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manny villar shows class, first to concede to aquino, others follow

May 11, 2010 3 comments

we thought  manny villar showed class and character in being the first to concede the election to noynoy aquino, the presidentiable who has a commanding lead in the elections. aside from the action of conceding, we thought he gave an excellent concession speech with words of encouragement to the winner, mea culpa, personal touch and words of support and reconciliation with his opponents.

to us manny villar had his ratings go up.

4 presidential bets concede defeat, Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 11:12:00 05/11/2010

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE 2) A day after the election, four presidential candidates conceded to Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, currently the frontrunner in the political race that saw over 40 million Filipinos vote electronically for the first time for their leaders in the national and local levels.

Senators Manuel Villar and Richard Gordon, former defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro, and JC de los Reyes of Kapatiran Party issued separate statements giving notice that they were dropping out of the contest and expressed their support for Aquino who was expected to be proclaimed the next president.

Villar and Gordon said that “the people have spoken” and congratulated Aquino on his impending victory.

“Nagpasya na ang mga mamamayang Pilipino. Malinaw na sa kabila ng ating pagpupunyagi, hindi tayo nabiyayayaan ng tagumpay sa halalan noong Lunes [The Filipino people have decided. It is clear that despite our efforts, we were not blessed to win in Monday’s elections],” Villar said, reading a prepared statement before members of the media in his headquarters at the Starmall in Mandaluyong early Tuesday.

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reconcile eddie villanueva’s election loss and the failed prophecy of a win

May 11, 2010 129 comments

this blog has been very lucky to get a lot of bro. eddie’s supporters. we appreciate their very active and very intense participation in the discussion in this blog. we have seen aspects of their beliefs and their religion in ways that were new to us and the learnings well received.

the discussions are very high in volume and the debates even more intense and we have followed them to some degree. we now like to put things in perspective, to get it to reach into it’s natural conclusion.

we like to ask bro.eddie’s supporters and others to put the discussion to a close with this thread. we are asking everyone to give your reactions and thoughts.

to start off, we like to pose some lead points or questions.  this is an initial list, we will be adding as we go along.

  • what does it mean now that bro. eddie will lose this election
  • there was a prophecy made that bro. eddie will be president and this was supposed to happen now
  • does the prophecy still hold now that we know the results of this election
  • why did the prophecy did not fulfill itself?
  • what does the failure of bro. eddie’s bid to win do to your faith?
  • to your religion?
  • how do you feel about this?

here is  a reaction from sean:

(by Lorne L. Dawson of Department of Sociology University of Waterloo)

I cant help but to “use” this same title to describe what happened; as the result of this historic election continue to shed its lights of reality.
It seems that the reality was “set-in” against the irrational faith-based, wishful thinking, unscientific, boastful, (even a “mythical” treat of sending people to hell!!! because of not supporting ECV) by the supporters of ECV.

If any one will have an interest to read the study conducted by the sociologist i have mentioned above…he/she will understand how the “same acts and response” A CERTAIN GROUP or cult will do if a prophecy FAILED. (I AM QUITE sure that the “apologetic response will be the SAME” just as describe by the numerous studies conducted by sociologist and psychologist on the religious groups studied on the title above)

Its a good thing to study RELIGION’S historicity and avoid its poisonous stings..

to end my message..

“The fact that a believer is happier than a sceptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality”. – George Bernard Shaw


“Religion is regarded by the COMMON people as true, by the WISE as false, and by the rulers as useful”. – Seneca the Younger ( It is quite applicable in the Philippines!!)


from a small voice of mine against the vast religious ocean of my beloved country…

Thank you Mr.wawam




why will gilbert teodoro lose this election?

