the winning ads of the 2016 Philippine election : as of January 2016

in no particular order:

Presidentiable Jejomar Binay’s “Nognog” TV ad campaign 

there is a new version under the “nognog” campaign that was aired today but it is not yet available at YouTube.

these two ads were the start of the “Nognog” campaign and these ads are associated with reversing Binay’s declining numbers at the presidentiable polls and in fact had put him back at the #1 spot.

we were shocked when these ads aired. the ads directly addressed the issues of allegations of graft and corruption on Binay which have been on the headlines for many months and the reason for the dramatic declines Binay have been suffering at the polls. Binay was definitely on a steep declining trend when these ads aired.

after the ads aired and the surveys released covering the period of airing, the numbers of Binay spiked up. in fact they were a dramatic reversal of the umbers and placed Binay back on top.

the ad effectively redefined the allegations of corruption and graft against Binay. he has been saying these to the press and in appearances in the provinces but it really didn’t do much to change his ratings. that is, until the ads were aired.

we think what made this ad work was the term “nognog” that he called himself in the ads. “nognog” is a derogatory term used on dark skinned Filipinos that was often used against him by anti-Binay voters. Binay is dark skinned and short (pandak).

“nognog” is also something that most Filipinos can relate to. while it may be a negative or derogatory among the Filipino rich who are fair-skinned Filipinos, it is a fair and acceptable description used by the masses among themselves. its use suddenly allowed the masa to relate to Binay.

we think Binay’s “nognog” has the potential to be the “Mr. Palengke” of Mar Roxas when he resoundingly won his senate seat.


Senatorial Leila De Lima’s “Justice without fear or favor”

this just aired today. it was different and called your attention. you paid attention to this ad. it is highly creative and you do get the message. this ad  is able to give De Lima an excellent brand positioning among the senatoriables. this ad was so good that De Lima was trending on twitter after the ad aired. the Philippine Daily Inquirer also had an article on it at their website. this extra mileage is what you get when you air a good ad. this ad can push De Lima to the number 1 spot among the senatoriables.

what got us going crazy in this ad is the use of umbrellas. the story of corruption, crime ad drugs is plain to see in the ad. nothing really special about that. but what set it apart aside from the retro feel to it is the use of the umbrellas.

think about it – why did they need to do  a rainy scenario out of the bar? it is January, it is not the rainy season now. the only explanation is that they wanted to use umbrellas in the ad.

and to us, the umbrella is the symbol of corruption, arrogance and power tripping that we saw when Junjun Binay, the mayor of Makati and the son of presidentiable jejomar Binay was caught in a video being shielded by a bodyguard with a giant umbrella on a  non rainy night at Urdaneta Village when he harassed the security guards to let him exit the gate of the village while they were not supposed to .


this ad firmly defines De Lima’s band positioning – as the anti crime and corruption super hero, a role she fulfilled admirably while she was DOJ chief. this cements that positioning for her.

in some way, we think this positioning of hers and this ad has the potential to take away the thunder from Duterte’s tough on crime positioning.

the ad also has excellent production values. the cinematography, direction, lighting, casting and acting were very topnotch. its fun to watch!


Presidentiable Rody Duterte’s “Merry Christmas”

Duterte is a presidentiable that you either hate or love. and there is no in-between – either you passionately love him or passionately hate him.  but this ad you take notice and the ending of the ad makes you smile. do not know if the haters have changed their minds about Duterte, but this ad you like for its wit and unexpected ending.

these ads are not a wawam!

  1. March 7, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    I am not used to this (commenting thru internet) but, in my dire desire to air my voice i am directing this comment to VP Binay.

    Last ko pong na appreciate kayo was during 1986 people power at edsa ur image still mingling in my mind handling a gun in your hands and in half military uniform. Die hard Ninoy / Cory supporter po ako simpleng tao lamang po but, I lost that appreciation during the senate hearings about corruption issues last year this subject really bull shits me off…

    “Walang karapatan ang sino man mag nakaw ng yaman ng bayan (my taxes)…fuck / b. shit to them”.

    Ang di po niyo pagpayag o ayaw niyong pumunta sa senate hearing is a milestone to me that lost my political faith in you and in your family.Sir, too heavy and obvious po kc ang mga consequences ng allegations sa inyo and this had flamed out sa di po nyo pag punta sa hearings.

    Sino man ang paparatangan ng mali, sa simpleng buhay kung halimbawa sa akin seguro papatay ako ng tao sa galit. Gagawin ko kaagad agad pupuntahan ang umaakusa sa akin upang linawin ang paratang niya. Mag pupumiglas ako lapitan at pag sabihan derecho mata sa mata, papaliwanagan na malinis ako. Walang kahirap hirap walang kagatol gatol ipapakita, ipadama, ipagsingawan slap on accusers face straight to their hearts to claim na malinis ka.

    Religious truth is religious truth. No one can change it now and forever. Not even human courts not even winning the elections too can re-defined it (God’s truth which is incumbent / empirical) to God’s highest form of creature (Us) this is also born in our hearts and conscience.

    Maliban po sa ibang accused yong family members lamang po ninyo in your deepest hearts & conscience knows these ”Religious Truth”.

    Once more Sir, if God ask you from the deepest of your heart.& conscience are you clean with these allegations? Reply not to me but to Him firstly only and then to all voters. Simpleng simply lang naman ito makita / maramdaman in hearts sa isang taong malinis.

    Kung maramdaman ko po ito sa inyo, ikokompanya ko po kayo (sa maliit na paraaan meron ako) as my top 1 pick sa halip na nasa top 5 at the moment..


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