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eddie villanueva’s “eddie ako” tv ad going for wonder girls’ “nobody”?

December 28, 2009 22 comments

eddie villanueva’s tv ad using the  music video approach has made us wonder – did eddie villanueva attempt to go to the wonder girls’ “nobody” dance step phenom that has swept the country?

“nobody” is the undisputed national dance step of the year where is is danced by everyone, children and adults in all sorts of gatherings and parties. you can’t be in if you do not know the dance steps.

we wonder if villanueva was able to achieve what the wonder girls were able to do to our dance crazy country? 

there are other things that bothered us about villanueva’s tv ad:

we understand the intent of this sequence - to show that people from all walks of life are helping the villanueva campaign to move ahead. but this sequence also shows, unintended perhaps, that the villanueva campaign has stalled, that it has failed to move forward. you want to show only the good side in any ad.

this one made us cringe - the roof of the mini-bus was full of people, most were seated, some were standing while the bus was moving. i was half-expecting to see people falling off the roof and getting crushed by the bus. again, we understand the intent - to show that there is an over-flow of people joining the villanueva campaign, but they did not have to dramatize that by showing something very unsafe as this one where people are on the roof of a moving bus.

eddie villanueva’s confused & ill-advised yellow tv bus dance musical ad, i think

December 16, 2009 123 comments

first time i saw this ad, my reaction was – good heavens, noynoy aquino is airing a baduy tv ad – there was so much yellow in the ad, it had a song, choreography. i was freaking out as i was watching the tv ad and did not understand why the noynoy campaign decided to air a tv ad as bad as this one coming from the first one they aired which was very much well-received.

towards the middle of the ad, i was shocked – it was an ad for eddie villanueva. i had to laugh very loud when i realized it was a villanueva ad.

and that is where the problem of this ad starts. it’s a very unlikely tv ad for a very unlikely presidentiable behind an unlikely strategy. nothing in the ad worked and more specially nothing in the ad made sense.

first off, the use of too much yellow does not help villanueva at all. in fact i think the over-use of yellow is counter productive to villanueva as that color is mostly associated with cory and now noynoy aquino’s campaign. i understand this has been villanueva’s color from the previous campaign, but he should have used it much less in this tv ad as it is not helping him at all. 

i do not understand why this ad for villanueva needed to target the youth.  the key elements of ads that are meant for the young audience are there – the song, rap and the dance steps.

does the villanueva campaign think  the young voters are  the demographics group that will get villanueva elected? or do they think that it is this demographics that is posing a problem for villanueva?

we understand that the ad has people in it of all ages and from all walks of life, but the over-all feel and tone of the ad, the singing, the rap and the dance steps paints it an overwhelming targeting of the young.

audience targeting is one of the top 3 most important components in any advertising. miss that one and everything else you do is useless and will not make sense.

 putting the issue of audience targeting aside, there is the question of fitness to the candidate. this kind of ad does not, not even in a million years match the persona of villanueva. it could have been a great fit to escudero who himself is young and purposely target  young voters, but not for villanueva. doing this for villanueva loses credibility on his side.

there are other small things that bother us. “sakay na sa bus ni bro” as a double meaning of bro. eddie and “bro” the slang term for jesus. i think it’s use, even if double meaning smacks of being too presumptuous on the part of eddie villanueva. he is alluding himself as Christ?

towards the end of the ad, there is a sign that says “welcome to to Barangay Bagong Pilipinas”. i think they should have just removed the word “barangay” from that sign and it would worked was well and makes it more consistent with what he is trying to do – run for the presidency of the country and not just  a “barangay”.  

there are a few more things — there was a short clip of villanueva dancing, that was very disturbing. and the last, at the end of the ad, villanueva talks to the camera in a tone that i thought was trying to be hard to be cute that he sounded gay.

on the whole, this ad i think is a very confused ad. many things in the ad were  not working well together and many did not match the persona of villannueva. not to mention, it is very confused on target audience.  

i think villanueva got vary bad advise from the advertising agency he hired for this ad. this is a WAWAM!  (What A Waste Of Advertising Money!).


we are posting here a comment made by Mark (click here:

This is such an amateur video. Kung sino ang nagdirect nito needs to go back to school. Sino ba ang kumakandidato si Eddie or yung singer. Half of the time it was focus on the singer for the whole 2 minutes of the commercial. I got tired of waiting who is the candidate. Ha ha ha…

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