May 11, 2010 8 comments

a lot has been written in this blog on why gilbert teodoro will lose this election. across the time frame of the campaign period factors that will make teodoro lose the election has been identified in this blog.

this will provide the key points:

  • arroyo’s kiss of death on teodoro we think is the biggest factor for teodoro’s loss. everyone knew and that included teodoro himself , his political party lakas-kampi-cmd and arroyo herself knew that. we saw arroyo’s kiss of death in action during the last senatorial election where most of the admin senatorial candidates lost and almost all the opposition candidates won. the sentiments and scenario that was operating then is still present in this election and in fact even more intense than before – based on polls, the people failed arroyo on her performance as president,  trust rating have been negative and people see arroyo as most corrupt next to ferdinand marcos. romulo neri called arroyo “evil”, the people agrees with that sentiment. they all knew arroyo is a problem so much so that arroyo has distanced herself from teodoro, hardly saying anything about teodoro, did not campaign for him and did not even have a picture taken with teodoro.
  • teodoro is an unknown. before his proclamation as standard bearer of the admin party, people hardly knew teodoro. he was a congressman in his hometown for some time but he had no national constituency to speak of. all he had was two years of chief of the defense portfolio which was not at all enough for him to gain national prominence or even some  name identification.
  • although he had spent a lot of money on his ads, at some point second highest spender, that did not help him as we think his ads were ill-conceived, was fatally flawed on the ad strategy and the execution faulty.  teodoro spent most of his advertising money on his “resume tv ads” which was too basic and had no power to persuade.
  • we think the teodoro campaign knew teodoro had no national standing that is why they launched those ads. that was fine but they stayed on it too long. all the ads did was create brand awareness while they should have moved to a more persuasive and meaty ads.
  • teodoro’s “ego trip” tv ads, telling the voters he has “galing at talino” were not at all persuasive to the voters. people wanted to know what he will do for the country, not his resume, harvard education and being pilot included. these things simply did not ring a bell among the voters.
  • the executions of his ads were also flawed as they appeared to be too elitist while  most of the voters come from the poor. would the poor who comprise most of the voters be able to relate to teodoro for being a pilot? will they be able to appreciate he knows how to fly a plane? we did not think so.  the teodoro campaign was thinking and doing these ads for themselves, not for the voters. we suspect the ads were feel good ads but feel good for themselves and not the voters or target audience.
  • the teodoro campaign and that includes teodoro himself were perpetually in denial in this campaign from start to finish. we think they knew things were not going right in their campaign even from the very start but they did not seem to want to accept the problems and even much less did not want to do something about it. all they did was they kept telling themselves everything was doing well, nothing was wrong and nothing can go wrong even though they knew what was actually happening was the exact opposite. sadly, we think this is the exact same attitude and problem of the arroyo and her administration for themselves and specially in the way they governed the country.
  • teodoro even failed in showing his “galing at talino” during the onody and pepeng floods and the maguindanao massacre. the ondoy and pepeng floods was a dream come true for any presidential candidate. teodoro was handed in a large silver platter the opportunity to perform and demonstrate to the people he had what it takes to be president. he among everyone else had the best opportunity to make something out of it – he was the admin, a cabinet secretary and the DND to which he was chief was actually in charge of disaster coordination’s. he failed in hos duties, his mandate and as a candidate. had he performed well during the floods, he would have won the election by a landslide.
  • teodoro’s campaign never really took off.  the campaign had failings from the very beginning and almost in every step of the way as the it progressed. we will remember teodoro’s  campaign on the basis of the failings of the campaign that occurred from time to time rather than success points.   
  • lakas-kampi-cmd, teodoro’s political party is a failed political party.  we do not think lakas-kampi-cmd was any help to teodoro. we are not even sure if the party wanted to help him at all.  we think the rumor that the party lost interest on teodoro was not a rumor but the truth.

looking at teodoro’s results and what he had done during the campaign and if you were an alien looking in, you would have not guessed that teodoro belonged to the dominant political party in the country.

teodoro lost this election from day 1.  

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carlo arvisu

why will richard gordon lose this election?

