney’s fees.

And if the court favors Ong, she said she will donate the money to the victims of the Marcos dictatorship.

yoly ong is a well-respected advertising executive in the philippine and co-founder of one of the top 10 advertising ad agencies in the country – Campaigns & Grey. it is a multinational ad agency that handles big international and local advertising clients. ong also writes a column for the Philippine Star. 

this is what happened:

The case, which Enrile filed last month, arose from a column that Ong had written on Oct. 16, 2012 entitled “Like father, like son?” Enrile, claiming that the column was libelous, asked the Court to order Ong to pay him P31.5 million in damages for allegedly ruining his reputation.


ong update

read the above article in full here:

this is the article that ong wrote that enrile filed a case for libel against ong:

Citizen Y 106      10-16-12      Yoly Villanueva-Ong
Like Father, like Son?
Just when we were about to forgive-and-forget Juan Ponce Enrile’s checkered past, he himself reminded us of what a wily, shifty chameleon he truly and naturally is. His stellar performance at the Corona impeachment leveraged enough glory for his son and namesake to become a strong contender for the Senate. Then he launches his autobiography and bio-documentary that attempt to revise history.It’s almost as if he can’t help but shoot his own foot.
And as history and some unassailable sources avow, this would not be the first time Enrile “shot himself’. In Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir, and bio-documentary “Johnny” that aired in ABS-CBN— he recants his previous recantation of the assassination attempt on him, which Marcos used as one more reason to justify Martial Law.
“This accusation is ridiculous and preposterous. What would I have faked my ambush for?” By that time martial law was already an “irreversible fact” since documents had been signed and the military operation to implement it had started.
This fact is further documented in various books written by foreign journalists who covered those perilous years. Time correspondent Sandra Burton, wrote in her book Impossible Dream(1989), “Seasoned observers believed from the start that the attack had been staged. Years later, as he was in the midst of his own revolt from the Marcos regime, Enrile would confirm those suspicions.”
Raymond Bonner of the New York Times interviewed Enrile twice in 1985. In his book Waltzing with a Dictator(1988) he wrote, “He was emphatic that the attack on him had not been staged, but in February 1986, after he had broken with Marcos and led the revolt that ousted the Philippine president, Enrile admitted that the attack on his car had been faked”.
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Katherine Ellison also wrote in her 1988 book, Imelda,“(Enrile) revealed that he had narrowly escaped injury in a spectacular ambush of his car—an event he conceded in 1986 had been staged.”
In his attempt to leave an acceptable legacy for posterity and bequeath a Senate seat for junior, the nonagenarian is sanitizing his recollections instead of asking for absolution. Stem cell therapy can deter dementia but it cannot regenerate an innocent man.
And now the gullible electorate is being enticed to continue Enrile’s political dominion through the son, Jack. By his own narrative, Junior was not close to his father in his younger days. He recalled that as a child, he only watched a movie twice with his dad.The name was a burden for him as he was bullied and beaten up in school for being an Enrile. But today he is closer to his father. “Mas nag-uusap na kami ngayong ako’y nasa 50s, and he is in his 80s,” Jack said. His name is no longer a millstone. He is his father’s son after all.

senator enrile tells a lie and we love him for it

May 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Enrile fumes over lost phone load 
By Aurea Calica 
Updated May 28, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – An irate Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile yesterday said he would summon officials of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to explain why subscribers like him were losing cell phone load even without using it.

“There’s an expiration? Eh bakit nila tinatanggal? Di ko naman ginagamit. (Why did they take it? I didn’t even use it.) What is their right to confiscate my money without even so much as saying I beg your pardon. Aba’y ‘di pwede ‘yun (That can’t be),” Enrile told reporters.

The 85-year-old Senate chief said he had P387 load on the morning of May 25, but lost it in the evening without ever using it.

“Then yesterday, I loaded P600. I did not use my telephone. In the afternoon it’s already P519. This morning it went down to P445. Inuubos, aba’y ang galing naman na serbisyo publiko ito (It was lost. This is some public service),” he said.

Enrile said the NTC must explain why it was not able to monitor and protect the public from this practice, adding that subscribers should also not be charged for promotional messages.

“Why should they send me messages that I do not want? We are going to look into this,” he said.

“Panloloko talaga (This is a scam). My God, what is their right? What is the ground for them to charge me for something if I’m not using their line or using their service?” he asked.

Enrile said subscribers should also not be receiving unsolicited messages. “I don’t like them to be texting me, these telecom companies. What for? And if they do, they should be the one paying for it, not me. And I’m going to raise this issue, not for my sake but for the sake of the public,” he said.

He said he pities ordinary people who may only afford to load P30, only to lose it after three days even if they are not using it.

He said the NTC must be alert to protect the public from these kinds of irregular practices and must explain whether it approved such charges.

read in full here:


senator enrile said exactly the same words many cellphone subscribers have long been complaining about – these TELCOS STEAL THE MONEY OF SUBCRIBERS. and cellphone subscribers have no protection against the thieves.

we love what enrile has said, we will love him even more if he does something to stop this wholesale robbery. but, come on, senator ponce enrile, the multi-millionaire who owns numerous multi-million companies, long time politician and public servant using a PRE-PAID SIM???

nobody will believe him!

though senator enrile may have told a lie, we love him just the same for speaking out for cell phone service subscribers. we forgive his lie.

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