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your sentiments and reactions on the 2010 election experience, voice them out here

May 13, 2010 17 comments

first time that the country is conducting an automated election in its history. aside from that historic omoent, this election is also one of the most important in the country’s history.

you have gone to the polling places and casted your vote, now let us know how you feel, how the experience went and whatever your thoughts are.

tell us what you think, some leads for your to answer:

  • areas of improvements
  • what were the problem areas
  • where were the problems
  • what irritated you the most
  • what went well
  • what made you happy
  • what are the good things
  • what did you like the most

89% of count – updated partial unofficial tally for president

May 13, 2010 Leave a comment


no question, noynoy aquino’s win in this election is a landslide win.

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reconcile eddie villanueva’s election loss and the failed prophecy of a win

May 11, 2010 129 comments

this blog has been very lucky to get a lot of bro. eddie’s supporters. we appreciate their very active and very intense participation in the discussion in this blog. we have seen aspects of their beliefs and their religion in ways that were new to us and the learnings well received.

the discussions are very high in volume and the debates even more intense and we have followed them to some degree. we now like to put things in perspective, to get it to reach into it’s natural conclusion.

we like to ask bro.eddie’s supporters and others to put the discussion to a close with this thread. we are asking everyone to give your reactions and thoughts.

to start off, we like to pose some lead points or questions.  this is an initial list, we will be adding as we go along.

  • what does it mean now that bro. eddie will lose this election
  • there was a prophecy made that bro. eddie will be president and this was supposed to happen now
  • does the prophecy still hold now that we know the results of this election
  • why did the prophecy did not fulfill itself?
  • what does the failure of bro. eddie’s bid to win do to your faith?
  • to your religion?
  • how do you feel about this?

here is  a reaction from sean:

(by Lorne L. Dawson of Department of Sociology University of Waterloo)

I cant help but to “use” this same title to describe what happened; as the result of this historic election continue to shed its lights of reality.
It seems that the reality was “set-in” against the irrational faith-based, wishful thinking, unscientific, boastful, (even a “mythical” treat of sending people to hell!!! because of not supporting ECV) by the supporters of ECV.

If any one will have an interest to read the study conducted by the sociologist i have mentioned above…he/she will understand how the “same acts and response” A CERTAIN GROUP or cult will do if a prophecy FAILED. (I AM QUITE sure that the “apologetic response will be the SAME” just as describe by the numerous studies conducted by sociologist and psychologist on the religious groups studied on the title above)

Its a good thing to study RELIGION’S historicity and avoid its poisonous stings..

to end my message..

“The fact that a believer is happier than a sceptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality”. – George Bernard Shaw


“Religion is regarded by the COMMON people as true, by the WISE as false, and by the rulers as useful”. – Seneca the Younger ( It is quite applicable in the Philippines!!)


from a small voice of mine against the vast religious ocean of my beloved country…

Thank you Mr.wawam




the 2010 philippine election exit poll – gilbert teodoro dominates

May 10, 2010 204 comments

this survey is now open. please let us know who you voted in this election.

also vote in the exit poll for vice-president here –> Now open – The 2010 Presidentiables Blog Exit Poll For Vice-President (who did you for vice president?)

vote here: your sentiments and reactions on the 2010 election experience, voice them out here

the misunderstanding on automated election – not for speed of voting process but for accuracy of counting

May 10, 2010 3 comments

the election is on going in most parts of  the country. the complaints are not on the PCOS machine malfunctioning but on the long wait for voters to get on with the voting. this is frustrating a lot of voters specially now that we experiencing a heat wave.

voters are complaining about the long lines leading to the polling precinct, the inability to quickly confirm the precinct number and the wait to get a ballot and vote. once inside the polling precinct,  it takes the voter anywhere from 6 to 8 minutes from filling up the ballot and getting the PCOS machine.

the long lines are  not being caused by the automated election system that the country is doing for the first time  in its history. unfortunately most people thought that speed in voting is one of the things it is supposed to solve.

automated election was meant to solve accuracy in the counting of the votes, also to a large degree prevent election cheating and speed up the counting process, not speed in voting during the election process. where before it took the country to get election results after several weeks, the automated election  will enable the country to get the results after 2 days at the longest.

what the voters need now is patience, an umbrella and water to drink while in line.

1 vote, your vote can get noynoy a landslide win

May 8, 2010 2 comments

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog Poll closed – #1-villanueva; #2-gordon; #3-teodoro; #4-aquino

May 8, 2010 483 comments

several tens of thousands voted in our poll here at The 2010 Presidentiables Blog  Poll which was first opened on december 2, 2009. this is probably one of the most successful internet poll on the 2010 presidentiables given the sheer number of voters.

this was the 2nd presidentiables poll we opened here with the first one including the undeclared but claimed candidates. this poll only includes the official COMELEC list of presidentiables.

we like to thank everyone for viting in the polls and posting your comments her.

on may 10, we will open a new poll – an exit poll. you will be asked to vote the presidentiable you actually voted in the election.

know your candidate better and find out specifics on all the other candidates,  compare them,  click here :

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how a landslide win is possible for noynoy aquino

May 8, 2010 4 comments

click here to know your precinct number and confirm you are a registered voter

May 8, 2010 6 comments

please note latest on this one — COMELEC’s precinct finder is down, overwhlemed by hits. they have given hotline numbers to call.

Those who want to find their precincts may call the information technology (IT) department of the Comelec. The hotlines are

  • 527-0841
  • 527-2773
  • 527-2772
  • 527-0822
  • 526-7769


try this out,  confirm if you are a registered voter and find your precinct number, click here:

  • 526-7770
  • caution: over-confidence and complacency might not get aquino elected

    May 6, 2010 2 comments

    there is an avalanche of good news for noynoy aquino – all the polls are showing he is still the front runner in this election. not only is he the front runner but his ratings are still increasing and his closest opponent’s ratings are decreasing.

    he recently got the endorsement of iglesia ni cristo which can get him a command votes of at least 1M to 2M.

    for sure, aquino supporters are ecstatic and energized with these developments. but aquino might not get elected president if his supporters become over-confident and complacent. they might turn lazy and not go out and vote on may 10, thinking that his win is a sure thing. if that  thinking gets into the big numbers, aquino just might end up much less votes than originally hoped for.

    now is the time to be even more vigilant and determined, not relaxed and lazy, all supporters of aquino must go out and campaign for aquino and more importantly make sure to go out and vote on may 10. every vote counts!

    voting machine (PCOS) fails – what should we do?

    May 5, 2010 2 comments

    please post your comments and let us know what you think about this issue. we will post here your comments.

    our stand – POSTPONE THE ELECTION, fix all problems first

    May 4, 2010 1 comment



    there is no reason why we cannot postpone the election! there are simply too many problems being encountered with the PCOS machine and the whole system of the automated election. we knew from the very start the COMELEC did not have enough time to fix everything, these new developments with the machine proves that one more time. 

    let’s be honest with ourselves, there is just too many unknowns on this thing that we should postpone the election and fix everything first. postponing it will only bring inconvenience but it will ensure that when we actually conduct the election and everything has been tested and fixed, then it’s a credible election with no questions to cast doubt on it,

    let us postpone the election! we think one week to two weeks at the most will do it. and during that time, everything should be tested and fixed.


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