May 10, 2010 23 comments

on theory, richard gordon is a good candidate for the presidency. he is a known achiever with an excellent and highly impressive success credentials from his work at olangapo city, the rehabilitation of subic bay and his work as tourism secretary. he has no  corruption or any other scandal baggage that pulls him down or that others can use against him. in fact none of that appeared during the election. or perhaps his opponents did not find the need to bother with gordon.

and that is where the problem of gordon’s candidacy lie – nobody wants to bother with him. it is in many ways the reason why he will lose this election.

gordon is a smart man. he speaks very well, he knows the issues and offers interesting solutions to problems he sees. but he has no audience for these things. very few listens to him.

why will gordon lose this election?

  • he started late in the campaign. it felt like he did not tell anyone he was planning on running for the president in this election. this is an election that started very early, by the time he announced his candidacy, his competitors, villar, aquino and estrada in particular were already way ahead of him in getting the people to form a support based for themselves.
  • gordon has no constituency. he is an elected senator but he may have lost that political base through the years and as how it is in politics, voters who voted for a candidate as a senator does not automatically translate to a vote when the same candidate runs for the presidency. the criteria changes and the thinking process applied by the voters is re-invented.
  • gordon is very much a lone wolf. gordon may have a very loud howl compared to some of the presidentiables and the his peers at the senate but he does not belong to a pack. he operates too much on his own and that is an automatic weakness for someone who is running for president.
  • gordon has an obnoxious personality. he sounds smart all the time but over and above that, he comes off as obnoxious and a real ass hole. that is a turn off among many voters across all demographics and most specially for the bulk of the voters, the CDE. a minimum requirement for this set of voters is a likable personality if not a charming one.
  • he had very little funds for his advertising and other marketing and communication efforts. aside from the historical value of this election, this one will also go down in history as one of the most expensive. manny villar started his campaign and spending many centuries ago, way ahead of everyone else. not having funds is a definite killer in this election.  we live in a world if mixed media and communication channels. funds is a prerequisite for success.

these are things that gordon should have realized as he was making his decision to run for president. too bad with all his smarts and eloquence he failed to see them.

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carlo arvisu

corruption is the number 1 issue in the 2010 philippine election

May 3, 2010 3 comments

the ghost that haunts gilbert teodoro’s campaign

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

manny villar risks heart attack for his 86 year old mom for political gimmick

April 27, 2010 6 comments

we were ready to have a heart attack of our own as we we were watching this news clip of  the “press conference” of manny villar’s mom on national tv. while  the announcer did not say so, we were waiting in horror a scene where mom manny villar will have a cardiac arrest right on tv. we saw the tears, heard her voice breaking in between sobs and we saw the pain as she talked about the problems of her son in his political run to be president. it was very close to watching a horror movie where death was certain.

why on earth did manny villar do this to her mom?

we had sympathy for mom manny villar but we did not feel any sympathy at all for manny villar the presidentiable. we only felt loathing for bringing his mom to this kind of pain and  humiliation,

lolas are beautiful people. mom manny villar is a very beautiful lola. in her face is the beauty of old age and wisdom. from her, we were expecting joy and countless words of wisdom.  but  that was not what we saw on  national tv.

what we saw on tv was her children, the sisters of manny villar and most probably manny villar himself making their mom do these awful things for political gain.  we do not think it was something mom manny villar wanted to do. she looked a lot smarter than that. we think it was her children who made her do it.  

one of manny villar’s sister even defended the action by saying noynoy aquino had also used his mom in his political campaign as if it could be compared. noynoy’s mom and dad were the first politicians before noynoy, not only that both are national heroes, one martyred, the other bringing back glory and pride to the country.  noynoy had no choice about that. they would be brought into the picture whether he liked it or not.  that is not at all the case with mom manny villar.  there is no comparison between the two.

we think at the very least, what they had mom manny villar do was in very bad taste. it did not build any goodwill for manny villar at all.  the villar sisters and manny seem to relish torturing and humiliating their mom  just to win this election.

