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con-ass proponents are like rapists – cardinal rosales

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when cardinal rosales took over as archbishop of manila, the country and most specially civil society gave a collective ho-hum. some mourned. for good reason – rosales replaced the hugely popular and well-loved cardinal jaime sin.

cardinal sin is known for his wit and intelligence and above all, his activism in philippine political and national life. he is largely credited for the beginnings of the People Power Revolution that removed ferdinand marcos in 1986.

nobody will forget that day. people were just starting to gather in EDSA, then over the radio cardinal sin asked catholics to get out of their homes and proceed to isetan in cubao, the starting point for a march towards camp crame edsa for the people to protect camp crame and camp aguinaldo. the rest is history.

that kind of involvement is something everyone knew rosales will not give. and true enough, upon his installation in the highest position in the philippine catholic church, he simply disappeared into nowhere saying nothing about what was happening to the country. all of a sudden the archdiocese of manila turned silent, the exact opposite of what it was before. not only that, he instructed priests and bishops not to meddle in political affairs.

that was rosales then, but the rosales that we hear now is very, very different.

the bishops and now being led by rosales have been very vocal about the cha-cha and con-ass, the move by arroyo supporters to change the constitution to enable a term extension that can mean arroyo will install herself as president for life of the philippines.

cardinal rosales has transformed himself. and his latest statement to describe allowing the congressmen to form themselves into a con-ass to amend the constitution : “It’s like entrusting your teenage daughter in the care of a rapist.”

that statement is just one of many signs, words said, rallies organized and movements led that is pointing to a more active involvement of catholic bishops in national issues.

welcome, cardinal rosales. i am sure cardinal sin is smiling in heaven.

Cardinal: Con-ass backers like rapists

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:13:00 12/19/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales has expressed what may yet be his sharpest rebuke of administration lawmakers pushing a constituent assembly (Con-ass) to amend the 1987 Constitution.

“It’s like entrusting your teenage daughter in the care of a rapist,” Rosales told reporters. “I’m sorry for the analogy, but you get the idea.”

The cardinal said it would not be prudent to allow certain members of the House of Representatives to perform the task of Charter change because of their vested interests including “political dynasties.”

He added: “[There] is a danger of extending [the term of] the present administration and those who are occupying positions [in it] down to the last office.”

But Rosales, who now holds the prelature from which the late Jaime Cardinal Sin called on the people to overthrow two presidents, indicated the Catholic hierarchy’s support for “improving the Constitution.”

read in full here:

SWS survey : filipinos united in support for the RH Bill 5043 – across the board, even among catholics

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filipinos united in their support of RH Bill 5043

posted here at 2010 Presidentiables are the results of the october 2008 SWS survey on the RH Bill 5043 and key charts. read in full here:

there is overwhelming support for the RH Bill across all demographics, all areas and even among catholics. the numbers are staggering – dominant support for the RH Bill across all groups.

the support is so overwhelming that the “undecided” across all groupings are even higher than those “not in favor”. more importantly, the “in favor” scores are signigicantly higher even if you add the “undecided” and “not in favor” scores.

in marketing terms, the RH Bill is a clear winner, no question about it. this country is hugely and deeply divided on many national and political issues but  not on the RH Bill. it is probably one of the very few issues in the country where the filipino people are very much united on.

david letterman’s point of view on the shoe throwing incident of bush

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nobody can’t do it better than david letterman. a couple of  gems from letterman!

the monologue, the first here is just brilliant!

early warning device blinks on SWS’ arroyo performance satisfaction survey 4QTR 2008

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SWS released its most recent survey on the the presidential performance satisfaction survey. this is for the 4th QTR 2008. there are a few interesting findings.

arroyoarroyo’s public satisfaction has improved, though not significant, versus previous rating. that’s some good news.

the bad news is that the net satisfaction rating continue  to be on the negative side, -24 nationally and continue to be negative across geography, socio-eco class, basic demographics and gender. this has been the case for many surveys for arroyo.

what i find interesting is the results in NCR. these results in NCR i think is dome kind of an early warning device that should be blinking rapidly and strongly. there is a message there and it is a strong one.

