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chief justice corona is guilty, impeached from his office

May 29, 2012 Leave a comment

senators who voted  to impeach renato corona:

  1. edgardo angara
  2. alan peter cayetabo
  3. pia cayetabo
  4. franklin drilon
  5. junggoy estrada
  6. chiz escudero
  7. tg guingona
  8. gringo honasan
  9. ping lacson
  10. lito lapid
  11. loren legarda
  12. serg osmena
  13. kiko pangilinan
  14. koko pimentel
  15. ralph recto
  16. bong revilla
  17. tito sotto
  18. antonio trillanes
  19. manny villar
  20. juan ponce enrile

post here : your questions you want corona to answer at the hearing

May 13, 2012 4 comments

very soon, probably next week, the event we have all been waiting for will happen – chief justice corona will testify at the impeachment court trial.

after many weeks of corona and his defense lawyers consistently and strongly saying  he will not testify in court, a miracle happened and his lawyers said in open court that the chief justice will testify on the condition that the ombudsman and others who have charged that he owns $10M are sent subpoenas to appear in court.

so far, all those he wanted to appear in court have signified their intent to appear in court. with no more barriers for an appearance in court. corona testifying seems like a sure thing.

when corona  testifies, that means it’s open city for corona at the court. the prosecution lawyers and the senator judges can ask corona whatever questions they like.

senator kiko pangilinan tweeted just today asking for netizens to send him questions that they want corona to answer at the hearing. we are following senator pangilinan’s lead and opening up this blog for netizens to post the questions they want corona to answer during the hearing.

to send in your questions, hit the reply button in this post and type in your questions. we will be letting senator pangilinan about this post here for him to check out your questions for cj corona.

presidentiables stand on appointment of next supreme court chief justice and SC ruling

March 19, 2010 1 comment

we are publishing here the stand of the presidentiables on the issue of the appointment of the next SC chief justice and the recent ruling of the SC that allows arroyo to appoint the next CJ.

Gilbert Teodoro

Even administration standard-bearer Gilbert Teodoro thinks President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should let her successor name the new chief justice to avoid undermining the Supreme Court’s credibility.

“If I were in her position, I would not make the appointment given the controversy surrounding the issue,” he said Friday when asked if Arroyo should let the new President appoint the successor of Chief Justice Reynato Puno, who retires May 17.

“It’s a prudential issue,” he added.

“I think despite the ruling given, prudence is in the order of the day because we’re talking about the credibility of the institution which is the Supreme Court. I will not even bother to give advice but prudence is the necessary thing,” he told reporters after a forum at the Our Lady of Fatima University campus in Valenzuela City.

“It is more prudent for the President to leave the appointment to the next President. Otherwise, it will politicize the Supreme Court. We should not politicize the Supreme Court because it is the remaining bastion of our democracy,” he said in a separate interview at the Fatima University.—Teodoro

Noynoy Aquino

The next Chief Justice could be impeached by the next Congress if it would be proven that the appointment was illegal, Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III said on Friday.

“If it can be proven the decision was not done based on sound legal principles, that might be a ground for impeaching an impeachable officer,” Aquino said in an interview here with reporters.

“Kailangan diyan tinanggap niya [Chief Justice] through someone who is not authorized. Unfortunately, sa ngayon ang lumalabas authorized siya unless the SC reverses itself [It should be that he accepted the position through someone who is not authorized. Unfortunately, for now it appears that she’s authorized unless the SC reverses itself],” he said.

The senator was referring to the Supreme Court’s decision, allowing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to appoint the new Chief Justice despite the 60-day prohibition against any appointment by the President before the elections.

Erap Estrada

Joseph Estrada said on Friday he’s willing to take his oath before any chief justice, even one appointed by President Macapagal-Arroyo, during a period that many believe is covered by a ban on presidential “midnight appointments.”

wanted: Leader For Moral Force

January 16, 2009 Leave a comment

filipinos as a whole are law-abiding and desire for a country much better than what we have now. more importantly as a whole, it is a country displeased with the moral bankruptcy that we are in now and we agree with chief justice puno for his call to form a visible moral force.

it’s a good idea. but there is a problem – it is a force in need of a leader. 

leadership problems, its lack and poor quality, has been  a perennial problem in the country. the leaders we find seem to always be fleeting, where we learn to love them, elect them into office only to be disappointed on that leader’s performance in office. this has happened so often that it is possible the country’s collective psyche has given up in finding the true leader for the country.

apathy has set in. that’s what happen to people who gets disappointed time and again over a period of time. the people in many ways have simply given up trying to find a leader.

calls of the kind that chief justice puno made and what needs to be solved as the philippine daily inquirer editorial has said are usually taken up by cory aquino.

cory aquino has the credentials and the right to be the country’s leader when it comes to morals.

she was a devoted wife to a husband admired by many in the country. she comes home with her husband from exile abroad and her husband is martyred at the tarmac of the manila international airport by the regime he fought.  she is thrust into the national brain and heart and becomes the leader of the country’s moral force, then called EDSA revolution. she became president to effectively change the country’s history into a new chapter. not only did she do it once, she did it twice in EDSA Dos where she for the second time became one of the moral force leadership.

but with cory’s recent mea culpa to erap estrada for EDSA Dos, we think in a snap cory lost the stature of being the leader of the country’s moral force.

until now, we could not yet fully understand why cory apologized to erap. it is mind boggling considering that though the confirmation came years after EDSA Dos, erap estrada was in fact found guilty of economic plunder. in other words, the reasons EDSA Dos was launched to which cory was one of the leaders, was fully justified.

cj puno’s Moral Force could have been led by cardinal jaime sin but he has passed away. we can only imagine that a call like what puno made would have been immediately taken up by cardinal sin.

a force, specially a moral force, to be effective need a leader. the leader provides the soul, energy and momentum. without one, it is not truly a force but just a dream.

ping lacson, presidentiable to defer to CJ Puno if Puno runs for president

January 15, 2009 3 comments

Lacson to ‘defer’ to Puno


By Maila Ager
First Posted 15:04:00 01/15/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has thrown his full support behind Chief Justice Reynato Puno if and when he would decide to run for president in 2010.

In a statement on Thursday, Lacson said he was willing to “defer” to Puno and convince his supporters to shift their “bedrock support” to the Chief Justice, whom he described as the “beacon that moral forces are looking for as a leader of the nation.”

Asked if this meant that he was willing to give up his bid for the presidency, Lacson said, “Yes, only to him I’m willing to defer if and when he decides to go for it anytime and under any circumstances.”

“Because I care for my country and I am wiling to step aside in favor of what honestly believe will be good for our people,” he added.

Lacson issued the statement in response to Puno’s call for a “moral force” in the country, which he said has been suffering from “moral decadence.”


we did not even know that ping lacson is a presidentiable. but now we know and he says he will not run for president if chief justice puno runs for president in 2010.

now, that’s a thought – chief justice puno for president!

moral decadence in the philippines – call to form Moral Force, it should not be invisible

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment

“It is very obvious that the main problem of the country is moral decadence. This is the root cause of the density of power, corruption problem,” Puno told reporters before talking to the Anvil business group at the Ortigas Center in Pasig City.

“You look at it more deeply. You look at it from its various dimensions. That’s why … it’s time for the moral forces of the country to manifest themselves. They should cease to be an invisible force. They should play a dominant role in redirecting the destiny of our people,” he added.


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