SWS-Business World april poll : aquino holds lead, villar drops. villar’s down trend to continue.

April 26, 2010 Leave a comment


this poll was conducted middle of april, about 4 weeks from election time and it shows aquino’s lead continue to be strong at 38% while villar shows downward trend at 26%.  aquino having a strong double digit lead  and villar showing a declining trend is good news for aquino and very bad news for villar.

we are reading the poll results with just 2 weeks to go till election time. with nothing new and no remarkable or outstanding efforts done by villar since survey time till today, a 2 week lapse,  it is difficult to expect that villar’s down trending trend has been arrested or reversed. in marketing, the way to arrest and reverse a declining  sales and market share trend is to some new and heavy marketing efforts. not doing anything new and heavy means the trend will continue. this should be true for villar.

in fact, the past two weeks has not been good for villar. erap estrada and juan ponce enrile exploded a new scandal – the VLL and PSE scandal where both charged villar used his influence and power on the PSE to allow him to sell his shares on the IPO of VLL which was supposed on escrow. rules of the PSE disallowed the release of shares for sale by owners to protect investors.

we have said in this blog that villar is getting hurt by the C-5 corruption scandal since early this year, then it got solidified as a dead weight with the villarroyo charge. this VLL-PSE scandal has the potential to confirm in the minds of voters of villar’s weakness in character where he tends to use his power and position for personal gain. the gain in this particular instance is worth billions of profits in the sale of his VLL stocks.

with the VLL-PSE scandal breaking out in the last two weeks and with no to little new and heavy efforts done by villar, we can expect further deterioration of villar’s ratings.

we are now at the point of no return. the only way the trends will change is doing a hail mary pass. who has the guts or who is most desperate to do it?

the manny villar formula : C5 scandal + VLL PSE scandal = Villarroyo

April 24, 2010 1 comment

C5 scandal + VLL PSE scandal = Villarroyo

did we just witness manny villar’s losing formula? villar’s poll ratings started to take a dive at the height of the C-5 controversy at the senate when he avoided confronting his colleagues at the senate to avoid talking about it ang being questioned on it. it was a simple formula – talk to the press but do not attend senate hearings.

the slide continued when mar roxas in a press conference coined the word Villarroyo. although the point of the name villarroyo was not exactly the same as the C-5, it’s point being villar is the secret candidate of gloria macapagal arroyo, it reminded people just the same about corruption which was C-5 was all about at its core.

arroyo is seen by many as   the mother of all corruption in this country, she scored highest after marcos on corruption in surveys. having villarroyo as a name reminded people about the same kind of corruption that people associated with arroyo and did not like.

it is the same fear that people have in not voting for teodoro. teodoro is seen by voters as too close to arroyo so much that just the association gives teodoro the same kind of corruption image. the VLL PSE scandal is about the same thing.

villar does not deny he talked to the PSE (philippine stock exchange) officials about the locked-up shares of VLL after the IPO. he said he talked to them only to get news from them on the status of the listing of VLL at the stock market. so it was just a business call or a follow-up call.

he however forgot that he is the senate president and no ordinary person and even a no ordinary CEO of a philippine corporation. in fact, why would he do such a business call when he is supposed to be no longer connected with the private company VLL? elected officials are prohibited by law to hold corporate positions in private companies when they get elected. this by itself shows impropriety.

villar in his statement also says there was no violation of PSE rules as the locked-up shares he held as they were not released, it was disapproved by the PSE. that means he did ask the permission PSE to release the locked-up shares. it means villar has asked the PSE to violate it’s own rules. that is another impropriety.

saying the government did not lose money in the whole thing and it actually gained in taxes is not the point nor does it change the fact that he committed improprieties in the whole affair.

