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at last, a great TV ad for Mar Roxas!!! wait….

hold your breath and watch this great TV ad for Mar Roxas….

i listened to every word, watched every visual and around the first 1/4 of the ad, i said, wow what a great TV ad for Mar Roxas. at last, Mar Rocas has a great TV ad, something we have all been waiting for.

i was looking forward to the ending on the ad. i said to myself, Roxas will appear at the end of the ad and say something smart and uplifting. i thought this will be a great end shot. the whole ad had great cinematography and it had a great tempo to it, so a great ending with Roxas saying something that will lift all our souls and give us hope is a great ending.

at last, the music told me the ad will end pretty soon, i eagerly waited for a glorious end shot of Mar Roxas….

and then i saw Ralph Recto’s face at the end shot! what????

the pounding in my heart stopped. i blinked twice and i felt so very disappointed it was not a Mar Roxas. it is a Ralph Recto ad!


it’s a great ad. the contents were great, it’s uplifting and gave us hope. it made us feel good things about the country and the candidate. unfortunately not for Mar Roxas, the administration candidate languishing at the bottom of the surveys.

congratulations Ralph Recto – you aired a great ad!

okay before i continue with the halleluiahs, there is a problem with the ad – it is too long! it is a 60 second TV ad. i must admit the ad didn’t feel like it was a 60 second ad. it was so good that i didn’t notice, in fact i didn’t notice the length of the ad. honestly, i found out it was a 60 second TV ad only when i found the video at YouTube.

why am i making a big deal on the length of that ad? well, first the last time i saw a 60 second TV ad aired on TV was in the 70s. with very high cost of media airtime, nobody produces 60 second TV ads anymore, and that is the second reason why i am making a big deal of the length of the ad. airing this ad is very, very costly! but maybe Recto has tons of money to burn, so i’ll take a pass on the issue.

the ad is very presidential. it gives a very positive view of the country and what has been done in the philippines. it is so  presidential that i really thought it was an ad by Mar Roxas. in fact, if you put Noynoy Aquino at the end of this ad, it will also work very well.

Recto is running for senator. is this ad being so presidential bad for Recto? no. it sets Recto apart from other senatoriables. and if he had a hand in all of the things he listed there, he deserves  to be elected president, errr a seat at the senate.

this ad makes you feel good about the Philippines. and it tells you that we have done a lot and that Aquino should continue to be president, err Recto should be re-elected senator.

there is really nothing wrong with this ad. it is a great ad! the only thing wrong is that it’s not a Mar Roxas ad. but wait, that’s not Recto’s fault, it is the fault of the Mar Roxas team for not coming up with ads with this quality.



  1. Jo
    February 4, 2016 at 12:02 am

    We appreciate your comments. The ad is Sen. Recto’s brainchild – the concept, content, script, music, tempo, and length of the ad are mostly his. He even made the voice over.
    There are two versions of the ad.The 60sec tvc aired once daily and the 30sec material aired 2 or 3 times.
    Those featured in the tvc are among the few of Sen. Recto’s accomplishments. As explained in the youtube post (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBy4NCY9QgA), the tvc highlights the laws and Senate Bills that he authored (Increased tax exemption for 13th month pay and other bonuses, Philhealth Coverage for Senior Citizens, PAGASA Modernization, Free Kindergarten, P6,000/yr. DSWD Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens); investigations he conducted (e.g. LTO drivers license, carplates and stickers; tanim-bala and balikbayan box); and his budget initiatives (Funding for 51,000 Free WiFi Hotspots).
    Your comments and suggestions are welcome. For more information regarding Sen. Recto’s authored laws, bills and resolutions; budget initiatives; press statements, etc. please visit his website at http://www.recto.ph. Maraming salamat po.

  2. edwin
    February 7, 2016 at 9:57 am

    Following Sen. Recto’s achievements, it is good to note his remarkable contributions as NEDA Chief last 2009. Recto helped craft and monitor the government’s Economic Resiliency Plan (ERP), which served as the Philippines’ pump-priming program. The ERP implementation involved the frontloading of government spending during the first half of 2009 and increased spending for social services and infrastructure. Also, he proposed REAP (Reloading Economic Acceleration Plan) the following year to protect the gains made from the ERP and prepare the country for the anticipated economic rebound.

    Hopefully, alongside with the other aspiring government leaders, Recto will focus more on helping the country’s agriculture improvement. With the country’s rich resources, this will not only help economic progress but will improve the status of our farmers and the likes.

  3. jampopoy
    February 14, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    I’m not really interested in politics. Hence i have know idea that Sen. Recto has this achievements under his name. I was well informed of his works that indeed help our country’s development. After watching this Ad I researched more about Sen. Recto works. I will share this TV ad to my friends and FB page to let other know how informative this ad can be and take in consideration to add Sen. Recto on their must vote Senator list! Keep it up guys!

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