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edwin lacierda should learn to shut up

August 5, 2010 2 comments

it is really hard to understand how edwin lacierda can make so many mistakes in his job as spokesperson for the aquino administration. lacierda has made the mistake, actually two mistakes of announcing policy statements to a particular media outlet, abs-cbn, what should have been announced to all. in effect, he gave abs-cbn two news scoops.

isn’t there a procedure that the aquino admin media bureau follow when it comes to policy announcements?

it is normal practice that whenever an important policy announcement is to be made, the media bureau is contacted and told about it, discussed thoroughly with them and then a plan is made out on how to announce it to the public. in fact, it should be common practice that the plan by which it will be announced to the public should be approved by the higher ups BEFORE  it is actually done. lacierda committed such errors simply because they do not plan things out.

basing it on what happened it appears these things are not being discussed and planned out in the aquino administration. the aquino admin’s media bureau and lacierda in particular seem to be acting on their own and doing things off the cuff.

it feels like the aquino admin media bureau and lacierda in particular do not understand that they do work for the most important and most powerful office in the country and that anything they do speaks of the kind of leadership the president of the country has.  lacierda’s actions and most specially his mistakes are not just his alone, it is also that of president aquino.

it is also possible that a large part of the problem is that lacierda thinks he and his role in the administration is independent of the office of the president and president acuino. as spokesperson, it means he is totally and always tied up to president aquino and the office of the president. as spokesperson, he really has no personality of his own.  he speaks because the office of the president has something to say. what he says is what the president says. these are not really not his owrds but that of  the president. if the office of the president has nothing to say, then he has nothing to say.  in other words, lacierda should learn to shut up.

this is very early in the aquino admin and the issues they are encountering are really minor ones plus they are in the honeymoon stage. as the aquino admin ages, they will need to tackle pretty huge issues and it scares the hell of us that lacierda will make a mistake in the future in handling these huge issues.

we think one more mistake from lacierda should merit him being fired from his job. lesson number 1 – shut up, lacierda.

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