neither is anything diminished nor made right in throwing the trash at erap estrada who also had his own misdealings with the stock market before when he was president. the charge on estrada then was price fixing on BW Resources shares, a scandal that almost led to the implosion of the philippine sotck market.  we do not condone what Estrada did but the proper conclusion here is that villar is just like estrada who both used their power to gain at the philippine stock market.

the C5 scandal and the VLL PSE scandal shows a clear similarity – villar seem to be in the habit of using his power and stature as public official to influence government and other related agencies for his personal gain, specifically for the businesses he and/or his family owns.

the name villarroyo rings a bell.

erap estrada attacks Vulnerable Villar for the election win

April 23, 2010 3 comments

 we have written before in this blog , telling all the laggards in this election that the path to winning this election specifically for them is though Vulnerable Villar’s  voter base whose loyalty to  Vulnerable Villar has been weakened by the C-5 and Villarroyo controversies.erap estrada with the help of  juan ponce enrile, the self-appointed nemesis of manny villar launched a brilliant attack against Vulnerable Villar for the election win.

of all the presidentiables, only villar’s ratings have shown movement one way or the other. and of late, villar’s voter base showed fluidity on the downward trend. movements like these show vulnerability to poaching by other presidentiables.


read to click here:


the estrada/enrile attack is a brilliant move:

  • it recognizes and exploits the weakness of Vulnerable Villar
  • it is consistent withe the topic where Vulnerable Villar is most vulnerable to – the charge of using his influence and corruption, the same kind of topic on the C-5 corruption controversy
  • this plays up and continues to make use of  the  Villarroyo weakness of Vulnerable Villar
  • we had written before in this blog that the C-5 controversy and Villarroyo is hurting Vulnerable Villar and the trend of his ratings are showing huge red flags
  • the timing of the attack is brilliant – just a few weeks to go till election time. there might not be enough time  for villar to parry the attack and recover from it.

the move may be brilliant but the there is gigantic hole in this move  and that is erap estrada himself.

erap estrada is the only one among all the presidentiables who is a convicted criminal, all the other presidentiables have not committed a crime. the crime estrada was convicted on is about the same topic, too – corruption, plunder specifically according to the laws of the country. 

more than that, erap estrada was also involved in making hay in the stock market during his presidency. one of the primary topics during the plunder case for erap was this stock called BW Resources which many billed as the country’s biggest stock market scam or scandal. that one involved price fixing.

enrile may have done the expose on his own as a big disfavor to manny villar but if he did that on his own, the voters may swing away from villar to noynoy aquino.  estrada needed to be in the picture as that is the point of the whole exercise.

the question they needed to answer and i am sure it is one that was unanswered as they concluded the meeting was it was worth a try. estrada is a far 3rd in the polls. he needed an immediate and humongous boost to get him close to the fight.

his way towards reaching aquino is by stepping on manny villar, the 2nd placer who is showing an erosion of voter base in the polls. they must have figured that they do not need to bother with aquino, all they need  is to get the supporters of Vulnerable Villar which in truth will be more than enough for erap to overtake aquino and win this election.

will voters abandon Vulnerable Villar and vote erap estrada instead? or will Vulnerable Villar’s supporters move over to aquino instead?

corruption is the number 1 issue in this election. it has become a lightning rod and a shepherd’s call. aquino used it to good effect and sustained a leading voter base; it was a pied piper call that led supporters to abandon Vulnerable Villar, will it be one for the benefit of erap estrada, the convicted criminal on the crime of corruption?

we do not think so.

voters will not move from one form of corruption to another form of corruption. voters will move to white space and that is noynoy aquino.

we think this development, if estrada and enrile succeeds in making the VLL corruption stick on Vulnerable Villar will benefit noynoy aquino the most.  the whole thing will reinforce even further, stronger and deeper, the aquino image of a clean and honest presidentiable. aquino will come out as unblemished while all others are either blackened, garbage plagued and invisible. the invisibles are gordon, perlas, madrigal and de los reyes. teodoro joins villar and estrada with teodoro dumped with gloria macapagal arroyo’s kiss of death, the mother of all corruption in the country.  

one more episode in the telenovela twists and turns of this election.