over-all net satisfaction has dramatically gone down to -45 from previous period september 2008 of -36 and even higher  versus the june 2008 perios of -40. that drop is dramatic and clearly statistically significant.

but that dramatic drop is not yet the early warning device that is aggressively calling for attention. it is in the specifics of that drop. 

in NCR, the “satisfied” ratings only slightly dropped to 19% from previous period of 21%. what is significant and the key driver in the over-all net satisfaction rating is on the  “dissatisfied” ratings where it increased to 65% from previous period of 58%. that is a statistically significant drop.

what happened is that the over-all net-satisfaction rating in the NCR was pulled down by the huge increase in “dissatisfaction” rating despite only a slight decrease in “satisfaction” rating.

what drove the net satisfaction rating to significantly deteriorate?

we think in this survey, the undecided people made a decision now and gave  arroyo a negative satisfaction rating. that is significant as what that might mean is that the “silent majority” are no longer being silent and their voice speaks against arroyo.

that can indicate a growing dissatisfaction among the previously unaffected and that is adding to those who have entrenched themselves in their dissatisfaction of arroyo’s performance.

the other significance of that result is it is at the NCR. the NCR is the social, economic and political center of the country. many things in this country start at the NCR, including the People Power Revolution and EDSA DOS.

getting more people who were previously undecided and unaffected and now expressing dissatisfaction at the NCR is definitely a huge early warning device.

thread carefully, like walking on ground filled with eggs.    


15 December 2008

Fourth Quarter 2008 Social Weather Survey:
PGMA’s net satisfaction rating at -24

Social Weather Stations

The latest Social Weather Survey of November 28-December 1, 2008 found 29% satisfied and 53% dissatisfied with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s performance, for a poor net rating of -24 (% satisfied minus % dissatisfied).

mar roxas – questions that need to be answered

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Roxas won’t apologize for Friday’s expletive | 12/15/2008 11:06 AMThey shouldn’t wait for an apology because it will never come, Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas said Monday.Roxas made the statement as a reaction to reports that the Palace was saddened with his swearing during his speech at the anti-charter change (cha-cha) rally in Makati City last Friday.

In a phone interview, deputy presidential spokesperson Anthony Golez said the Palace respects Roxas’ actions, saying that it is up to him if he wants to apologize or not.

“We respect everyone’s feelings. What is important is what is inside each person, and as for Roxas, he should just do whatever he thinks is right,” he said in an interview on ABS-CBN’s “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

At the same program, Roxas said that he has nothing to apologize for, saying that what he did was merely a reflection of the people’s frustrations towards the Arroyo administration.

“This is the real thing. I’m not plastic. This is the sentiment of the Filipino people, and the [administration] should act properly,” Roxas said in an interview at ABS-CBN’s “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

“We are hungry, we have no jobs, our only hope lies in other countries, not in our own. Despite these, the administration is preoccupied with cha-cha. I didn’t say anything beyond what the people feel. I just said the truth,” he added.

In spite of the sudden outburst of emotions during the rally, Roxas made it clear that the expletive-laced speech was addressed to the situation, and not to President Arroyo.

“My swearing was because of the awful situation we are in. That is what I am referring to,” he said.

read in full here:


senator putang ina has taken a tough stand on the words he uttered. we will not dwell into examining his reasons for saying those words and his rationalization on why he does not want to apologize for it. what we will do is post a few questions for roxas to answer before he goes to sleep at night.

first, what he has done is he gave himself  a brand negative. whether that brand negative is big, important, detrimental or not, the point is he gave himself one. right now it may be small to medium but who knows what the future will be. of course, it can both ways, that negative might not grow and in fact it might disappear. or if he is unlucky, it might not. only time will tell.

you usually do not want a brand to have a negative. the ideal you aim for is a perfect brand where all key components are not just favorable but also preferred. but that is normally not enough. you also look if it has some negatives.

launching a brand with some negatives is a high risk situation. once it is discovered by consumers, it can grow and it can spread when it does, then there is no stopping it.

and that leads us to the questions roxas need to answer. these are the questions he needs to answer to answer the question, “Should I apologize or not?”

  •  media will not easily forget it. once done, it is forever there. filed and ready for use anytime.
  • his presidentiable opponents will also not forget it. it does not matter if it’s small or big, they will always make everything big. they will certainly make it matter.
  • is his hard line stance now of not apologizing worth all that much versus the potential flack he can get?
  • this is a needless and unnecessary distraction. he will now forever find himself answering the same question over and over again – why did he say “putang ina”? he will now forever need to defend himself. rather than spend time discussing his plans and ideas for the country, he will have to take valuable time explaining this.
  • let’s be brutal here — what is it that he gained when he said those words? and what is it in reality did he gain from saying he will not apologize? did those things add to his popularity? or did they remove something from it?
  • if roxas apologizes, what will be removed from him? and what will be given? which is bigger? what is more important?
  • and this is probably the most important question of all – is the kind of man he was when he said those expletives the real person that he is? 

mar roxas, senator putang ina (SOB) – his defining moment? a PR disaster in the making

December 16, 2008 7 comments

we have made a point about the shoe throwing incident president bush experienced recently as perhaps the defining moment for his presidency. it’s eloquent – bush in iraq delivering his valedictory address, then an iraqi throwing  shoes at the president of the most powerful nation. it speaks volumes, some of which a measure of popularity or lack of it, for the president and how the iraq war has evolved to become not only in iraq but also in america itself and the rest of the world.

did mar roxas, an undeclared but sure thing presidentiable, have his own defining moment of his candidacy last friday? 

mar roxas in front of thousands and on live tv cursed, said “putang ina” (SOB) referring to the issue of con-ass and term extension.

mar_roxas5awe are guilty of the same thing, well granted that some more than others, but we all have our share of cursing. often by ourselves and some in public.

but not all of us are senators. and fewer still, not in front of a crowd of thousands and on live tv. and that is where the key difference lie.

there are clear expectations in becoming a senator. they are always held to a higher standard. and cursing, saying those words exactly is the wrong thing to do.

senator miriam defensor is my favorite for these sorts of things. i make it a point to watch miriam do her thing when she gets mad or when she intends to be insulting. but i have not heard her cuss. and yet the way she does it is even more hysterical, much more biting. that’s because even though the thoughts are not, she uses acceptable words and even more elegant logic in delivering them.

not the same thing with mar roxas. he used gutter language. “salitang imburnal” in the vernacular. defensor uses gutter thoughts elegantly delivered in acceptable words. there was no elegance nor intelligence in what mar roxas said.

will those words define mar roxas’ candidacy? for now it is doing that. and we don’t know if down the line, as we get closer to 2010, if it will stick till then. the filipino electorate easily forgets and this one  might have the same fate. he could be lucky.

the people might forget, but will media and specially his presidentiable opponents let us forget about it? unlikely.

what is  not right about this is not so much the exact words said in that rally by mar roxas, it’s his reaction afterwards that is. he is unrepentant. he is adamant. and he will not apologize for it.

the cuss words will not do him in, it is the words he said after the cussing incident or those he will not say that might.

i think its a strategic blunder not to apologize. not apologizing and not repenting will not make it go away. it will continue to be there. eating his pride and apologizing on the other hand will make it go away.

in that sense, president bush is luckier and much smarter than mar roxas in managing their defining moments. president bush successfully ducked to avoid the twin shoe missiles and then made a joke of it later – they are a  size 10. he came out agile, smart and self-effacing.

mar roxas’s day after action simply makes him a turd. an ass hole. brash and disrespectful. henceforth, he will be known as senator putang ina. will filipinos vote president putang ina?

a memo to senator mar roxas.

the john mccain losing marketing strategies – strategy #2: sarah palin

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first posted in WAWAM! (, we are now on the strategy #2 in john mccain;s losing marketing strategies.

i found the choice of sarah palin as uncharacteristically john mccain’s. it looks like someone else made this decision for him.

read it here:

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