Villar: Trouble with hellos

NP bet used influence to twist stock market rules

By Gerry Lirio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:40:00 04/23/2010

(First of two parts)

MANILA, Philippines—Hello Fe! Hello Francis!

Sen. Manny Villar called Fe Barin, chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Francis Lim, then president of the Philippine Stock Exchange, many times sometime between May and June 2007, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has learned.

But the calls, according to SEC and PSE lawyers and brokers interviewed by the Inquirer on separate occasions, were “too many to be easily dismissed and forgotten.”

They couldn’t forget about the calls either, they said, most especially because Villar, then Senate President, wanted the SEC and PSE officials “to throw the exchange rules out the window.”

Villar was seeking the release from escrow of about 1.2 billion of the 5.3 billion secondary shares of Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc. in June 2007 so these could be offered both as primary and secondary shares at the same time, or several days apart.

The Senate President not only made the calls, he also appeared before SEC and PSE board meetings, the lawyers said.

Villar and his wife Cynthia, the Las Piñas representative, are majority stockholders of Vista Land, the couple’s flagship company.

The couple became P6.75 billion richer from the secondary offering of 985.9 million shares that began on July 26, 2007, or within the escrow period of 180 days from the date of initial offering.

Lawyers said this violated article III, part D, section 7, of the exchange’s revised listing rules, which provides for a 180-day lockup on the secondary shares.

Vista Land, formed only in February 2007 to oversee operations of decades-old real estate brands Camella, a listed firm, Crown Asia and Brittany, made P14.5 billion from the sale of 2.12 billion primary shares.

Despite a weak showing in early trade, share prices soared to more than the offer price of P6.90, or up to as much as P7.50 per share. Share prices subsequently took a dive and hardly recovered since the secondary offering.

Simply put, Villar wanted the secondary offering held at once, despite the 180-day lock-up rule. He wanted to seize the day while the market was bullish. And he got it.

180-day lock-up rule

The rule, according to a PSE document obtained by the Inquirer, requires a company to cause its shareholders owning at least 10 percent of its issued and outstanding capital to enter into an agreement not to sell, assign, or in any manner dispose of their shares within the 180-day period from the listing of the shares.

The 180-day rule effectively puts the secondary shares in escrow mainly to allow the public buying into the primary shares to have their due course, stabilize the market share of prices, and to prevent the majority stockholders from abandoning the company which could take place during a secondary offering.

“It is an assurance that the majority stockholders are not selling just because they want to abandon ship and that they want to first jump from it,” an SEC lawyer said.

It also allows the SEC to check a company’s tangible assets of any legal encumbrances and, if so, if it is worth stopping the public offering.

How Villar managed to get his wish shocked some SEC and PSE lawyers and stockbrokers. Five of them talked to the Inquirer separately at the height of the controversy surrounding an ethical complaint lodged by Sen. Jamby Madrigal against the billionaire-senator last year in connection with the multibillion C-5 road diversion controversy.

Lobbying for private business

The trouble with Villar’s phone calls, the lawyers said, was that these were “unethical and inappropriate” because he was a high-ranking government official personally lobbying for his private business interest. “These exerted so much pressure on the PSE board,” a lawyer added.

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is richard gordon from outer space?

April 20, 2010 9 comments

we thought it was an interesting idea that the gordon-fernando presidential team called themselves “the transformers” at the start of the campaign. it was a name that many, specially the young know about coming behind the just released hollywood sequel hit movie with the same name.

gordon, together with his running mate fernando kept talking about the idea of the pair of them being transformational candidates and a pair that was blessed with action and political will.

or so we thought that was what they meant.

with recent developments and actions of gordon, we now think it is very possible gordon was not just referring  to the hollywood movie animation characters, it’s very possible he was referring to himself as coming from outer space, just like the transformers.

gordon seems to live in in his own world, created exclusively by him, populated exclusively by him.

he has taken the path of don quixote, going against the windmills of media, front runner villar, survey firms and tv stations.

we are in search of answer on why gordon seem to be on  a perpetual loop of spending time and energy on such small minded issues when the biggest issue facing his political career is still before him, right in his eyes – he is losing the presidential election.

gordon, to our huge disappointment, is getting no more than 2% in the polls and it’s just a few weeks to go until election time. we are disappointed as we like godron very much. we thought he has the guts and the energy to the right things for the country. we were also expecting his ratings will surge to a good double digit number, pulling away from teodoro who is in fourth and  becoming the dark horse in this election, his poll ratings simply puts him in the dark, winning over the likes of villanueva, madrigal, perlas and de los reyes.

we even scaled back that expectation. from being a dark horse to win the election, we said he will at the end get more votes than teodoro. but even that hugely scaled down expectation will not happen on earth. we don’t know if outer space holds elections, so we can’t comment on it.

where is richard gordon? we don’t know either. he seems to be out there somewhere creating, actually forcing upon us issues that are non-issues but forcing us and the media to make them issues.

he may have a point on ad spending, suing SWS and Pulse Asia and charging villar offered him a bribe to withdraw from the campaign even though it did not make sense that villar will make an offer to him when his ratings are way down,  but do these things matter to others, like the voters?

rather than waste his time and brain cells on these small mind issues, he should instead spend them on issues that will get him elected or even on the not so small matter of getting funds for his campaign, something he obviously do not have a lot of.

we think he has been doing these earth outwardly things to get media attention. he probably figures the way to get out of 2% in the polls is to get media exposure. he knows media exposure is his problem. so he drums up this tiny issues to get media to interview him.

it’s a fine objective but he has forgotten to look at what he is being transformed into by his action. these are issues with no legs. these will get him one day, two days at the most in media coverage. more importantly,  he will be building a brand image, but it will be one that is not suitable for a president. bottom line – it will not get him elected. it will be sending the wrong message, not like saying “ET, phone home.”

the transformation of richard gordon

what he is doing is reminding people he is a marginalized candidate out there in space desperately trying to crash unto earth’s atmosphere and hopefully landing in the philippine’s presidential election.

our favorite  of gordon is this abs-cbn tv partol world video where the topic gordon wanted to whine about was poor or lack of media coverage of hiss events. he was at one of the domestic airports to go to a public meeting and there was only one media person covering the event. they stopped walking for awhile and the lady reporter started to interview him.

gordon launched on the topic of lack of media support for candidates like him but at the middle of his statement, the public address system at the airport  gave out a series of announcements that was loud that it muffled gordon and he could barely be heard. gordon was visibly distracted by it. he rolls his eyes, shakes his head and CURSES the PA system announcement right in front of the tv camera.

tv patrol world included it in their report but placed the beeping sound when he cursed.

true enough, gordon is a transformer, one from being human to one from outer space. it’s nice to have your own world, but that will not get him elected president on earth, at the philippines. “gordon, phone home?”

why is richard gordon wasting too much time whining?

April 19, 2010 37 comments

what is with richard gordon? from out of the blue he joined the presidneital race late. he called attention to himself by charging manny villar bribed him to wuit the race. and now, he plans to sue SWS and Pulse Asia.

gordon is close to the bottom of the presidentiables poll. he does not have much money to air tv ads. all that means is  he has a lot to do to catch up if he wants to win this election. will all this whining get him elected? we don’t think so.

but it will get him some media. and perhaps that is the reason why he is whining a lot about the smallest things about the campaign.  the problem there is he is getting some media of the poor quality type. it is media coverage for a day or two, without legs. more importantly, it is the kind of media that gives out a message that has nothing to do with convincing voters to shift their support on him.

that brings us back  to the question we asked at the start – what is with richard gordon?

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